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Volume 100 1991

  • Review Editor ROSS CLARK
  • Editorial Assistant LIONEL CROTHERS

Published quarterly by the Polynesian Society (Inc.), Auckland, New Zealand

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Indexed in CURRENT CONTENTS, Behavioural, Social and Managerial Sciences, in INDEX TO NEW ZEALAND PERIODICALS, and in ANTHROPOLOGICAL INDEX.


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  • Notes and News 5
  • JAMES TURNER. Some Reflections on the Significance of Names in Matailobau, Fiji 7
  • RICHARD FEINBERG. A Long-distance Voyage in Contemporary Polynesia 25
  • MICHAEL NIHILL. Money and ‘Moka’ : Men, Women and Change in Anganen Mortuary Exchange 45
  • GERALD SANDERS. Levelling and reanalysis in the history of Polynesian Passive Formations 71
    Shorter Communication
  • MELENAITE TAUMOEFOLAU. Is the Father's Sister really “Black”? 91
  • KEN HALE. Response to Sanders 99
  • Oliver, Douglas: Return to Tahiti: Bligh's Second Breadfruit Voyage. ROBERT LANGDON 103
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  • Overton, John: Land and Differentiation in Rural Fiji. A. GRANT ANDERSON 106
  • Publications Received 111
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  • Notes and News 117
  • A Message from the President 118
  • JOHN CHARLOT. The Feather Skirt of Nahi'ena'ena 119
  • PHILIP HOUGHTON. The Early Human Biology of the Pacific: Some Considerations 167
    Shorter Communication
  • Green, R.C. A Reappraisal of the Dating for Some Lapita Sites in the Reef/Santa Cruz Group of the Southeast Solomons 197
  • Schiffer, Michael B.: Formation Processes of the Archaeological Record. ROD CLOUGH 209
  • Schweizer, Niilaus R.: His Hawaiian Excellency. HAUNAMI-KAY TRASK 212
  • Spate, O. H. K.: The Pacific Since Magellan.III: Paradise Found and Lost. HUGH LARACY 214
  • Tunbridge, Dorothy: Flinders Ranges Dreaming. ERICH KOLIG 216
  • Waddy, Julie Anne: Classification of Plants and Animals from a Groote Eylandt A boriginal Point of View. PETER WORSLEY 218
  • Williams, Nancy: Two Laws: Managing Disputes in a Contemporary A boriginal Community. CHRISTOPHER ANDERSON 221
  • Publications Received 224

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  • Notes and News 229
  • ALETTA BIERSACK. Kava'onau and the Tongan Chiefs 231
  • MARK S. MOSKO. Yali Revisited: The Interplay of Messages and Missions in Melanesian Structural History 269
    Shorter Communications
  • Marshall Sahlins. The Makahiki at O'ahu, 1788. 299
  • Steven Roger Fischer. Hugh Cuming's Account of an Anchorage at Rapanui (Easter Island), November 27-8, 1827 303
  • Roger Neich. Samoan Figurative Carvings and Taumualua Canoes. 317
    Review Article
  • Thomas, Nicholas: Out of Time: History and Evolution in Anthropological Discourse. JUDITH HUNTSMAN. 329
  • Publications Received 333
  • Minutes of Annual General Meeting 335

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  • Notes and News 341
  • J. N. MATSON. The Language, The Law and The Treaty of Waitangi. 343
  • DAN JORGENSEN Echnidna and Kuyaam: Classification and Anomaly in Telefomin 365
  • DAVID J. HERDRICH. Towards an Understanding of Samoan Star Mounds 381
  • Crocombe, Ron: The South Pacific: An Introduction. MICHAEL GOLDSMITH 437
  • Fardon, Richard: Localizing Strategies: Regional Traditions of Ethnographic Writing. THOMAS LUDVIGSON 440
  • Hill, Richard S.: Policing the Colonial Frontier. The History of Policing in New Zealand, Volume One and Two. JOHN MITCHELL 442
  • Publications Received 444

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Contributors of Articles in this Issue

James Turner received a doctorate in Anthropology from Michigan State University for research conducted in Fiji from 1979 to 1981. In 1984–5 he was Assistant Professor at Mary Washington College, Virginia, and during 1985–6 was Assistant Professor in Anthropology at the University of New Mexico. Since 1987 he has been a lecturer in the Department of Anthropology and Sociology at the University of Papua New Guinea.

Richard Feinberg is Professor of Anthropology at Kent State University. He has conducted research on Polynesian Outliers in the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. His interests have included kinship, social structure, and more recently, traditional seamanship techniques. His latest book is Polynesian Seafaring and Navigation: Ocean Travel in Anutan Culture and Society (1988).

Gerald Sanders is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Minnesota, having earlier taught at Indiana University and the University of Texas. His publications include two monographs on linguistic theory, Equational Grammar (1972) and Invariant Ordering (1975)

Michael Nihill undertook 25 months of field work in the Det region of the Southern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea among the Anganen people. He has written papers on exchange, politics, marriage and social change among the Anganen and is currently preparing publications dealing with their social structure, exchange and social change, and also a reconstruction of the former spirit-house rituals known as rimbu and the relation to exchange.

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