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A MEETING of the Council took place at the Library on the 20th December, there being present: The President, Messrs. Fraser, Newman, Roy and W. W. Smith.

Letters were read from several correspondents together with the answers thereto.

The resignation of Mr. H. D. M. Haszard was received with regret, and the death of Mr. R. Coupland Harding announced.

It was resolved to recommend to the Annual Meeting the appointment of Mr. H. D. Skinner as a Corresponding Member.

The following papers were received:—

  • Maori Concepts of the Spiritual World. By Elsdon Best.
  • Polynesian Linguistics (2). By S. H. Ray.
  • Maori Mummies. By E. Tregear.
  • The Manu-teko. By T. W. Downes.
  • Notes on the Anthropological Section of the late Meeting of the British Association at Newcastle. By H. D. Skinner.
  • Mummification. By H. Hongi.
  • Traditions and Legends of Murihiku, Part 6. By H. Beattie.