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Volume 101 MARCH 1992 Number 1

  • Review Editor ROSS CLARK,
  • Editorial Assistant LIONEL CROTHERS

Published quarterly by the Polynesian Society (Inc.), Auckland, New Zealand

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Published in New Zealand by the Polynesian Society (Inc.)

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Indexed in CURRENT CONTENTS, Behavioural, Social and Managerial Sciences, in INDEX TO NEW ZEALAND PERIODICALS, and in ANTHROPOLOGICAL INDEX.


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  • Notes and News 5
  • L. Head. The Gospel of Te Ua Haumene 7
  • SIMON BEST, PETER SHEPPARD, ROGER GREEN AND ROBIN PARKER. Necromancing the Stone: Archaeologists and Adzes in Samoa 45
    Shorter Communication
  • BARRY V. ROLLET. Faunal Extinctions and Depletions Linked with Prehistory and Environmental Change in the Marquesas Islands 86
  • Langmore, Diane: Missionary Lives: Papua 1874-1914. JOHN GARRETT 95
  • Lindstrom, Lamont: Knowledge and Power in a South Pacific Society. TOMAS LUDVIGSON 98
  • Marshall, Mac and Leslie B. Marshall: Silent Voices Speak: Women and Prohibition on Truk. JULIE PARK 99
  • McGregor, Andrew: The Fiji Fresh Ginger Industry: A Case Study in Non-Traditional Export Development. A. GRANT ANDERSON 100
  • Miller, Char (ed.): To Raise the Lord's Banner: Selected Writings of Hiram Bingham, 1814-1869, Missionary to the Hawaiian Islands. MARK GALLAGHER 102
  • Young, Michael (ed.): Malinowski Among the Magi. “The Natives of Mailu”. M. MACINTYRE 103

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William Mulloy Research Library

The William Mulloy Research Library, a project of the Easter Island Foundation, is intended as a memorial to the late Bill Mulloy, whose archaeological and restoration work on Easter Island is internationally known. The Library's goals are to construct an appropriate buildling to house the Mulloy Collection, to appoint qualified staff and to establish an endowment to ensure its ongoing operations. Already substantially supported by the World Monuments Fund, the Library is seeking further contributions to complete the building, and to begin operation. Contributions made payable to the “Easter Island Foundation” should be sent to Dr Joan T. Seaver, Box 1319, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272, USA, or Dr William Liller, Casilla 437, Vina del Mar, Chile.

Contributors to This Issue

Lyndsay Head is a Lecturer in the Department of Maori at the University of Canterbury. She is the author of Making Maori Sentences (1989), a grammar for nonspecialists, and was a contributor to Pakeha: The Quest for Identity in New Zealand (1991) edited by Michael King. She is currently finishing her doctoral dissertation on the evolution of 19th century Maori thought.

Simon Best is an independent researcher in New Zealand and Pacific archaeology who has specialised in adzes, sourcing and fortifications.

Peter Sheppard, Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Auckland, has a major interest in the sourcing of Polynesian and Melanesian lithic materials.

Roger Green is a Professor of Prehistory at the University of Auckland with an extensive research record in Oceanic prehistory, emphasising integrative culture history employing various disciplines.

Robin Parker, Senior Lecturer in Geology at the University of Auckland, is in charge of the Department's x-ray fluorescence laboratories.

Barry V. Rollett is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Hawaii. His doctoral research was an archaeological study of the Marquesas Islands. His interpretative display of excavated artefacts is permanently housed on Tahuata, in the Vaitahu Town Hall adjacent to the research site. He is currently collaborating with colleagues at the Université du Pacifique and the Centre Polynésien des Sciences Humaines (Tahiti) to initiate new research in the region.

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Payment of Overseas Memberships

Because of mounting concerns from Overseas Members regarding the high fees charged by banks for bank drafts in a foreign currency, the Society has decided to accept personal/bank cheques in certain overseas currencies. Cheques must be in that country's own currency and drawn on a bank in that same country. We will now accept cheques in:

  • Australian dollars
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  • Nederland gilders
  • Hong Kong dollars
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  • British sterling
  • Swiss francs.

Our bank will not accept cheques in Japanese yen or Spanish currency.

The amount of the cheques should be calculated at the current exchange rate on the day of payment. A small amount should be added to help us meet our bank charges incurred when converting the cheques to New Zealand dollars.

The New Zealand Journal of History
Editors: Judith Binney and M.P.K. Sorrenson

Vol.25., No.2, October 1991 contains:

John Hirst Australia, Argentina and Atomization
Clyde Griffen Fairburn's New Zealand From a Vantage of North American Studies
Raewyn Dalziel Emigration and Kinship: Migrants to New Plymouth 1840-1843
Caroline Daley Taradale Meets the Ideal Society and its Enemies
Duncan Mackay The Orderly Frontier: The World of the Kauri Bushmen 1860-1925
Miles Fairburn A Discourse on Critical Method

The New Zealand Journal of History is published twice yearly, in April and October, by the University of Auckland.

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