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    VOLUME 83 No. 1 MARCH 1974
  • Notes and News 3
  • Tongan Kin Groups: The Noble and the Common View. SHULAMIT R. DECKTOR KORN 5
  • The Cyrtosperma Systemic Pattern: Aspects of Production in the Gilbert Islands. KATHARINE LUOMALA 14
  • The Land and Titles Court and the Regulation of Customary Title Successions and Removals in Western Samoa. SHARON W. TIFFANY 35
  • A $40,000 Question, Or: Some Remarks on the Veracity of Certain Ancient Mariners, Beachcombers and Castaways. MICHAEL A.H.B. WALTER 58
  • Shorter Communications 84
  • Reviews: 109
  • Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, 1973 120
  • Publications Received 122
    Edited by Mervyn McLean
  • Review Editor Richard Cassels
  • Editorial Assistant L. Crothers
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  • Incest and Its Punishment in Jalé Society. KLAUS-FRIEDRICH KOCH 84
  • The Correct Botanical Name for the Breadfruit. B. C. STONE 92
  • A Reply to Bronwen Douglas. JEAN GUIART 94
  • On the Origin of the Tongan Definitive Accent. ROSS CLARK 103
  • Conklin, Harold C., Folk Classification: A Topically Arranged Bibliography of Contemporary and Background References Through 1971 R. N. H. BULMER 109
  • O'Reilly, Patrick, Les Photographes à Tahiti et leurs Oeuvres 1842-1962 ANTHONY HOOPER 111
  • Pilling, Arnold R. and A. Waterman (eds.), Diprotodon to Detribalization: Studies in Change among Australian Aborigines LEITH DUNCAN 112
  • Pitt, David, Tradition and Economic Progress in Samoa: A Case Study of the Role of Traditional Social Institutions in Economic Development MARY BOYD 114
  • Titcomb, Margaret, Native Use of Fish in Hawaii RICHARD A. SCOBIE 116
  • Wagner, Roy, Habu: The Innovation of Meaning in Daribi Religion TOMAS LUDVIGSON 117

Indexed in CURRENT CONTENTS, Behavioral, Social and Managerial Sciences and in INDEX TO NEW NEALAND PERIODICALS

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Contributors of articles in this issue

Shulamit Decktor Korn teaches anthropology at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York. She has conducted field research on access to education and resources in Tonga, and is currently writing up the data to be presented as a doctoral dissertation at Washington University in St. Louis.

Katherine Luomala is well known to readers of J.P.S. A note about her appeared in the March 1973 “Notes and News”.

Sharon Tiffany, Ph.D. (UCLA) is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater campus. She conducted field research in Western Samoa in 1969-70 and returned to the Samoan Archipelago for further work during the summer of 1973. Her major research interests are kinship, politics, and law, and she is currently working on a comparative study of non-unilineal descent systems in the Pacific.

Michael A. H. B. Walter has been a lecturer in the Department of Sociology at the University of Singapore since 1972, when he gained a Ph.D. from the Australian National University with a study of socio-economic changes in Northern Lau, Fiji. Earlier, he obtained a B.A. at Pembroke, Oxon, followed by a Diploma and B.Litt. at the Institute of Social Anthropology. His research interests include the effects of economic change on the spouse relationship in Malay society and the implications for Malay economic development; socio-economic change in rural Fiji; co-operatives; sexual rivalry and antagonism; and the sociology of tourism.

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