Volume 4 1895 > Volume 4, No. 1 > A Paumotuan dictionary, p 1-16
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- 1
Faka-Ohu To accumulate. To heap up. Kaohuohu, united. Tahitian faa-ohu, to put up earth in ridges, See ahu.
Ohuga Compact.  
OHUOHU-MA-OPE Fourteen.  
OKA (E oka) a fork. Maori oka, to prick. See hoka.
OKIOKI To make preparations. Ua okioki, ready. Tongan oi, to work upon; to originate.
OKOROGA A bay, a gulf.  
OMOHAGA A bolt (as of a door).  
OMOOMO To suck. Marquesan omo, to suck milk; Mangarevan omo, to suck.
NIONI A lucifer match. See honi.
A dove; a pigeon. To cluck as hens. Maori kuku, a pigeon, &c.
ERE To abdicate. To set aside, to remove. Opere haere, to distribute. Hopere, to throw. Maori kopere, sling; to throw violently.
perehaga Forsaking; surrender.  
OPIPIRI Close; compact. Crowded. To tie tight. See piripiri.
OPE (E ope) four. E ope takau, twenty.  
OPI To keep from laughing. See kokopi.
OPUA To decide; to determine. See kopua.
ORA Life; to live; living. Sound; healthy. Maori ora, life, to live; Samoan ola, life, to live, &c.
Faka-Ora To vivify, to quicken; to give life. To re-establish. Salutary; whole-some. To set free; to deliver.  
ORARIHURU (O rari huru) equal; equality. See rari and faka-rorari.
ORE (E ore; keore) raw; uncooked.  
OROORO To bruise; to strike. Maori oro, to grind; Samoan olo, to rub down, to raze, to destroy.
OROPOE Ear-rings. Tahitian poe, a pearl, a bead.
OTA Residue; remainder. Repulse; rejection. Samoan otaota, rubbish; Hawaiian oka, dregs, crumbs.
OTA Straw. Maori otaota, herbs in general; Tahitian ota, chaff, bran, refuse.
OTE This; these.  
OTI (Ka oti) enough. Maori oti, finished, ended; Raro-tongan oti, finished.
Faka-Oti To conclude; conclusion. To finish; to stop. To pause. To omit. Full number; complement. An event An emergency.  
Faka-Otihaga Suspension; to cease.  
OVAU Me; I. Hawaiian owau, I (also au, oau, and wau); Maori au and ahau, I.
  A rampart; a bulwark. Maori pa, a fort; Samoan pa, a wall, &c.
Pa To feel, fact, touch, feeling, to feel about. Maori pa, to touch, and whawha, to handle; Hawaiian pa, to touch lightly, &c.
-Papa To feel, to grope, to feel about.  
Sterile. Hawaiian pa, barren, as a female; Samoan pa, to be barren.
PAAVE A strap, a brace. Tahitian paave, to carry; Maori kawe, straps by which a bundle is carried on the back.
PAE A shore, a bank. Haiwaiian pae, to float ashore; Maori pae, the horizon, to drift about, to be cast on shore.
- 2
Paepae A raft. Sympathy.  
Papae Littoral, belonging to the sea coast, the shore.  
Paega A party, a side. Tona paega, tona paega to be on each side.  
PAEKÉ To deviate, to turn aside. See pae and Ke.
PAEKARURI The port or larboard side.  
PAEKOEA A member, a limb. Hohora te koea, to stretch out the limb. Koea a limb.
PAEPAE-TOAU The sea shore; the beach. See paepae and toau.
PAERARI Partial. See paega and rari.
PAGAHO To yelp. See Pagao and pago.
PAGAO To howl, to yell. See Pagaho, pago.
PAGE A pillow, a bolster, a threshold. Hawaiian pane, the joining of the head with the neck. Maori (pane the head?) pae a sill, a threshold.
PAGEPAGEREKO To defy, to retort, to protest, to vow.  
PAGO Distinct.  
Faka-PAGO To moralize.  
Haga-PAGO To manage, to accomplish, to practise; usage. To retrace.  
Haka-Pagohaga Conduct, management.  
PAGO To suffer pain. To vex; vexed. Pago-i-te-niho, toothache. Haka-paogoogo, to wound; Mauako-pago, to feel distress. Tahitian pao, to lacerate oneself with a sharp stone, as in grief. Tongan bago, sad, unlucky.
Haka-Pago Pain; torture. To afflict; affliction.  
Pagogo Fatiguing. Grief; distress; sorrow. Draining off; exhaustion. Tahitian panoonoo, anxiety.
Haka-Pagogo A cause of pain.  
PAGOE A kernel, a pip.  
PAGOKORE Superficial, shallow. Hawaiian pano, dark, deep as an abyss; Maori pango, black.
Haka-Pagomanako To make gloomy. See pago, to suffer pain, and manako.
PAGORE Without hair on the body, bald, bald-pated. Maori pangore, an untattooed face. See Pahore, to peel off.
PAHERE To lop, to prune. Tahitian pahere, to pare off the rind; Tongan hele, to cut; Samoan sele, a bamboo knife.
PAHI A ship. Mangaian pai, a ship; Tahitian pahi, a ship.
Haka-PAHI To harass, to tire out.  
PAHIKA Polished. Hawaiian pahia, a slipping, sliding; Maori hika, to rub violently.
Haka-Pahika To polish.  
PAHIKIHIKI To tack about. Hiki, to veer; Tahitian pahiihii, a certain mode of fishing.
PAHORE To peel off, to scale. Pahure, to be skinned; Maori pahore, scraped off; Mangarevan pahore, a paring, the peel.
Pahorehore To smooth out linen.  
PAHUPAHU To pant, to breathe short. Maori pahu, a drum; Tongan, bahu-bahu, hoarse, deep, rough, as a sound.
Pahupahu Asphyxiated. Tahitian pahu, to be dammed up, as water.
PAHURE To be skinned. Kihoe pahurehure, to flay. See pahore.
PAHUREURE A bruise, a contusion.  
PAHURUHURU Woolly. See huru huru.
PAIETI Fervour, fervency. This may be English “piety,” as the same word is said to be in Tahitian. Doubtful. See paite.
- 3
Haka-PAIHU To reconcile. Pa, to touch; ihu, the nose.
PAITE To increase, to redouble, twice, to do twice. See pa and ite, two.
PAKA A crust, a cake. The scab of a wound. Kiriti te paka, to shell as peas. Maori paka, dried; Marquesan paka, crust, the dry outside of a thing, &c.
PAKAIKEIKE Insult, contumely. Ike, a mallet; Maori paike, to strike.
PAKAKINA Noise, bustle. Haere a kore pakakina, to go soundlessly. Mangarevan pakakina, to make a crackling sound; Maori, paka-kinakina, hot.
Pakapakakina To crackle as fire.  
PAKANA A scale, a shell. See paka.
PAKARA To slap, to strike against. Maori pakara, to smack the lips; Tahitian paara, to strike a thing, as to strike a paddle against the canoe.
Pakarakara To beat with the hands.  
PAKAREKARE To chastise, punishment. Kare, a wave; Tahitian paare, sickness of stomach; sea-sickness. See pakara.
PAKARI Stern, severe, strong. In good health. To consolidate. Sagacious, subtle, wise, cautious. Thin, fine, acute. Maori pakari, matured, hard; Raro-tongan pakari, matured, wise.
PAKATO To cull flowers for a wreath. Tahitian paato, to lop off the leaves; Maori kato, to pluck, &c.
PAKEKA Slippery; to slip. See pakika.
PAKERE To break to pieces (as a shell). See Pakarekare.
Papaki To chastise, punishment. To use severely; to be cruel; to describe; to tatto; tattooing; to write. Maori paki, to slap; Mangarevan papaki, to slap, to pummel.
PAKIKA Smooth, level. To slip, slippery. See pakeka. Tahitian paia, slippery, smooth.
Haka-Pakika To brush with the hand; to smooth out folds; to soften; to grow soft; mild. To cause to slip; slippery.  
PAKIROTU A piece of wood for beating off bark. Papaki, to chastise.
PAKOKOTA A rock, a stone.  
PAKOTI To shear, to clip; scissors. Kokoti, to cut off. Tahitian paoti, a pair of scissors, nippers.
PAKU A cloud. Mangarevan pakupaku, a cloudy sky.
PAKUPAKU A shoal; shallow. Maori pakupaku, shallow; Hawaiian pau, shallowness.
PAKUROA A reef, a rock. See pakupaku and roa.
PAKUTURUA To confer a dignity.  
PANA To rise (as the moon). Revolution of time. To land; to reach port. The beginning. Maori pana, to cause to come forth or go forth; Hawaiian pana, to shoot, to thrust forth.
Panahaga The east (or panahaga-hana).  
PANAHE To mix, to mingle. Tahitian panane, to mix up. See faka-panane.
Faka-PANANE To irritate. Panahe, to mix. Tahitian panane, to mix up, to stir up food.
PANEKE Great, large. Fat, fleshy.  
Haka-Paneke To feed up; to fatten fowls.  
Panekeneke To feed up; to fatten; plump.  
PANENE The head. Maori pane, the head; Mangarevan pane, the face, the forehead.
PANIARUA A human sacrifice. Tahitian paniarua, a human sacrifice offered at the close of certain prayers and ceremonies.
PANOENOE To have a deceitful appearance. See noenoe.
Haka-PAOGOOGO To wound; to cut; to hurt. See pago.
PAO-PAO To perforate. Hawaiian pao, to peck, as a bird; Tahitian pao, to dig.
PAPA The shoulder-blade. The loins. The kidneys. Maori papakai, the shoulder-blade; Tahitian papa, the shoulder-blade; Mangaian papa, the buttocks.
- 4
PAPA Rock. Maori papa, rock; Hawaiian papa, a flat smooth stone.
Haka-PAPAHAGA To deliberate.  
Faka-Papa An anecdote; to chat; to talk.  
PAPAHORO To slip. Mahoro, miscarriage; horo, to hide, to bury; Maori papahoro, to fall out, or drop out; Tahitian papa-horo, a surf board.
PAPAHUAGA Genealogy. Deliberation. Maori whaka-papa, genealogy; Mangarevan ake-papa, to establish lineage.
PAPAPE-MAKURU Rain. See makuru. Tahitian papape, a squall of wind and rain.
PAPARAGI Paradise; heaven. Samoan papalagi, a foreigner; Tongan babalagi, a foreigner.
PAPARIGA The forehead; the temples. Maori paparinga, the cheek; Hawaiian papalina, the cheek.
PAPU Even; flat. Vahilaud papu, a table. Hawaiian papu, a plain; Tahitian papu, of an even surface.
Haka-papu To tranquilize oneself. Hawaiian papu, to explain; Tahitian papu, inert; sluggish.
PARAGI A club. A sacrifice; to sacrifice.  
PARAHU To be split; to be shed. Hawaiian palahu, the sickness of fowls; Tahitian parahuhu, to draw a thing between finger and thumb as in cleaning the intestines of pigs.
PARAHURAHU Surface; area. Paraurau, even, flat; Maori paraharaha, flat; Marquesan paahaaha, flat; Tahitian parahurahu, broad.
Haka-parahurahu To widen.  
PARAI To wipe. Tahitian paraparai, to blot or daub.
PARAKIRAKI North-west. Maori paraki, a northerly wind; raki, north.
PARAKURAKU To drag; to dredge. Tahitian parau, to scratch; Maori raku, to scratch; Tongan balau, to scratch.
PARANIHO To colonize. A planter.  
PARANOE The break of day. See paranoe.
Pararahaganoe Dawn; break of day. See noe.
PARAOA A whale. Maori paraoa, a sperm whale; Marquesan paaoa, the sperm whale.
PARAPARA A bush; brushwood; evergreen; sweepings. Tahitian para, dung, dirt, rotten vegetables; Maori para, to cut down bush, sediment, dross.
PARARAMAGU To broil.  
PARARI To split; to shiver. Maori parari, a ravine; Tahitian parari, broken.
Paraparari To hatch, as eggs.  
PARATA A branch; a twig.  
PARAU To speak. Marau, to say; rauti, to harangue. Maori parau, to speak falsely; Tahitian parau, to speak.
PARAU Mother o' pearl. Tahitian parau, pearl oyster shell.
PARAU To drag; to dredge. A shovel. See parakuraku.
PARAURAU Even, plain, flat. Parakurahu, surface, area; Mangaian paraurau, flat.
PARAURAU Largeness; ample  
Faka-Paraurau To enlarge.  
PARE To brush; to rub with the hand.  
PAREGO To drown oneself. Maori paremo, drowned; parengo, to slip.
Faka-PARI To incriminate. Tahitian pari, to accuse.
PARORO A season of the year (the time of dearth, as Kaukume was the season of plenty.) Rarotongan pararo. winter; Mangarevan paroro, the name of a season.
PARU Fish. Kega paru, a fish bone; Hawaiian palu, the name of a fish; Samoan palu, the name of a fish.
PARUAI Calico.  
PARUHI Brief. Compact.  
- 5
PARUPARU Weak; enfeebled. Hawaiian palupalu, soft, feeble; Tahitian paruparu, weak, feeble.
PATA To prick. Tahitian pata, a scorpion; to strike as a scorpion does. Samoan pata, to be lumpy; as the skin from bites of insects.
Patapata A spot; a stain; to spot. Patepate, spotted; Tahitian opata-pata, spotted; Maori pata, a drop.
PATA-NUNUI A shower of rain. See patapata and nui.
PATAKUTAKU To praise. Tahitian patau, to lead a song.
PATERE To cut; to carve; to hew; to clear away by rubbing. Utere, to scrape.
PATI To ring, to tingle. Maori pati, to pat, to cajole; Tongan baji, to clap hands.
PATIKI A skate, a ray (fish). Maori patiki, a flat-fish; Tahitian patii, the flounder.
PATITI To fasten as with nails. Maori titi, a nail; Mangarevan titi, to stop a hole with a peg.
PATITIKA Straight, direct, level, perpendicular, steep, craggy. See faka-tika.
Haka-Patitika To smooth; to be level; to reform; to rectify; to mend.  
PATOE A cover, a lid.  
PATOKERAU North-east. Mangaian apa tokerau, the north; Maori tokerau, eastern.
PATOKO A cord.  
PATORE To slip, slippery.  
Patoretore To take off the surface; to pick flowers.  
PATU To construct, to build.  
Patuhaga A building.  
Patuga A wall. Maori patu, a wall; Hawaiian paku, a partition.
PATU To kill, to slay. Kopu patu, to murder; patu tagata, to assassinate, an assassin; patu nimo tavare, a secret assassin. Maori patu, to strike, to kill; Rarotongan patu, to beat, &c.
Papatu To massacre.  
Patuga Murder.  
Patuhaga Crime, attempted crime.  
Faka-Patupatu A piece of wood for beating off bark.  
PAU Bruised; black and blue. A cut, a wound. Maori pau, to be consumed; Hawaiian pau, to consume, the black smut of a lamp wick.
Haka-PAU To make use of.  
PAUKARO Exhausted, tired out. See pau and karo.
PAUMA To scale; to climb over; a paper kite. Tahitian pauma, a kite for flying.
PAUOHURE The rectum.  
PAUPAU Breathless.  
PAVA Considerable.  
PE Spoilt; damaged. Maori pe, crushed; Hawaiian pe, to humble, to crush.
Haka-PE To row; to paddle.  
PEIAKE Perhaps. Peinake.
PEINAKE Perhaps. Tahitian peinae, it may be.
PEKAPEKA Adversity; to vex; vexed; embarassed; unhappy. To pledge. To engage. To invite. Huga-peka-peka, misfortune.  
laka-Pekapeka To embroil; to molest; to confuse; embarrassing; hindering; to shackle; to elog; hurtful; injurious. Blundering; making mischief; to trouble; to disturb. Kopeka, crossed, transverse. Hawaiian pea, to make a cross; a difficulty, entanglement.
EKE To leap; to fly away; to take wing; to escort. To accompany; to wait on; to soar; soaring. To follow. Maori peke, to leap over; Tahitian pee, to ascend as a kite.
- 6
Haka-Peke To discharge; to pay off. Shrewd; sagacious. To exercise; to conjure.  
Pekepeke Lively, quick, diligent.  
Haka-Pekepeke A balance, scales.  
PEKEAU A companion, a friend. Tahitian peeau, an intimate companion.
PEKEMAI A retinue; a train. See peke and mai.
PEKEREMUPURU The husk of coco-nuts.  
PEKEUTARI Loyal, faithful, true. Tahitian peeutari, to keep following. See peke and utari.
PENE A chapel, a church. (Modern?)  
PENEAKE To harpoon by chance. Peinake? Tahitian peneiae, per-adventure.
PENU To fling, to hurl.  
PENU (e keka penu). 1,000.  
PENUA Hiccough.  
PEPE A butterfly; a plump, chubby child. Maori pepe, a moth; Samoan pepe, a butterfly.
PEPENU The head. Pepenu ketaketa, bald-headed.  
PEPERERAU The fin of a fish. Kekerau, a wing. Maori parirau, a wing; Mangarevan pererau, a wing.
PEPERERU To pound.  
PEPEUVEGA Help, succour.  
PERE Tender, soft. Samoan pele, to be petted, beloved; Hawaiian pele, fleshy, fat.
PEREFAKI To shiver, to quiver. Perefaki ki te raufaki, hot, fiery, as wind.  
Haka-PEREPEREFAKI To expose to the air.  
PEREOO A wheel. (Mod.?) Tahitian pereoo, a wheel, a chariot; peroo, a whirligig, plaything.
PERETEKIPAKA A cricket. Tahitian peretei, a kind of cricket.
PERUPERU The edge; a frame; a border. Hawaiian pelu, to double over, as a cloth, folded over; Tongan belu, to fold.
Faka-PETIPETI To make a thing round. Samoan peti, fat, good-conditioned; Maori petipeti, finished; Tabitian peti, one kind of bread fruit; petipeti, complete.
PEU Usage, customary, habit, manners, morals. Hawaiian peu, trodden as a track; Tahitian peu, a custom, habit.
Haka-PEU To strut.  
PEUKE Coarse, thick. Tahitian peue, broad, as applied to an axe.
PIAPIA Gum. Maori pia, the gum of trees; Tahitian pia, the gum of the banana.
PIFATU To fold; to fold back. See Fatu, to fold.
PIGOGE Breaking, rupture. See Goge, to break.
PIHAKI-ATU Beyond; on farther side. See tahaki.
PIHAPARA A room. Tahitian piha, a room.
PIKAKUA A funnel.  
PIKI To ascend; to mount. Katupiki, to climb. Maori piki, to climb; Hawaiian pii, to ascend.
PIKIAFARE A cat. Tahitian piifare, a cat. See piki and fare.
PIKIFARE A grandson (the youngest).  
PIKO To sleep. Sleep; a rug, a mat. Piko-tinai, to sleep profoundly; piko-tihohora, to sleep with the legsextended; tura-piko, in want of sleep. Hawaiian pio, to be extinguished, as a lamp or torch; Tongan, bibiko, weary.
Haka-Piko To lull to sleep; to fold; to fold up.  
Pikopikoa A dream.  
PIKO Twisted, bent. Sinuous. Maori piko, to bend; Samoan pi'o, to be crooked.
PIKO-GAEKE Adultery, concubinage. See piko, to sleep; gaeke, a dog.
PIKOMOE To fall asleep.  
PIKO-NOA Concubinage. See piko, to sleep, and noa.
- 7
PINAKI To echo; to drive back. Tahitian pinai, an echo; Hawaiian pinai, to crowd each other.
PINE A pin. (Mod?) Hawaiian pina, a pin; Tongan bine, to fix by wedging; Maori pine, adjacent.
Haka-PINEPINE To do often. Maori pine, close together; Hawaiian pinepine, to do often.
PIPIKI To close, as the hand. To contract; to shrink up. Tupikipiki, to curl, frizzled. Maori piki, closely curling; Samoan pi'i, curly, to fold the arms.
PIPIRI The time of year about December.  
PIPITA A ball, a pellet, a roller.  
PIRAU A stench, to smell badly. Maori pirau, rotten; Hawaiian pilau, to emit a stench.
PIREI To bounce; to bound; to soar; soaring. See pirehi.
PIREHI To leap. Also pirei.
Pirehirehi To hop, to skip.  
PIRERE A breach; a rupture; a flaw.  
PIRERE To disperse, dispersed. Rere, to leap, to soar.
PIRI An hostage; a pledge; security; responsible. Miri, to gum together. Maori piri, to stick, to adhere; Rarotongan piri, to stick together.
Faka-Piri To adhere; adhesion.  
Piripiri Narrow, strait. Resin, pitch, glue, paste.  
Piritaga To ally oneself; alliance; affinity.  
PIRIHOA A partisan. See piri and hoa.
PIRO To arrest, to hold, to stop, to retain, detain, detention. Kopanipiro, to confine.
Haka-Piro To detain, detention.  
PIROPIRO Dirty, dirt, filth. Maori piro, putrid; Hawaiian pilo, to be corrupt.
PIRU To fly away; to take wing. Hawaiian pilu, to vibrate.
PITAKA To split; to shiver. Pitake, to crack as glass.
PITAKE To crack as glass. Pitaka.
PITARI To provoke; to incense.  
PITIPITI (Rakau pitipiti, round wood).  
PITO The navel.  
Pitopito A button. Mangarevan pitopito, a button; Samoan pito, the anus; Maori pito, the navel; Tahitian pito, the navel. Pitopito, a button.
Haka-Pitopito To button; to fasten.  
PO A night (when used for counting days.) See ruki. Korurupo, Hades; matapo, blind; Maori po, night; Samoan po, night, &c.
PO Spoilt; damaged. Maori popo, rotten; Hawaiian popo, rot in timber, &c.
Haka-Popo To putrify.  
POATU Noon.  
POE A pearl. A ring. A curl. A buckle. Oro poe, ear-rings. Popo, a globe; Hawaiian poe, round, smooth, globular; Tahitian poe, a bead, a pearl.
POEO A bound; a limit. See poe.
POFAKI To cull; to pick. Hawaiian pohai, to be gathered into an enclosure; Tahitian pofai, to gather leaves, &c.
POFAI To collect; to gather. See pofaki.
POGA A scar. Maori poga, a certain pattern of wood-carving; Hawaiian pona, to cut into parts.
POGA (Rimapoga) the thumb.  
POHIUHIU To be in fear of. Faka-hihiu, to scare away; Hiu, to rebuff, to reject; Hawaiian hiu, wild, untamed.
POHOKA A canal; a pipe. Pohokatariga, the cavity of the ear. Maori poka, a hole.
POIHU To strangle; to be repugnant. Tahitian poihu, weariness, disgust.
- 8
POIHURI A slip, or cutting of a plant. Mangarevan huri, an off-set of banana for planting; Hawaiian huli, taro-tops for planting out.
POIKEGA An eminence; a hill.  
POIKIRUGA (Poi-ki-ruga) to raise. Kapoi, to carry away; Maori poiki, to put on a high place.
POIPOI-REKO To betray a secret. See reko.
POIRIPOIRI Ignorant. Haka-pouri, to hide the view; Mangaian poiri, darkness; Samoan pouliuli, to be ignorant.
POITIKA An end; tip. Poitika makei, the end of a cord. Maori poi, a ball.
POITIKAROA An end; an extremity.  
POKAI A roller; to roll a ball. Maori pokai, a ball; Hawaiian poai, a hoop, &c.
POKARA To clap hands. Tahitian poara, to strike the face; to box the ears; Hawaiian poala, to roll in a ball; rolling; tumbling over.
Pokarakara To strike hand against hand.  
POKARAKARA The hip; the haunch; the thigh. See poitika.
POKE To warm; to heat. Tapoke, to warm up again.
POKO A hole, a hollow. Poko te toau, the hollow of a wave.  
Pokopoko An excavation, concave, deep, profound, hollow. Tapokopoko, an excavation. Tongan boko, an aperture; Mangarevan poko, to dig.
PONAPONAHAGA A joint; an articulation. Maori pona, a knot; Hawaiian pona, a joint.
Haka-PONAPONA-HAERE Knotty; full of knots. Maori pona, a knot; Samoan pona, a knot.
POPO A ball; a bowl; a globe; a sphere. Poe, a pearl; pokai, a ball.
Haka-Popo To make into a ball. Hawaiian popo, a ball; Samoan popo, a ripe coco-nut.
POPOA To crackle, as fire.  
POPO-PUGAVEREVERE To spoil. See po, spoilt; and pugavere, cloth.
Haka-POPOU To congratulate. Tahitian popou, to admire; Tongan boubou, to support, to strengthen.
POREREHI To stone (as to stone to death).  
PORIA Fat, fleshy, plump. Tahitian poria, fat, fleshy; Maori poria, a ring for the leg of a captive bird; pori, collops of fat.
Haka-Poria To feed; to fatten fowls.  
PORO To invoke; to proclaim; to cry out; a brawler; a babbler; to call by name; an appellation. Poroki, a petition. Tahitian poro, to cry, to proclaim.
Porohaga To promulgate.  
POROFANA A bow; a long-bow. Samoan fana, to shoot; Tahitian fana, a bow.
POROKI A petition; to summon; to call up. Poro, to invoke, &c. Tahitian poroi, a charge, a direction given; Maori poroaki, parting instructions.
PORORAMA-NOHI A rainbow.  
POROPAOPE Quadrangular. Maori porowha, quadrangular.
PORORIRE A clod; a lump; a clot.  
POROTAKA A wheel. Potaka, round; porotata, a sphere. Maori porotaka, round; Tahitian porotaa, a wheel.
Haka-Porotaka To pirouette.  
POROTATA A sphere, spherical; a circle. Haere porotata, to go round and round. See porotaka.
Haka-Porotata To make a thing round.  
POROU To be bent; folded. Rou, a hook.
POROVAEVAE The heel. Maori poro, butt-end, termination; wae-wae, the foot.
POTAGOTAGO Dark, darkness. Po, night; Maori potangotango, intensely dark.
- 9
POTAKA Oval, round. Porotaka, a wheel; poteke, a circular. Maori potaka a top; Hawaiian pokaa, to turn round.
Potakataka A circle; a ring.  
POTEKE Circular. See potaka.
POTIKA A bound; a limit; the top; the summit; a point; pointed. Hawaiian pokia, a post set up for birds to alight on and be caught.
POTIKA-MANEMANEA The end of a finger. See potika and manemanea.
Haka-POTO Succint; concise; to shorten. Maori poto, short; Marquesan poto, short.
POTU The roof; the top of a house. Tongan botu, a place, a room; Samoan potu, a cloth screen behind which a deity spoke.
POU A post. Maori pou, a post; Samoan pou, a post.
Haka-POURI To hide the view. Poiripoiri, ignorant; Maori pouri, dark, sad; Samoan pouli, darkened, dim.
POURU A kidney.  
POUTO (Pouto hapana.) A fillet of straw used as a plug or cork. Mangarevan pouto, the tassel of a rope; Tahitian poito, a buoy, float.
Poutouto The pitching of vessels; an up-and-down motion. Maori pouto, a float, a buoy.
POUTU To splash; to bespatter. Maori pohutu, to splash; utu, to dip up water; Tahitian hutu, to send up spray.
PUA Lime. A flower. Maori pua, a flower; Marquesan pua, a flower.
PUAHU Burnt.  
PUAKA An animal, a beast. Puaka guru-guru or tuguruguru, a pig. Puaka toro, a cow or bull. Puaka-niho, a she-goat. Puaka horofenua, a horse. Tongan buaka, a pig; Samoan pua'a, a pig, an animal generally.
UAKA-TAGAEGAE A victim. See puaka and tagaegae.
UAKI To overflow, as a river. Samoan pua'i, to vomit; Tongan buaki, to vomit forth.
UEHU Rout, defeat. Maori puehu, dust; Hawaiian puehu, to disperse as dust before the wind, to scatter.
FENUA The placenta. See pukaiga.
GAHEUHEU Edged with hair or thread fringe. Heuheu, disarranged. See puga-verevere.
GATIKA To ooze; to leak.  
GAVEREVERE Cloth; to be mouldy; musty. Maori pungawerewere, a spider; Hawaiian punawelewele, a cob-web.
HA A box. Puiha, a box.
HENE A splice; a joining.  
HERE (Motu puhere.) An island.  
HIPUHI To breathe; to blow. Maori puhi, to blow; Tongan bubuhi, to blow.
HIGARU A bubble of water. Maori puhi, to blow; garu, a wave.
HURA-REKO To betray a secret. See reko.
IHA A box. Puha, a box.
KA The forest.  
KAIGA The placenta. Tahitian pufenua, placenta; fenua, land. Maori whenua, placenta and land. See Kaiga, the earth, soil.
ka-PUKE To collect; to gather; to heap up; to raise; to heighten. Maori puke, a hill; to rise as a flood. Marquesan puke, to heap up.
ega A heap; a pile.  
KEIGA An ossuary.  
KEVA A sore, a wound.  
a-PUKIKA To equalise; to level; to balance. Hawaiian puia, to spread, to diffuse around.
- 10
PUKU (Karapoga puku.) A wen; a goitre.  
Pukupuku Knotty, a protuberance, rough, harsh, rugged, a rugosity, a wrinkle, to dent, to emboss, a swelling, piquant, spiny; having points. Tipuku, to be bent; tuapuku, a hunch. Maori puku, a swelling; Hawaiian puu, a peak, a knob.
PUKUA To choke with a fish bone. Hawaiian puua, to be choked, to have something sticking in the throat.
PUMAHANAHANA Luke-warm. Hana, the sun; tihana, to warm up, &c. Hawaiian pumahana, warmth, physically.
PUNA Prolific. Tahitian puna, prolific; Maori puna, a spring, a source.
PUNAHA To take breath.  
PUNAHE A roll, a roller. Mixed.  
PUNAHEGA A cluster; a group. Puna.
PUNI (Ua puni.) A year. Tongan buni, closed, met together.
PUNIPUNI To hide oneself; to ambuscade. A refuge; to take shelter. A Tapunipuni, hide-and-seek; Maori whaka-pupuni, to hide oneself.
Faka-Punihia To besiege.  
PUNU Tin. (Mod.?) Tahitian (English) punu, a spoon.
PUOKA Forbidden. Hawaiian puoha, a house for depositing a corpse.
PUORO To brush; to rub with a brush. Tahitian puoro, to cleanse the inside of a calabash with gravel and water.
PUPU A society; a company; a tribe. Maori pu, a tribe; Tongan bubu, a crowd of persons.
PUPU Shrewd, sagacious. Maori pu, a wise man; Rarotongan pu, a ruler, lord.
PUPUARIKI A prince. See pupu and ariki.
PUPUTOA To invest; to surround. Tahitian putoa, to encamp on all sides.
PURA Phosphorescent. Samoan pula, to shine; Mangaian pura, sparks.
PURAO-PURAU The hibiscus tree, or Fau. Tahitian purau, the hibiscus plant.
PURARA To divulge; to blaze abroad. Tahitian purara, dispersion; Maori purara, open.
Haka-Purara To publish; to propogate (as a report).  
PURE An amulet. (Fare pure, a church.) Maori pure, a religious ceremony; Hawaiian pule, worship.
Purega Posterity. Creed, worship.  
Haka-PUREPURE To colour; to dye; coloured. Maori purepure, in tufts or patches; Hawaiian pulepule, speckled.
Faka-PURERARE To boast.  
PUREFAGU To pray, prayer. See pure and fagu.
PUREHIVA A butterfly. Maori purehua, a moth; Tahitian purehua, a kind of large moth.
PURERO To emit; to issue; to appear. Maori purero, to project; Tahitian purero, utterance, eloquence.
PURIRI Forming fruit.  
PUROTU Fine, beautiful. Maori purotu, pleasant; Samoan Pulotu, the residence of the gods.
PURU Straw. Samoan pulu, the husk of the coco-nut; Rarotongan puru, fibre of a coco-nut.
Haka-PURU To spot; to sully. Maori puru, fusty, mouldy; Hawaiian pulu, wet and soft, as wet native cloth.
PURUHI Elephantiasis. Tongan buluhi, sickness of the king; Samoan pulupulusi, a high chief's sickness.
PUTA A wound; a cut; to penetrate; a gate; a gateway. Maori puta, a hole; Hawaiian puka, a door, a gateway.
Putuputa A spine; a thorn.  
PUTAHANA Sun-stroke. See hana, the sun.
- 11
PUTARATARA Notched, jagged, spiny, having points. The spur of birds, &c. Tara, a spine, a thorn. Tahitian putara, a shell having spines.
PUTE To appear.  
PUTIKI A tress; a plait; a girdle; the hair tied up in a knot; a head dress. Hitiki, a girdle. Maori putiki, a tress, a mode of wearing the hair.
PUTOKETOKE To grieve. Tahitian putoetoe, comfortless in mind.
PUTOTOI Bloody. Maori putoto, bloody, raw; Mangarevan putoto, bloody.
PUTU (E putu.) To sing, singing.  
Haka-PUTU To aggregate; to agglomerate. Maori putu, a heap, close together; Samoan putu, to make a feast on the death of a chief; Tongan hutu, a funeral.
Haka-Putuga A gizzard.  
PUTUA To strike with the fist; a blow; a stroke.  
Putuatua A mallet; to run against; to knock against. Tahitian putua, to be drawn out of its course, as a ship.
PUTUA-HOPO Colic, gripings.  
RA Then. Maori ra, that, there; Futuna la, then.
RAE The brow; the forehead. Maori rae, the forehead; Tongan lae, the forehead.
Faka-RAGA To raise; to restore; to lift up again; to adorn. Maori ranga, to arrange, to raise; Hawaiian lana, to float.
RARAGA To weave; a tress; a plait; to make a mat; to embroider. Maori raranga, to weave; Samoan lalaga, to weave.
RAGATIRA A chief; a principal. An owner; a proprietor; to possess. Maori rangatira, a chief; Hawaiian lanakila, a conqueror, a brave soldier.
RAGI The heavens; the sky. Paparagi, heaven; Maori rangi, the sky; Samoan lagi, the sky.
RAGO A fly. Maori rango, a fly; Samoan lago, the house-fly.
RAHIHAGA Quantity. Korahi-vaevae, the calf of the leg; korahi, a ham, a haunch; rairai, the buttock. Maori rahi, great, plentiful.
RAHIRAHI Thin, slender. See rairai.
RAHIRAHIGA The temples (forehead). Maori rahirahinga, the temples; Tahitian rahirahia, the temples.
RAHIREKO Incoherent. See reko.
RAHUI A defence. Forbidden. Maori rahui, to prohibit; Hawaiian lahui, to forbid.
RAIRAI Light, slender. Elegant. Hawaiian lailai, calm and clear; Tahitian rairai, thin, as cloth; Maori rahirahi, thin.
RAIRAI The buttock; the breech. Korahi-vaevae, calf of leg; korahi, a ham; rahihaga, quantity.
RAITAKO To prate; to tattle.  
RAKA Holy. Hawaiian laa, holy; Tahitian raa, sacred.
Faka-Raka Authority, legal; to consecrate, holy. One who prohibits. Respectable, venerable; to render homage.  
Haka-Raka Dedication. To sanction.  
RAKAKORE The mob; the common people. See raka and kore.
RAKAU A plant; a twig; a tree; wood; timber. To dress wounds. Tahuga rakau, a doctor. Maori rakau, a tree, wood; Hawaiian laau, a tree.
- 12
RAKAUMAKI A remedy, medicine. Hawaiian laau, medicine; Manga-revan rakau, a medicine.
RAKEI To decorate. Futuna lakei, vesture; Samoan la'ei, to wear a train.
RAKEIKATU A garland. See rakei and kotu.
RAKERAKE To make deserted; disconsolate; afflicted. Maori rakenya, bare, bald; rae, a cape, the forehead.
RAKURAKU To scrape; to clear away by rubbing; to graft; to scratch; to claw. Maori raku, to scrape; Mangaian raku, to scratch.
RAMA A torch; a nut; the wick of a lamp; to blaze; flame. Turamarama, a lamp; kama, to kindle, to set fire to, a torch. Maori rama, a torch.
RAOA To choke with a fish-bone. Maori raoa, to be choked; Hawaiian laoa, to choke or strangle.
Faka-Raoa An obstacle.  
RAPA Absurd; a fool, folly; madness. Maori rapa, a familiar spirit; Tongan laba, to scold, to burst suddenly upon one; Tahitian raparapa, defiled by some uncleanness. Cf. rape.
Faka-Rapa To disfigure.  
Raparapa Fickle, unsteady.  
RAPA The blade of a paddle. Samoan lapa, to be flat; Maori rapa, the flat part of a spade; Tahitian rapa, the blade of a paddle.
RAPAE A sand-pit.  
RAPE A dupe; a gull. See rapa.
RARANI To range; to set in a row or rank; gradually. Maori rarangi, a row or rank; Hawaiian lalani, a row, as of trees, in ranks.
Faka-RARAOA To reconcile; an arbiter. Hawaiian laoa, to tie up the bones of a person in a bundle,
RARARAHA A shell hatchet.  
Faka-RARE To hear; to listen; silence; taci-turn; to believe; to cause to believe. Maori rare, dull, stupid; Manga-revan rarerare, to speak with difficulty.
RAREKIRO Ill-famed.  
RARI Wet, water. Karari, to wet; turari, to water. Maori rari, wet; Hawaiian lali-lali, wet, moist.
Faka-Rarirari To moisten.  
RARI (Ko rari.) One, alone. Takirari, one by one. E rari horihori mae-ite-12. Karari, like, equal.
Faka-Rari To add up; to join; to aggregate; to mix; to mingle; to heap up; to concentrate; to meet; to fall in with.  
Haka-Rarirari To unite; united.  
RARI-TAKAU Twenty.  
RARO (Ki raro ki.) Under, below. Mai ruga ki raro, from high to low. Maori raro, under; Samoan lalo, below.
RAROA A joint.  
RAROGA A way; a road.  
RATA Familiar. Maori rata, tame, familiar; Samoan lata, tame.
Faka-Rata To familiarise: to tame.  
RATOU (To ratou.) Their. Maori ratou, they: Rarotongan ratou, they, them.
- 13
RAU A leaf. Maori rau, a leaf; Samoan lau, a leaf.
RAUAKE To harpoon by chance.  
RAUFAKI A breeze. Raufaki topa, a pleasant breeze. Raufaki haoa, a landwind.  
RAUMATI To make beautiful. Maori raumati, summer; Tahitian raumati, to cease from rain, fine weather.
RAUPAKA A leaf. See rau.
RAUPITI A plaything, a toy.  
RAUTI To harangue. Marau, to say, to speak; parau, to speak; Tahitian rauti, to harangue for war.
RAVE To take. Maori rawe, to take up, to snatch; Hawaiian lawe, to take.
Ravehaga Capture.  
Ravega Opportunity. An expedient; a resource. Art; skill.  
Faka-RAVE Hush! Chut!  
RAVEAREKO Craft; guile. See rave and reko.
RAVE-KATIGA A servant.  
RAVERAVENOA In spite of oneself.  
RE Victory. Tahitian re, a prize gained by conquest or competition.
REAPARA Ochre. Tahitian rearea, yellow.
REGA Ginger. Samoan lega, turmeric, yellow; Tohitian lea, ginger, turmeric.
REHI Young fruit. Tongan lehi lehi, to take care of.
REHUE A pond.  
REI-HOPEHOPEGA The nape of the neck. Tahitian rei, the back part of the neck; hope, the tail of a bird, &c.
REIRA (Ki reira) Then; at that time. No reira, from that time. No-reira, therefore, accordingly. Maori reira, that time or place; Hawaiian laila, then, at that time.
REKA (Ua reka.) Excellent. Delight; deliciousness. Maori reka, sweet, pleasant; Hawaiian, lea, joy, gladness.
Rekareka Agreeable; to make agreeable; voluptuous; sweet; pleasant.  
Faka-Reka To delight.  
Faka-Rekareka To trifle.  
REKEREKE The heel. Maori rekereke, the heel.
REKIREKI Raised up; grand. Maori rei, anything of value, a jewel; Haweiian lei, any ornamental dress for the head or neck.
REKO The voice. To speak. To pronounce; to articulate. Maramarareko, a proverb. Tohureko, to prophesy. Reo, the air of a song; Maori reo, the voice; Samoan leo, the voice.
Rekoreko Boasting; blustering. To hold; to hold together. To plead; to argue; to harangue.  
Rekoga A conference; a council.  
Reko-MAORI True; the truth. See reko and maori.
REKONIMO Secret. See reko and nimo.
REKO-NOA To accuse; accusation. See reko and noa.
Rekorekonoa Delirium; ravings.  
REKO-TAVIGA-KORE To accuse rashly.  
RENARENA To cull with a stick.  
REO The air of a song. Reko, the voice. Maori reo, the voice; Rarotongan reo, the voice.
REPAREPA The skirt of a garment. Tahitian repa, the edge or skirt of a garment; Hawaiian lepa, a hem or border.
- 14
REPE A crest: a top-knot; a tuft. Hawaiian lepe, the comb of a cock; Tahitian repe, the dorsal fin of a shark, the comb of a fowl.
REPO The penis.  
REPO Mire, mud, muddy, earth, mould, soil, dirt, filth, powder. Turepo, to make dirty. Maori repo, dirt, swamp; Hawaiian lepo, dirt.
Haka-Repo To dirty; to sully.  
Faka-Reporepo To daub; to make dirty.  
REPOKORE Own; the very same.  
RERE To leap; to soar; soaring. Pirere, to disperse. Maori rere, to leap; Samoan lele, to fly.
Faka-Rere To precede. To conspire; to plot together.  
RERU A fleet. A buoy.  
REUMAU Probability.  
REVA A flag. Maori rewa, to float; Hawaiian lewa, to float or swing in the air; Mangarevan reva, a flag.
Revareva A cockade; a ribbon.  
Faka-Revareva To hang up; to suspend.  
RIARIA The keel of a vessel.  
RIGORIGO The soul; the mind.  
RIKA A vision.  
Ririka To strike chilly or cold.  
Rikarika Sinister, inauspicious, formidable, redoubtable, fear, fearful, anxious, fright, frightful, disagreeable, disgusted; to be in anguish. Maori rika, disturbed in sleep; rikarika, overawed. Hawaiian lia, to be afraid.
Faka-Ririka To abbor; to detest.  
RIKIRIKI Small. Slender. Maori riki, small; Samoan li'i, to be small.
RIMA The hand; the arm. Kapu rima, the palm. Kake te rima, to raise in the arms. Samoan lima, the hand; Tongan rima, the hand.
RIMU Seaweed. Sponge. Moss. See hururimu. Maori rimu, sea-weed; Samoan limu, seaweed.
RIPO To undulate; to wave. Maori ripo, an eddy; Tahitian ripoa, a vortex.
RIRI Passion; anger. Spite. To resent. To bluster. To rail against. Fury. Madness. Maori riri, anger; Marquesan ii, anger.
Faka-Riri To be in a rage. To enrage; to offond.  
Riririri An adversary.  
RIRIKETAKETA Ungovernable rage. See riri and ketaketa.
RIRINOA Irascible. See riri and noa.
RIRINUI Strength. Active; activity. Vigorous. Animosity. To strain; to strive. See riri and nui.
RIRIGI To decant. Maori ringi, to pour out; Tongan ligi, to pour.
RIRIHI Fiery, as the mind. An enemy. See riri.
RIRO To become; to grow. Hawaiian lilo, to become another's; Mangarevan riro, passed away to others.
RIROKE To alienate. Maori riro, to be gone; ke, strange.
RIU The hold of a ship. Maori riu, the hold of a vessel; Samoan liu, the bilge of a canoe.
ROA Long, raised, grand. A horoa, longevity. Maori roa, long; Samoan loa, long.
Roaroa Prolix; tedious.  
Faka-Roa To lengthen.  
Haka-Roa To lengthen; to prolong; to protract time.  
- 15
ROAKA To join; to border upon; to find; to obtain; to procure; to gain; to make. Ua roaka, acquisition. Hawaiian loaa, to obtain; Tahitian roaa, to obtain.
ROAKAHOU To carry away.  
ROE An ant. Tongan lo, ant; Maori rororo, an ant; Samoan loi, an ant.
ROEROE Bowels, entrails, the belly, the paunch. Roeroemano, dropsy.
ROEROE Grateful; thankful.  
ROEROEMANO Dropsy. Roeroe, the belly.
ROEROERAPA To alienate.  
ROGA The mulberry tree. Tahitian roa, a small tree from the bark of which cordage is made.
ROGO To hear; hearing. Maori rongo, to hear; Samoan logo, to hear.
Faka-Rogo To cause to believe.  
Rorogo To sing in war.  
ROHIROHI Weakness. Hawaiian lohi, tardy, slow; Tahitian rohirohi, to be weary.
Faka-Rohirohi To be wearied; tired out.  
ROHIROHIHIA Surfeit; repletion.  
ROINOHI A tear (of the eye) Maori roirmata, a tear. See nohi.
ROKI A bed. Samoan lo'i, a pigsty; Tongan loki, a room.
ROKOHIA Surprise. To come on one unexpectedly. To undergo; to suffer. To submit. To rally. To touch; to hit. Tahitian roohia, overtaken; Maori rokohanga, to be overtaken or come upon.
ROMA To shrink. Tahitian roroma, to decrease, or shrink gradually; Mangarevan roroma, and ebbing tide.
ROMIROMI To press together; to squeeze. Small. Maori romi, to squeeze; Hawaiian lomi, to press, to rub.
Roromi To print. To squeeze; to compress. To oppress.  
RONA To pull. To beg; to implore. A lame person. Paralyzed. Hawaiian lona, useless, awkward.
Ronarona To pull one another about.  
RONA (Rona i vaho.) To push a canoe off a bank. Hawaiian lona, the blocks on which a canoe rests when drawn on shore.
RONAPIRIGOGI Ruined; lost.  
RONATU To carry away; to take away.  
ROPAROPA To deform; to spoil. Taroparopa, deformed. Maori ropa, a slave; Tahitian ropa, to be suddenly seized, as by a disease.
ROPIROPI To sheathe; to shut up. A case; a box. A winding sheet; a shroud. To wrap up; to pack up; to make into bundles. A furnace. Maori ropi, to close as a door; to cover up.
ROPU To dip; to soak. The rectum. Embalmed. To wipe, to wipe off.  
RORARI Equitable. Upright. To be equivalent. See rari.
Faka-Rorari To equalize. See rari.
RORE Seductive; deluding. Maori rore, a snare; rorerore, entangled.
RORI To strangle with a cord.  
RORIRORI Pliant; supple; flexible. Garorirori, pliant; Maori rori, entangled; Hawaiian loli, to turn over.
RORIHIA Hanging.  
RORO Departure.  
RORONI To twist; to wring.  
ROTIKA Fire.  
- 16
ROTO A lake. Maori roto, a lake; Tahitian roto, a lake, pond.
ROTO (Ki roto) In; into; within. Tongan loto, inside; Rarotongan roto, within.
ROTORUA A lake,  
ROTU To strike the water. Samoan lotu, to make a hollow sound in the water with the hand. Tahitian rotu, to strike.
ROU A crutch; a hook. To cull with a stick. Porou, to be bent, folded; Maori rou, to reach with a stick; Hawaiian lou, a hook.
RUA A hole; a pit. A ditch. Maori rua, a hole; Samoan lua, hole.
RUAHAMUTI A privy; a latrine. See rua and hamuti.
RUAKI To vomit. Maori ruaki, to vomit; Hawaiian luai, to vomit.
RUAPOTO The north tropic; the winter solstice.  
RUAROA The south tropic; the summer solstice.  
RUA-TURUKI Burial. See rua and turuki.
RUGA Above; upon. (I ruga ake.) Na ruga iho, above. Maori runga, the top; Samoan luge upon, above.
RUHI A negro. Hawaiian luhi, weariness; to be black and heavy, as clouds.
Haka-RUKE Cold; false. Tauga hakaruke, a cold-hearted friend. Karuke, yielding. Tahitian faa-rue, to forsake; Hawaiian lue, to loosen that which was fast.
Haka-RUKE To put; to place.  
RUKI Night. Obscure. Dark. Darkness. Ina ruki, last night. Ana ruki, the coming night. Tukiga ruki, midnight. Noi ruki, blind. Tahitian rui, night; Tongan roki, dark.
Haka-Ruki Obscure.  
RUKU (Ruku rima) A ring.  
Rukuruku To tie; to knot; to bind. A band. To warp. To moor; to belay. To fasten. Maori ruku, a band; Hawaiian lu to bind together.
Rurukuhaga A ring. The link of a chain.  
RUMAKI To introduce; to insert. (Rumaki ki roto, to put inside.) To thread; to string. To sink; to sink to the bottom. Maori rumaki, to duck in the water Hawaiian lumai, to kill by putting the head under water.
RUPORE To shake; to shiver See ruru.
RURERURE To crush; to bruise. Maori rurerure, to maltreat.
RURU To tremble; to shake. Maori ru, to shake; Samoan lulu, to shake.
RURU A cage; a coop. Karuru, a dwelling place.
Rururu To shut up; to confine. Fustiness; mouldiness. Maori ruru, to tie together; Mangarevan ruru, a shelter, cover.
Faka-Ruru A hut; a shed.  
Ruruhaga An assembly. To collect. A bale; a package.  
Rururuhaga Sultry; suffocating.  
Faka-RURU To affront.  
RURUGA A bolster. Maori urunga, a pillow. See ruga.
RURUTAINAHAGA Anguish; a pang. Tahitian rurutaina, trembling.
RURUTAKINA To take alarm; to tremble. See ruru. Maori rurutake, shivering.
RUTU A drum. Ringworm. Samoan lutu, a rattle to attra sharks; Mangaian rutu, to bea as a drum.