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On the 24th September, 1917, a Meeting of the Council was held at the Library, when there were present: The President, and Messrs. Newman, W. W. Smith and Roy. Apologies were received from Messrs. Fraser and Bullard.

After dealing with correspondence, the following members were elected:—

  • C. A. Wilkinson, M.P., Eltham.
  • F. W. Platts, Resident Commissioner, Rarotonga.

Also as corresponding members:—

  • His Excellency, M. Julien, Governor of French Oceania, Tahiti.
  • The Rev. Pére Hervé Audran, Paumotu Islands.

The following papers were received:—

  • Maori Mummies. By E. Tregear.
  • The Language of Uvea, Loyalty Island. By. E. Leverd.
  • Some Oceanic Color Names By F. W. Christian.
  • Traditions and Legends, Murihiku. By H. Beattie.

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