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    April 1-June 30, 1977
  • BEDFORD, Richard and Alexander MAMAK: Compensating for Development: The Bougainville Case. Bougainville Special Publication No. 2. Christchurch, Department of Geography, University of Canterbury, 1977. viii, 181 pp., figs., tables, maps. Price NZ$5.00 (paper).
  • BEST, Elsdon: Games and Pastimes of the Maori. Dominion Museum Bulletin No. 8. (Reprint of 1925 edition). Wellington, Government Printer, 1976. 334 pp., figs., plates. Price NZ$17.00.
  • Bibliography of Periodical Articles Relating to the South Pacific. Volume 1, 1974. Compiled and edited by Esther Dam. Suva, University of the South Pacific Library, 1976. xi, 64 pp. Price F$4.00 (paper).
  • Bibliography of Published Works and Theses on Development Studies from The Australian National University. Volume II:1964-5 and 1975. Development Studies Centre, Australian National University, Canberra, 1977. 28 pp. n.p. (paper).
  • COPPELL, William G.: Catalogue of Theses and Dissertations Relating to Fiji and Rotuma. Selected Bibliography No. 3. Suva, University of the South Pacific Library, 1976. ii, 29 pp. n.p. (paper).
  • DOUGLAS, E. M. K.: Fertility Decline and Socio-Cultural Change: The Case of the New Zealand Maori. University of Waikato, Centre for Maori Studies and Research, Occasional Paper No. 2, April 1977. 20 pp., tables. n.p. (paper).
  • FITZGERALD, Thomas K.: Education and Identity: A Study of the New Zealand Maori Graduate. Wellington, New Zealand Council for Educational Research, 1977. xii, 184 pp., photos. n.p.
  • FITZGERALD, Thomas K. (ed.): Nutrition and Anthropology in Action. Assen and Amsterdam, van Gorcum, 1977. xi, 155 pp., figs., tables, plates. Price Dfl. 27,00 (paper).
  • KÄHLER, Hans: Texte von der Insel Enggano (Berichte über eine untergehende Kultur). Veroffentlichungen des Seminars für Indonesische und Südseesprachen der Universität Hamburg, Band 9. Berlin, Dietrich Reimer, 1975. xii, 148 pp. Price DM 22,-.
  • The Linguistic Reporter: A Newletter in Applied Linguistics. Published by the Center for Applied Linguistics, 1611 North Kent Street, Arlington, Virginia 22209, U.S.A. Price US$4.50 p/a. Vol. 19, No. 5 (February 1977), 8 pp. No. 6 (March 1977), 8 pp.
  • MARSHALL, Mac and James D. NASON: Micronesia 1944-1974: A Bibliography of Anthropological and Related Source Materials. New Haven, HRAF Press, 1975. 348 pp., maps. Price US$15.00.
  • NAYACAKALOU, R. R.: Leadership in Fiji. Melbourne, Oxford University Press, 1975. xiii, 170 pp., tables. Price NZ$8.90 (paper).
  • Pacific Perspective: Journal of the South Pacific Social Sciences Association. Vol. 5, No. 2 (1976). 48 pp. Price F$5.00 p/a. (outside Pacific islands). Published by South Pacific Social Sciences Association, P.O. Box 5083, Suva, Fiji.
- 560
  • PHILIPP, P. F., L. L. LANGNESS, F. von FLECKENSTEIN and M. EVANS: Four Papers on the Papua New Guinea Cattle Industry. New Guinea Research Bulletin No. 63. Port Moresby and Canberra, New Guinea Research Unit, Australian National University, 1975. xiv, 257 pp., figs., tables, maps. Price A$2.00 (paper).
  • Research in Melanesia, Vol. 2, Number 1/2 (June 1976). Department of Anthropology and Sociology, University of Papua New Guinea. 62 pp.
  • STRELAN, John G.: Search for Salvation: Studies in the History and Theology of Cargo Cults. Adelaide, Lutheran Publishing House, 1977. 119 pp. Price A$4.95 (paper).
  • TUPOUNIUA, Penisimani: A Polynesian Village: The Process of Change. Suva, South Pacific Social Sciences Association, 1977. ix, 70 pp., figs., tables, photos, maps. Price F$1.50 (paper).
  • ZEWEN, François-Xavier Nicolas: The Marshallese Language: A Study of its Phonology, Morphology and Syntax. Veröffentlichungen des Seminars für Indonesische and Südseesprachen der Universität Hamburg, Band 10. Berlin, Dietrich Reimer, 1977. xiii, 176 pp. Price DM 24,-.
  • Records from the Institute of Papua New Guinea Studies (P.O. Box 1432, Boroko, PNG). All 30 cm., 33 1/3 rpm. discs with notes and photographs in cover booklet.
  • Chimbu Music: Kukane Traditions (Papua New Guinea Vol. 1). Recordings, text, photographs and translation by Frédéric Duvelle. Assistant: Paul Kuange.
  • Enga Traditional Music (Papua New Guinea Vol. 2). Recording and presentation by Frédéric Duvelle. Notes and translations by Kundapen Talyaga.
  • Papua New Guinea: Manus, Bougainville. Ocora OCR 86. Enregistrements et photographies réalisés par Charles Duvelle avec le concours de Kaka Kais et Leo Hannet. Assistant: Frédéric Duvelle.
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