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    VOLUME 92 No. 1 MARCH 1983
  • Notes and News 5
  • Conflict, Morality and Power in a Western Caroline Society Peter W. Black 7
  • Developments in the Role of the Tongan Healer Claire D. F. Parsons 31
  • Tribal and State-Like Political Formations in New Zealand Maori Society 1750-1900 Peter Cleave 51
  • Shorter Communications 93
  • Correspondence 123
  • Reviews 125
  • Publications Received 149
  • Edited by Geoffrey Irwin
  • Review Editor Garth Rogers
  • Editorial Assistant Lionel Crothers
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  • A Further Note on the Cook Voyage Collection in Leningrad Adrienne L. Kaeppler 93
  • A Note on Nasioi Childbirth Eugene Ogan 99
  • Nanumanga Verbal Syntax: A Study in Variation, with Implications for Proto-Polynesian Joseph C. Finney 107
  • Historical and Archaeological Research in Micronesia Scott Russell 117
  • Smut-Face Island Keith S. Chambers and Doug Munro 123
  • Best, Elsdon: Maori Religion and Mythology, being an Account of the Cosmogony, Anthropogeny, Religious Beliefs and Rites, Magic and Folk Lore of the Maori Folk of New Zealand. Part 2 Michael Shirres 125
  • Blacking, John A. R., and Joann Keali'inohomoku (eds): The Performing Arts: Music and Dance Fiona McAlpine 128
  • Butor, Michel: Letters from the Antipodes. Translated from Boomerang with an introduction and afterword by Michael Spencer Peter Crowe 130
  • Casel, Fr. Gabriel, Regalado Trota Jose, Jr., Eric S. Casiño, George R. Ellis and Wilhelm G. Solheim II: The People and Art of the Philippines Donn Bayard 131
  • Hart, Donn V. (ed.): Philippine Studies: Political Science, Economics and Linguistics Donn Bayard 132
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  • Godelier, Maurice: La Production des Grand Hommes: Pouvoir et Domination Masculine chez les Baruya de Nouvelle-Guinee T. F. Ryan 133
  • Henty, E. E. (ed.): Handbooks of the Flora of Papua New Guinea Nancy Bowers 137
  • Johannes, R. E.: Words of the Lagoon: Fishing and Marine Lore in the Palau District of Micronesia Christian Clerk 138
  • Mack, Charles W.: Polynesian Art at Auction 1965-1980: Tribal Art at Auction, Volume 1 Terence Barrow 140
  • MacNaught, Timothy J.: The Fijian Colonial Experience: A Study of the Neotraditional Order under British Colonial Rule prior to World War II Murray Heasley 141
  • Pellett, Fr. Marcian, O. F. M., Cap.: Memories of Guam Scenes during Wartime Internment in Japan Michiko Intoh 144
  • Record Review 145
  • Music of Oceania: Papua Niugini: the Middle Sepik 145
  • Music of Oceania: The Iatmul of Papua Niugini Vida Chenoweth 145


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A Proposed History of the Polynesian Society

At the Annual General Meeting on July 4, 1983 the Council of the Polynesian Society accepted a proposal from Professor M. P. K. Sorrenson to write a history of the Society for publication in its centenary year, 1992.

Professor Sorrenson would like to hear from members and friends of the Society who might have papers or reminiscences on the Society and its publications. His address is C/- History Department, University of Auckland, Private Bag, Auckland, New Zealand.

A New Melanesian Ethnographic Archive

The aim of the Melanesian Archive is to assemble the most comprehensive collection of unpublished papers on Melanesian topics by scholars in any ethnographic field. The Archive will be concerned only with the unpublished “literature” in Melanesian studies that is often inaccessible to scholars. It will maintain both physical and computer files of contributed papers, will generate periodic bibliographies, and will provide both these and microfiche copies of holdings to the academic institutions of Melanesia (gratis) and to subscribers to the Archive (at nominal cost). The Archive now requests copies of all unpublished papers on Melanesian ethnography in any field. Please send all papers and inquiries to: Melanesian Archive, Department of Anthropology C-001, University of California at San Diego, La Jolla, California 92093, U.S.A. The Archive is directed by Fitz John P. Poole and Donald F. Tuzin.

A Symposium on Population Geography

At the XV Pacific Science Congress in February this year, an interdisciplinary symposium was held on “Mobility, Identity and Policy in the Island Pacific.” It was sponsored jointly by the Commission on Population Geography, International Geographic Union, and the East-West Population Institute, Hawaii. Complete sets of papers are being sent to archives, to national and university libraries in all Pacific Island countries. Further queries can be addressed to the convenor, Murray Chapman, Centre ORSTROM de Nouméa, P.O. Box A5, Nouméa Cedex, New Caledonia.

Carl Marquardt on Samoa

Mr R. McMillan has written to us as follows.

“I am in the process of having translated from the German Carl Marquardt's ‘Die Tätowirung Beider Geschlechter in Samoa’ and have given thought to publishing this extremely interesting and valuable work. Being a specialised book of uncommon interest, the printing would of necessity be small and rather costly to me as a small publisher.

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Would it be possible for your Society to make my intentions known through the Journal and suggest to your members that they inform me if they would consider taking up copies if my plans reach fruition.

It is my intention that this translation should be a handsome book in every respect—cloth bound on good quality paper with the illustrations on card (un-bound) much about the same size and layout as the original publication. With regard to price, I could only estimate at this stage but feel it would range from NZ$60.00 to $80.00 per copy.”

Mr McMillan's address is 40 President Avenue, Papakura, New Zealand.

Contributors of Articles to this Issue

Claire D. F. Parsons took her D.Phil in Sociology from the University of Waikato in 1981. Currently she holds a post-doctoral fellowship in the Department of Anthropology, Harvard College. She is also an honorary research fellow of the Department of Sociology, University of Auckland. Her major research interest is in medical social science.

Peter Cleave took a B.A. in 1969 and an M.A. in Social Anthropology in 1976, at the University of Auckland. He completed a D.Phil at Oxford University in 1979. Between 1972 and 1974 he taught at St Stephens School, and in 1975 he was appointed as a lecturer at the University of Waikato. Currently he is a senior lecturer in Sociology there and, at the same time, a second year student of Japanese.