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Resignation of Review Editor

Mr Wilfred Shawcross has resigned as Review Editor of the Journal in order to take up a position at A.N.U. His place has been taken by Richard Cassels. A note about Mr Cassels appeared in the June 1972 issue.

Appeal to readers

“Notes and News” could be made more useful if readers were to provide more information for it. Notices and reports of meetings and symposia would be particularly welcomed, as would news of Departments and Institutions concerned with Pacific anthropology and news of individual research activities in areas of Oceania other than New Guinea. Activities in the latter area are reported fully in the University of Papua and New Guinea publication Man in New Guinea which is distributed free to individuals and institutions directly concerned with research in New Guinea and is available on a subscription basis to others. Enquiries about MING should be made to:

Department of Anthropology and Sociology,

University of Papua and New Guinea,

Box 1144, P.O.,



Contributors of articles in this issue

Colin Newbury (M.A. (N.Z.), Ph.D. (A.N.U.)), is Lecturer in Commonwealth History and Fellow of Linacre College at Oxford University. He is investigating comparative response to European contact in French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Samoa, Fiji and New Zealand. He is editor of John Davies, History of the Tahitian Mission, Cambridge, 1959; P. Laval, Mangareva, Paris, 1964 (with R. P. O'Reilly); and the French edition of William Ellis, Découvertes polynésiennes (Société des Océanistes, Paris, 1972).

Dr Katharine Luomala is Professor of Anthropology at the University of Hawaii, Honolulu, and Honorary Associate in Anthropology at the Bernice P. Bishop Museum. Her research currently relates to Polynesian and Melanesian puppets and marionettes, birds in Gilbert Islands customs and myths, and Cyrtosperma chamissonis in Gilbert Islands culture.

A. C. Walsh is Senior Lecturer in Geography at Massey University, Palmerston North. He has had field experience in Tonga, the Cook Islands and Niue and is currently working on a land-use map of Niue and preliminary work on demographic variability and Maori-Pakeha relations.

A. D. Trlin is Lecturer in Sociology at Massey University. His main research interests are the immigration, settlement and adjustment of ethnic minorities - 4 in New Zealand, with particular reference to Dutch, Yugoslav, Hungarian, Niuean and West Samoa immigrants in Auckland. Among his recent publications are (as co-editor with K. W. Thomson) Immigrants in New Zealand and Contempory New Zealand.

A note about Ralph Bulmer and J. I. Menzies appeared in the December 1972 issue.