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The Annual General Meeting of the Society was held on December 17, 1943, when the following report for the year ending March 31, 1943, was read, and it and the balance-sheet were adopted.

As the previous annual meeting of the Society was held in April of last year and as the two years accounts being presented are, from the aspect of the Society's publications, most conveniently considered together, we shall in this report encroach on the previous one to review the period as a whole.

Marking as these two years have done, a very critical period of the war, it would not be surprising if interest in the Society's affairs had waned. However, greater interest has been shown in our activities during this period than for some time, this interest being probably due to the curiosity aroused, by the war in the Pacific and its peoples, by the publishing programme of the Society, and to a lesser extent, by the fact that the reduction in the range of general literature available to the public has of necessity drawn its attention to the literature of New Zealand.

Statistics of membership continue to show a healthy trend. During the year thirty new members have been elected and eleven have resigned, the present total membership standing at 243. The subscriptions of eight members are suspended owing to their being in enemy-occupied territory. Receipts from the sale of publications continue to be substantial, over £260 being received from this source last year. We are again greatly indebted to the Maori Purposes Board for providing a considerable proportion of our regular income, and take pleasure in here recording our appreciation of the assistance afforded. The Society has been unfortunate in losing the services of Mr. C. R. H. Taylor as Secretary, owing to his departure overseas on active service. Most of the administrative work in the publications field has been ably carried out by him, and his aim has been constantly to increase the field of reference of the research worker in anthropology.

During the past two years the following publications have been completed:—

  • Andersen, Maori Place Names.
  • Beaglehole, Pangai, A Village in Tonga.
  • Best, Maori Forest Lore.
  • Greenwood, The Upraised Hand.
  • Polynesian Anthropological Studies.
  • The Oldman Collection of Maori Artifacts.
  • Index to the Journal of the Polynesian Society, Vols. 1-50.

Some modification has been made to the original Centennial programme of publications and two volumes, well in hand, still await publication—Taylor's Bibliography, and the second part of Best's Maori Religion. The question of reprinting Best's The Maori, at present out of print, is being considered by the Council.

The 1942 Journal contained 13 papers by 11 authors, of whom 7 were from New Zealand, 2 from England, 3 from Hawaii, and 1 from - 38 Australia; the 1943 Journal contains 21 papers by 20 authors, 12 from New Zealand, 3 from Fiji, 3 from England, and 3 from Hawaii.

Of the 1943 papers, two were completions of Memoirs: “Fiji plants and their medicinal uses” by Mrs. Parham, and “Polynesian Artifacts” by W. 0. Oldman, a new series by this author being also started. The first series of the Oldman series is sold out, and the second series now on the market is selling well.

Readers will have noticed that the size of the type used for the Journal is smaller than heretofore; the smaller type was adopted so that approximately the same amount of material might be supplied to readers in spite of the compulsory reduction in the number of pages per issue, seventy pages per number being the limit imposed.

Mr. Taylor's work as Secretary is being carried on by Mr. A. G. Bagnall, but as he has also the work of Treasurer to occupy his time, the Executive has appointed Mr. W. Greenwood to assist him.

In closing this review of our activities we may look forward to happier times with a confidence based on the interest already existing. Much work remains to be done in several fields and it should be our duty to aid this by active sponsoring and publication as well as to keep alive in the modern Polynesian a learned appreciation of the culture of his forebears.

The following officers were elected:—Patron: His Excellency Marshall of the Royal Air Force, Sir Cyril Newall, G.C.B., O.M., G.C.M.G., C.B.E., Governor-General of New Zealand; President: Hon. Sir A. T. Ngata; Council: M. R. Jones, J. M. A. Ilott, Dr. E. Beaglehole, A. Morris Jones, Dr. W. R. B. Oliver, Johannes C. Andersen, L. Moncrieff-Nutt, G. Greenwood; Hon. Acting Secretary: A. G. Bagnall; Hon. Treasurer: W. Greenwood; Editor of Journal: Johannes C. Andersen; Auditors: Messrs. Feil, Morris and Murphy.


Will readers please note that the titles of the illustrations opposite page 196 of the December Journal have been transposed: the upper picture is the Shepherds Creek shelter.

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