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Volume 97 MARCH 1988 Number 1

  • Review Editor GARTH ROGERS
  • Editorial Assistant LIONEL CROTHERS

Published quarterly by the Polynesian Society (Inc.), Auckland, New Zealand

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  • Notes and News 5
  • COLIN H. ALLEN. Land Law and Custom in Ysabel: Postwar Change and Development 7
  • K. E. JAMES. O, Lead us not into “Commoditisation” . . . Christine Ward Gailey's Changing Gender Values in the Tongan Islands 31
  • ROLF KUSCHEL. Cultural Reflections in Bellonese Personal Names 49
    Shorter Communications
  • EVAN HOVDHAUGEN, INGJERD HOËM and ARNFINN M. VONEN. Some Outlier Pronouns in Tokelauan 71
  • EDWIN N. FERDON JR. In Defense of Orongo “Sun Stones” 73
  • GEORGIA LEE and WILLIAM LILLER. Response to Edwin Ferdon 77
  • ROBERT LANGDON. Sixteenth Century Spanish Castaways in the Pacific Islands 78
  • Berndt, Ronald M. and Catherine H. Berndt: End of an Era: Aboriginal Labour in the Northern Territory. ERICH KOLIG 81
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  • Crocombe, Ron: The South Pacific: An Introduction. MICHAEL GOLDSMITH 83
  • Crosby, Alfred W.: Ecological Imperialism: The Biological Expansion of Europe, 900-1900. JOHN WALSBY 86
  • [Lamour, Peter and Ropate Qalo, (eds)]: Decentralisation in the South Pacific: Local, Provincial and State Government in Twenty Countries. R. ANDREW SHARP 89
  • Layton, Robert: Uluru: An Aboriginal History of Ayers Rock. FRED R. MYERS 91
  • Levin, Michael J. and Robert D. Retherford: Recent Fertility Trends in the Pacific Islands. DAVID LUCAS 93
  • Marshall, Mac (ed.): Siblingship in Oceania: Studies in the Meaning of Kin relations. K. E. JAMES 95
  • Needham, Rodney (ed.): Imagination and Proof: Selected Essays of A. M. Hocart. KITSIRI MALALGODA 97
  • Ollivier, Isabel (transc. and transl.): Extracts from New Zealand Journals Written Aboard Ships under the Command of d'Entrecasteaux and Duperry, 1783 and 1824. JOHN DUNMORE 99
  • Peacock, Daniel J.: Lee Boo of Belau: A Prince in London. E. H. MCCORMICK 101
  • Thomas, Nicholas: Plants Around the Sun: Dynamics and Contradictions of the Fijian Matanitu. DAVID ROUTLEDGE 103
  • Publications Received 107
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Contributors of Articles in this Issue

Sir Collin Allen has had a long and distinguished career in the Civil Service and held several administrative posts in the western Pacific, including the Solomon Islands. He is the author of Land Tenure in the British Solomon Islands Protectorate, 1958.

Kerry James is a Research Associate at the School of Social and Economic Development, University of the South Pacific. She has been studying changes in gender relations in Tonga.

Rolf Kuschel is Associate-Professor at the Psychological Laboratory at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. He has done field work on Bellona and Rennell Islands in 1968, 1971-2, 1977 and 1983. His current study concerns an analysis of 600 years of blood feuds on Bellona Island.

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