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Memoirs of the Polynesian Society, Volume V., published by the Board of Maori Ethnological Research for the Author, and on behalf of the Polynesian Society.

This Memoir is complete in two volumes.

  • I. Physical and Mental Characteristics of Maori
  • II. The Maori as a Seafarer and Coloniser—the Peopling of New Zealand
  • III. Traditional History and its Teaching—the Whare-wananga, or School of Learning
  • IV. Cosmogony and Anthropogeny
  • V. Myth and Folk Lore
  • VI. Religious Beliefs and Practices of the Maori—Maori Magic
  • VII. Social Customs
  • VIII. Social Customs continued—Marriage Customs
  • List of Authorities and Index
  • IX. Customs pertaining to Birth
  • X. Sickness, Death, Burial and Exhumation
  • XI. The Arts of Pleasure—Games and Pastimes
  • XII. Vocal and Instrumental Music
  • XIII. The Dawn of Science
  • XIV. The Art of War
  • XV. The Pa Maori, or Fortified Village
  • XVI. Maori Agriculture
  • XVII. Fishing Devices and Methods
  • XVIII. Forest Lore and Woodcraft
  • XIX. Textile Arts
  • XX. Personal Adornment
  • XXI. Dwelling Houses and Storehouses
  • List of Authorities
  • Index

The volumes are well illustrated and admirably arranged. They are desirable both as works of reference and as books well worth reading.

Price to Members of the Polynesian Society, 6s each Volume, including postage.

Members are entitled to one copy only of each volume at this price. Additional copies are 11/- each volume, including postage.

All orders must be accompanied by remittance and sent direct to the Distributors, Messrs. Harry H. Tombs, Ltd., 22, Wingfield Street, Wellington, New Zealand.