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Vol. X. 1901.
WELLINGTON. N. Z.: PRINTED FOR THE SOCIETY BY WHITCOMBE AND TOMBS LIMITED, LAMBTON QUAY. AGENT FOR AMERICA: REV. S. D. PEET, EDITOR OF “THE AMERICAN ANTIQUARY,” CHICAGO. 1901. Reprinted with the permission of The Polynesian Society JOHNSON REPRINT CORPORATION 111 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10003 Johnson Reprint Company Limited Berkeley Square House, London, W. 1
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First reprinting, 1965, Johnson Reprint Corporation

Printed in the United States of America

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    No. 37.—March, 1901.
  • PAGE
  • Constitution of Society, List of Officers and Members v-ix
  • Annual Meeting x
  • Annual Report of the Council x
  • Balance Sheet xii
  • Spiritual Concepts of the Maori. By Elsdon Best, of Rua-tahuna, Tuhoeland. Part II 1
  • Wars of the Northern against the Southern Tribes of New Zealand. By S. Percy Smith. Part VI 21
  • The Mapia Islands 50
  • Tahitian Folk-Lore 51
  • More about Fire-Walking 53
  • Notes and Queries. 132, 133, 134, 135 55
  • Proceedings of the Society 56
    No. 38.—June, 1901.
  • The Formative Suffixes of the Oceanic Family of Languages. By the Rev. Dr. D. Macdonald, Efate, New Hebrides 57
  • Maori Traditions from D'Urville Island, New Zealand. By Archdeacon Grace 65
  • Short Traditions of the South Island of New Zealand 72
  • Wars of the Northern against the Southern Tribes of New Zealand. By S. Percy Smith. Part VII 78
  • Ka Whawhai a Kai-Tahu ki a Kati-Toa. Na Taare Te Kahu i korero, na Taare Parata i tuhituhi 89
  • The Wars of Kai-Tahu (Ngi-Tahu) with Kati-Toa (Ngati-Toa). Dictated by Taare Wetere Te Kahu to Taare Parata 94
  • The Vigesimal System of Enumeration. By Cyrus Thomas 101
  • Obituary 103
  • Notes and Queries. 136, 137 104
  • Proceedings of the Society 105
    No. 39.—September, 1901.
  • Te Whanga-nui-a-Tara. Wellington in Pre-Pakeha Days. By Elsdon Best 107
  • Legend of Tama-Ahua. (A South Island Version). By F. Martin 166
  • Niuē, or Savage Island. By W.H.S. 168
  • Notes and Queries. 138, 139 169
  • Proceedings of the Society 170
    No. 40.—December, 1901.
  • The Polynesian Numerals, “One, Five, Ten.” By John Fraser, LL.D., Sydney. Part I 171
  • Notes on the Dialect of Niuē Island. By S. Percy Smith 178
  • Te Puna Kahawai i Motu. Na Tiimi Waata Rimini 183
  • Te Manu Aute. From Hamiora Pio of Ngati-Awa kei Te Teko 191
  • Te Tai Hauauru (or, West Coast). By Rev. T. G. Hammond 194
  • Notes and Queries. 140-147 203
  • Proceedings of the Society 207

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E. Tregear, F.R. Hst. S.


  • S. Percy Smith, F.R G.S.
  • M. Fraser.
  • W. L. Newman.
  • Rev. F. A. Bennett
  • W. H. Skinner.
  • W. Kerr.

Joint Hon. Secretaries, and Treasurers, and Editors of Journal:

S. Percy Smith and W. H. Skinner.

THE Society is formed to promote the study of the Anthropology, Ethnology, Philology, History and Antiquities of the Polynesian races, by the publication of an official journal, to be called “The Journal of the Polynesian Society” and by the collection of books, manuscripts, photographs, relics, and other illustrations.

The term “Polynesia” is intended to include Australia, New Zealand, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Malaysia, as well as Polynesia proper.

Candidates for admission to the Society shall be admitted on the joint recommendation of a member of the Society and a member of the Council, and on the approval of the Council.

Every person elected to membership shall receive immediate notice of the same from the Secretaries, and shall receive a copy of the rules; and on payment of his subscription of one pound shall be entitled to all the benefits of membership. Subscriptions are payable in advance, on the 1st January of each year, or on election.

Papers will be received on any of the above subjects if sent through a member. Authors are requested to write only on one side of the paper, to use quarto paper, and to leave one inch margin on the left-hand side, to allow of binding. Proper names should be written in ROMAN TYPE.

The office of the Society is at present at NEW PLYMOUTH, New Zealand.

The price of back numbers of the Journal, to members, is 2s. 6d.

Vols. i, ii, and iii are out of print.

Members and exchanges are requested to note the change in the Society's Office, to which all communications, books, exchanges, &c., should be sent, addressed to the Hon. Secretaries.

- vi
1st January, 1901.

The sign * before a name indicates an original member or founder.

As this list will be published annually, the Secretaries would feel obliged if members will supply any on issions, or notify change of residence.

  • Liliuokalani, ex-Queen of Hawaii, Honolulu, Sandwich Islands
  • Rev R. H. Codrington, D.D., Wadhurst Rectory, Sussex, England
  • Rev. Prof. A. H. Sayce, M.A., Queen's College, Oxford, England
  • Hon. J. G. Ward, M.H.R., Wellington, N.Z.
  • Sir James Hector, K.C.M.G., F.R.S., Wellington, N.Z.
  • Professor H. H. Giglioli, Florence, Italy
  • Prof. Otis T. Mason, A.M., Ph.D., Smithsonian Institution, National Museum, Washington, U.S A.
  • Rev. T. G. Hammond, Patea, Taranaki, N.Z.
  • W. Te Kahui Kararehe, Rahotu, Taranaki, N.Z.
  • Te One Rene Rawiri Te Mamaru, Moeraki, Otago. N.Z.
  • Rev. Mohi Turei. Waiapu, N.Z.
  • Takaanui-Tarakawa, Te Puke, Maketu, N.Z.
  • Karipa-Te-Whetu, Whangarae, Croixelles, Nelson, N.Z.
  • Tiwai Paraone, Miranda, Auckland, N.Z.
  • Aporo-Te-Kumeroa, Greytown, N.Z.
  • F. W. Christian, Tenterfield House, Putney Hill, London, S.W.
  • Hare Hongi, Hawera, N.Z.
  • Wiremu Kauika, Waitotara N.Z.
  • Tati Salmon, Papara, Tahiti.
  • Pa-ariki, Ngatangiia, Rarotonga.
  • Rev. J. E. Moultan, Newington College, Stanmore, Sydney.
  • Nicholas, H., Rarotonga Island.
  • * Atkinson, A. S., F.L.S., Nelson, N.Z.
  • * Adams, C. W., Survey Office, Blenheim, N.Z.
  • * Alexander, Dr. E. W., F.R.G.S., Dunedin, N.Z.
  • * Alexander, Hon. W. D., F.R.G.S., Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands
  • Aldred, W. A., Timaru, N.Z.
  • Atkinson, Ronald, Wellington, N.Z.
  • Aitken, J. G. W., Wellington, N.Z.
  • Atkinson, W. E., Whanganui, N.Z.
  • * Broderick, T. N., Timaru, N.Z.
  • * Birch, W. J., Marton, N.Z.
  • * Blair, J. R., Terrace, Wellington, N.Z.
  • * Barron, A., Survey Department, Wellington, N,Z.
  • * Best, Elsdon, Rua-tahuna. Rotorua, N.Z.
  • * Bishop, Hon. C. R., Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands
  • Buller, Sir W. L., K.C.M.G.. F.R.S., Terrace, Wellington, N.Z.
  • Bate, A. T.. Wellington, N.Z.
  • Battley, R. T., Moawhango, N.Z.
  • Bamford, E., Auckland, N.Z.
  • Benn, H. R., Puddleston Court, Leominster, England.
  • Bettany, J. H., Marton, N.Z.
  • - vii
  • Buchanan, W. C., M.H.R., Carterton, N.Z.
  • Beetham, W., Masterton, N.Z.
  • Billings, Dr. J. S., Director New York Public Library, New York
  • Burnett, Frank, Vancouver
  • Brodwick, W T., Omaramutu, Opotiki, N.Z.
  • Blackwood, L., Inspector of Machinery, Auckland, N.Z.
  • Brown, Rev. C. Crisp, Te Ngae, Rotorua, N.Z.
  • Bennett, Rev. F. A., Bell Block, New Plymouth, N.Z.
  • British and Foreigh Bible Society, 114, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C.
  • Browne, A., Rarotonga
  • * Chapman, F. R., Dunedin, N.Z.
  • * Cowie, Right Rev. W. G., D.D., Primate of N.Z., Bishopscourt. Auckland N.Z.
  • * Carroll, A., M.A., M.D., Denbeigh Ho., Koogarrah, Sydney, N.S.W.
  • * Chalmers, Rev. James, F.R.G.S., Thursday Island, New Guinea
  • * Crompton, A., Port Adelaide, Adelaide, S.A.
  • * Carkeek, Morgan, Otaki, N.Z.
  • Claxton, Rev. A. E., Chung King, Hankow, China
  • Chambers, W. K., Repongaere, Gisborne, N.Z.
  • Carter, H. C., 233 Fifth Avenue, New York
  • Comins, Archdeacon R. Blundell, Norfolk Island
  • Chapman, M., Wellington, N.Z.
  • Cooper, Rev. E. V., Leone, Tutuila, Samoa
  • Caddick, Miss H., c/o A. Caddick, Esq., Glenfield, Sutton Coalfield, England
  • Cooper, His Honour Theo., Wellington, N.Z.
  • Castle, G. P., Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands
  • Churchill, W., 165, Rodney Street, Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S.A.
  • Compton, Rev. A. W. H., Opunake, N.Z.
  • Cooke, J. P., Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Coates, J., Wellington, N.Z.
  • Corkill, J. P., New Plymouth, N.Z.
  • * Denniston, The Hon. J. E., Christchurch, N.Z.
  • Davies, Henry, Napier, N.Z.
  • D'Albertis, Captain, E. A., Mortegalleto, Genoa, Italy
  • Dulau & Co., 37, Soho Square, London
  • * Emerson, J. S., Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands
  • Emerson, Dr. N. B., Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands
  • Ewen, C. A., Wellington, N.Z.
  • Edger, F. H., Judge N.L.C., Auckland, N.Z.
  • * Fraser, J., LL.D., West Maitland, N.S.W.
  • * Fraser, D., Bulls, Rangitikei, Wellington, N.Z.
  • Friedlander, R., Carlstrasse 11. Berlin, N.W.
  • Friedlaender, Dr. B., Regenten Strasse 8, Berlin, W.
  • Fletcher, Rev. H. J., Taupo, N.Z.
  • Forbes, E. J., 8, Spring Street, Sydney, N.S.W.
  • Fraser, M., New Plymouth, N.Z.,
  • Fisher, T. W., New Plymouth, N.Z.
  • Frear, Judge, W. F., Honolulu, Hawaii
  • * Gold-Smith, E. C., Survey Office, Napier, N.Z.
  • * Grace, L. M., N.L.P. Dept., Government Buildings, Wellington, N.Z.
  • * Gudgeon, Lieut.-Col. W. E., British Resident, Rarotonga
  • Gunn, Rev. W., D.D., Futuna, New Hebrides
  • Gordon, H. A., F.G.S., Auckland, N.Z.
  • Gully, H. V., Nelson, N.Z.
  • Gurr, C. W., Apia, Samoa Islands.
  • * Hursthouse, C. W., Government Buildings, Wellington, N.Z.
  • * Hocken, Dr. T. M., F.L.S., Dunedin, N.Z.
  • * Hamilton, A., Otago University, Dunedin, N.Z.
  • - viii
  • * Henry, Miss Teuira, Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands
  • Harding, R. Coupland, Wellington, N.Z.
  • Harris, Christopher, Wyndham St., Auckland, N.Z.
  • Hislop, J., Hawera, N.Z.
  • Harper, W. R., Holden St., Ashfield, Sydney, N.S.W.
  • Hutchin, Rev. J. J. K., Rarotonga.
  • Hastie, Miss J. A., 11, Ashburn Place, Cromwell Road, London
  • Hutton, Capt. F. W., F.R S., Christchurch, N.Z.
  • Hoare. W. R. H.B.M. Consul, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Hughes. R. C., New Plymouth, N.Z.
  • Hoby, A., Wellington, N.Z.
  • Iorns, William, Masterton, N.Z.,
  • * Johnston, Dr. D. G., Carterton, N.Z.
  • * Johnston, H. Dunbar, Judge N.L. Court, Auckland, N.Z.
  • Jackson, F. Arthur, M.B.A.Asso., F.I.Inst., Jackson Dale, Fiji Islands
  • Jollie, Mrs., Edinboro Road, Riccarton, Christchurch, N.Z.
  • * Kenny, Hon. C. W. A. T., M.L.C., Picton, N.Z.
  • * Kensington, W. C., Survey Office, Auckland, N.Z.
  • Kühl, W. H., W-Jäger Strasse. 73, Berlin
  • King, John, Gisborne, N.Z.
  • Kerr, W., New Plymouth, N.Z.
  • * Lawrence, Rev. W. N., Aitutaki Island, Rarotonga
  • * Large, J. T., Aitutaki Island, Rarotonga
  • * Laing, R. M., M.A., High School, Christchurch, N.Z.
  • Leggatt, Rev. T. W. Watt, Malikula. New Hebrides
  • Lambert, H. A., Tane, Pahiatua, N.Z.
  • Leslie, G., Government Insurance Department, Wellington, N.Z.
  • Lethbridge. F. Y., M.H.R., Feilding, N.Z.
  • * Marshall, W S., Pemberton, Wellington, N.Z.
  • * Moss, F. J., Auckland, N.Z.
  • * Morpeth, W. T.. Survey Department, New Plymouth, N.Z.
  • * Major, C. E., Hawera, N.Z.
  • * MacDonald, Rev. Dr. D., Efate, New Hebrides
  • * Mackay, A., Judge N.L.C., Wellington, N.Z.
  • Mitchell, F. J., Home Rule, Mudgee, N.S.W.
  • McArthur, J. P., McArthur & Co., Sydney, N.S.W.
  • Mackay, A. W., Captain, Goulburn, N.S.W.
  • March, H. Colley, M.D., F.S.A., Portesham, Dorchester, England
  • Mair, Captain G. W., F.L.S., Thames, N.Z.
  • Maginnis, Craig, 29, Carmel's Gardens, Upper Richmond Road, Putney, London, S W
  • McCullock, W. F., Fairmount Park, Hawthorne, Victoria
  • Marshall, J. W., Marton, N.Z.
  • Marshall, H. H., Marton, N.Z.
  • Mason. Dr. J. M., Otaki, N.Z.
  • McNab, R., M.H.R., Gore, N.Z.
  • Maunsell, R., Masterton, N.Z.
  • Maclaurin, Professor, Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z.
  • Mahupuku, Hamiora, Papawai, Wairarapa, N.Z.
  • Martin, Josiah, F.G.S., Auckland, N.Z.
  • Mackintosh, Rev. A., Honolulu, Hawaii
  • McKenzie, Rev. J., St. Andrew's Manse, Christchurch, N.Z.
  • * Nelson, C. E., Rotorua, Auckland, N.Z.
  • Nathan, D. J., Wellington, N.Z.
  • Newell, Rev. J. E., Malua, Apia,
  • Nairn, F. E., Hastings, H.B., N.Z.
  • Ngata, A. T., M.A., LL.B., Auckland, N.Z.
  • Newman, E., Cheltenham, England
  • Newman, W. L., New Plymouth, N.Z.
- ix
  • Oahu College, Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands
  • * Phillips, Coleman, Featherston, N.Z.
  • * Pope, J. H., Education Department, Wellington, N.Z.
  • Pratt, T., M.H.R., Waikouaiti, Otago, N.Z.
  • Pritt, Archdeacon, F. G., Gairlock, Brisbane, Queensland
  • Partington, J. Edge, F.R.G.S., British Museum, London, England
  • * Rutland, Joshua, Canvastown, Marlborough, N.Z.
  • * Roy, R. B., Taita, Wellington, N.Z.
  • Redwood, J. H., Blenheim, N.Z.
  • Reweti, Ru, Whanganui, N.Z.
  • * Smith, W. W., F.E.S., Ashburton, Canterbury, N.Z.
  • * Shand, A., Chatham Islands
  • * Smith, H. G. Seth, M.A., Auckland, N.Z.
  • * Smith, F. S., Kaikoura, N.Z.
  • * Smith, M. C., Survey Department, Wellington. N.Z.
  • * Smith, S. Percy, F.R.G.S., New Plymouth, N.Z.
  • * Stout, Hon. Sir R., K.C.M.G., Chief Justice, Wellington, N.Z.
  • * Skinner. W. H., Survey Department, New Plymouth, N.Z.
  • Saxton, Henry Waring, F.L.S., New Plymouth, N.Z.
  • Scannell, D., Judge N.L.C., Auckland, N.Z.
  • Smith, T. H., Grafton Road, Auckland, N.Z.
  • Scott, Prof. J. H., M.D., F R.S.E., Otago University, Dunedin, N.Z.
  • Stainton, W., Rongomai, Pahiatua, N.Z.
  • Smith, Hon. W. O., Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands
  • * Tregear, E., F.R.Hist.S., Wellington, N.Z.
  • * Tone, N. J., Wellington, N.Z.
  • * Testa, F. J., Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands
  • Turnbull, A. H., Bowen Street, Wellington, N.Z.
  • Trimble, W. H., Survey Department, Dunedin, N.Z.
  • Tinline, J., Nelson, N.Z.
  • * Webster, J., Hokianga, N.Z.
  • * Wilkinson, G. T., Otorohanga, Auckland, N.Z.
  • * Wheeler, W. J., Whanganui, N.Z.
  • * Weetman, S., F.R.G.S., Christchurch, N.Z.
  • * Williams, Right Rev. W. L., B.A., Bishop of Waiapu, Napier, N.Z.
  • * Wilson, D. C., Whangarei, Auckland, N.Z.
  • * Wright, A. B., Survey Department, Auckland, N.Z.
  • Williams. Rev. H. W., Gisborne, N.Z.
  • Williams, J. N., Frimley, Hastings, Hawke's Bay, N.Z.
  • White, Taylor, Wimbledon, Hawke's Bay, N.Z.
  • Wilson, A., Survey Office, Auckland, N.Z.
  • Wilcox, Hon. G. N., Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
  • Watt, Rev. W., Tanna, New Hebrides
  • Watt, F. F., Rotorua, N.Z.
  • Williams, F. W., Napier, N,Z.
  • Wallis, F., Right Rev., Bishop of Wellington. N.Z.
  • Woodworth, W. McM., Museum Comp. Zoology, Cambridge, Mass., U.S.A.
  • * Young, J. L., Lingwood, Strathfield, Sydney, N.S.W.
- x

THE adjourned annual meeting was held at the Lecture Room, Museum, Wellington, on the 27th February, 1901, Mr. C. A. Ewen, in the chair.

The annual report and accounts for the past year were read and passed.

It was moved by Mr. N. J. Tone, seconded by Mr. Tregear, and carried, “That the headquarters of the Society be removed to New Plymouth.”

The following officers for the year 1901 were then elected: President, Mr. E. Tregear; Council, Messrs. M. Fraser, W. Kerr, W. L. Newman, and the Rev. J. A. Bennett. Mr. W. H. Skinner was elected one of the Hon. Secretaries (also ex officio a member of the Council), and Mr. H. W. Saxton elected Hon. Auditor.

A hearty vote of thanks to Mr. Tone for his valuable services as acting Secretary was carried, together with one to the Chairman, which concluded the business.

Presented at the annual meeting, 27th February, 1901, in terms of Rule No. 13.

DURING the past year nothing of particular importance has characterised the proceedings of the Society, consequently the report of the Council will be brief.

So far as is at present known we have lost only one member by death, but that member was a man well known to the scientific world. Professor the Right Hon. F. Max Müller, M A., P.C., F.R.S., of Oxford, England, one of our honorary members, died during the year, and in him we have lost one whose name has become illustrious in the annals of philology and literature.

We have also lost eight members through resignation, and several others have been struck off the Roll for non-payment of their subscriptions. On the other hand eighteen new members have been elected, and three more names await the next meeting of the Council. The present strength of the Society is as follows:—

Ordinary Members 177
Life Members 6
Honorary Members 6
Corresponding Members 15
Total 204

The above figures show an increase of ten members over the numbers for the previous year, but it is probable the Council will deem it necessary to strike off some further names for non-payment of subscriptions.

- xi

The ninth volume of our Transactions—that for 1900—contains 286 pages, without Index, &c., being somewhat larger than the volume for the previous year. As has so frequently been mentioned, did our finances admit of it, the quarterly Journal might be considerably increased in size, for there is abundant matter on hand, amongst which, may be mentioned, as of chief importance, the completion of the Rarotonga history, the songs of the Marquesans, some songs of the Paumotu Islands, and H. T. Pio's nine volumes of Maori history, &c., most of which, however, awaits translation.

Our financial position is fairly satisfactory, in as much as we end the year with a credit balance, but the Council regrets that owing to the outstanding subscriptions—29 members being in arrear with their payments – they have been unable to return to Capital Account the sum of £20 borrowed to copy the Micronesian vocabularies. Our receipts were £166 14s. 2d.; disbursements, £122 2s. 1½d, leaving a balance of £44 12s. 0½d., against which is the charge for printing Journal No, 3, vol ix, amounting to £34 10s.

The principal matter which the Council desires to bring before the annual meeting is the proposal to remove the headquarters of the Society from Wellington to New Plymouth, of which notice has been given in accordance with our rules. The reasons which induce the Council to support this proposal are, that one of our secretaries who has had the principal management of our affairs has removed permanently to the latter place, and having more leisure, will be able to give more attention to the business of the Society, which cannot, it is found, be so well managed with the officers in different places. The change will really make little difference to the members—so little indeed, that the alteration will never be noticed so far as they are concerned, whilst at the same time it makes a very great difference to our officers.

The Secretaries, through the Council, desire to place on record their appreciation of and thanks for the services rendered by Mr. N. J. Tone for the business management of our affairs, owing to the absence of one of the Secretaries during the past year.

S. PERCY SMITH, Hon. Secretaries.
ED. TREGEAR, Hon. Secretaries.
- xii