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Volume 109 JUNE 2000 Number 2

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Published quarterly by the Polynesian Society (Inc.), Auckland, New Zealand

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Volume 109 JUNE 2000 Number 2

  • Notes and News 149
  • SERGE TCHERKÉZOFF The Samoan Category of Matai/'Chief': A Singularity in Polynesia? Historical and Etymological Comparative Queries 151
    Shorter Communications
  • R.C. GREEN A Range of Disciplines Support a Dual Origin for the Bottle Gourd in the Pacific 191
  • Anderson, Atholl: The Welcome of Strangers: An Ethnohistory of Southern Maori A.D. 1650- 1850. ALAN WARD 199
  • Eves, Richard: The Magical Body: Power, Fame and Meaning in a Melanesian Society. JOEL ROBBINS 201
  • Naepels, Michel: Histoires de terres kanakes: conflit foncier et rapports sociaux dans la région de Houailou (Nouvelle Calédonie). DOROTHY SHINEBERG 203
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  • Ross, Malcolm, Andrew Pawley and Meredith Osmond (eds): The Lexicon of Proto Oceanic: The Culture and Environment of Ancestral Oceanic Society. 1: Material Culture. ROBIN HOOPER 205
  • Sinclair, Keith V. (trans.): Laplace in New Zealand, 1831. ANGELA MIDDLETON 207
  • Starzecka, D.C. (ed.): Maori Art and Culture. ADRIENNE L. KAEPPLER 209
  • Wassman, Jurg (ed.): Pacific Answers to Western Hegemony: Cultural Practices of Identity Construction. LIN POYER 211
  • Wood-Ellem, Elizabeth: Queen Sālote of Tonga: The Story of an Era 1900-1965. ADRIENNE L. KAEPPLER 213
  • Correspondence from Raymond Firth, William S. Ayres and Derek Freeman 216
  • Publications Received 221
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Contributors to This Issue

Roger Green is Emeritus Professor of Prehistory at The University of Auckland. His research is directed towards developing an integrative culture history of the Pacific, employing various disciplines within anthropology.

Serge Tcherkézoff is the Director of the Centre de recherches et de documentation sur l'Océanie” (French National Centre of Research C.N.R.S., Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales EHESS and Université de Provence), Marseille. His current research interests for Samoan society focus on contemporary transformations and on the ethnographical critique of Western misconceptions about Samoa (chief system, kinship, gift-giving, gender and sexuality, etc). He has published articles on the working of hierarchy, village organisation, gender and sexual roles. A book deals with the whole “Mead-Freeman debate”. Another forthcoming deals with anthropology as an intercultural dialogue, in this case between Samoans and Westerners on aspects of “development”, political organisation and “democracy”, and also on the very notion of “sexuality”. He is currently finishing a book (L'invention de la Polynésie) on the “invention of Polynesia” in Europe between 1750 and 1775.

Waka: Pacific Communities 2000. Perceptions and Representations.

Organised by Stout Research Centre, Victoria University of Wellington, the conference will be held at the National Library of New Zealand, Wellington on 28-30 July 2000. It focuses on the South Pacific region and invites a multi-disciplinary approach. Its intention is to provoke discussion of the region across a wide social and historical spectrum, and to engage with contemporary issues. For further information about the conference contact Vincent O'Sullivan, Director, Stout Research Centre (tel. (04) 463-6434; fax (04) 463-5439; e-mail Stout-Centre@vuw.ac.nz). For registration information contact Sarah Upton, Administrator, Stout Research Centre, Victoria University, PO Box 600, Wellington (tel. (04) 463-5305; fax (04) 463-5439; email: Sarah.Upton@vuw.ac.nz).

Bursting Boundaries: Places, Persons, Gender and Disciplines.

The Millennial Conference of the Pacific History Association will be held at the Coombs Building and Menzies Library, Australian National University on 26-29 June 2000. For registration information contact: PHA Conference, Division of Pacific and Asian History, RSPAS, Australian National University, Canberra, ACT 0200, Australia (tel. (61) (2) 6249 2298; fax (61) (2) 6249 5525; email: dxd@coombs.anu.edu.au). See also website: http://rspas.anu.edu.au/ccp/PHA.htm.

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The New Zealand Journal of History
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Vol.33, No.2, October 1999 contains:

Vincent O'Malley Treaty-Making in Early Colonial New Zealand
Judith Bassett Colonial Justice. The Treatment of Dalmatians in New Zealand During the First World War
Alison Day ‘Chastising Its People With Scorpions’. Maori and the 1913 Smallpox Epidemic
Louise Shaw and Barbara Brookes Constructing Homes. Gender and Advertising in Home and Building, 1936-1970
Anthony Smith The Devil You Know: New Zealand's Recognition Policy Towards Cambodia from 1978-1990

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