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VOL. XXI. 1912.
New Plymouth, N.Z.: Printed for the Society by Thomas Avery, Devon Street. 1912. Reprinted with the permission of The Polynesian Society JOHNSON REPRINT CORPORATION 11 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10003 JOHNSON REPRINT COMPANY LTD. Berkeley Square House, London, W.1
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First reprinting, 1967, Johnson Reprint Corporation

Printed in the United States of America

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    No. 81.—March, 1912.
  • Annual Meeting of the Society i
  • Annual Report of the Council i
  • Balance Sheet iv
  • Members of the Society v
  • List of Exchanges x
  • Books, etc., received during 1911 xii
  • Index to Names of Authors of Papers, etc. xv
  • Index to Titles of Papers and Notes xxvii
  • The Tahitian Version of Tafa'i (or Tawhaki). Translated by A. Leverd 1
  • E Parau no Tafa'i 13
  • Notes and Queries—227. International Congress for Anthropology and Archæology 26
  • 228. The return of ‘Takitumu’ canoe to Rarotonga 26
  • Proceedings 27
    No. 82.—June, 1912.
  • Whiro and Toi. By Hare Hongi 29
  • Extracts from Dr. Wyatt Gill's Papers—
    • No. 18.—The Lament for Paoa of Mangaia Island 39
    • No. 19.—E tuatua teia no te taua a te Ruru ma te Aā, e nga tamaki i te tuatua i a Tu-tarangi 40
    • No. 20.—Ko Mou'a-puta, i Mo'orea 55
    • No. 21.—Te tuatua i te Tuna angai a Tangaroa ma Tongaiti 60
    • No. 22.—E tuatua kai Tangata i Rarotonga 62
  • Polynesian Linguistics: Past and Future. By Sidney H. Ray, M.A. 65
  • The Tahitian Version of the Names Ra'iatea and Taputapu-atea. By Miss Teuira Henry 77
  • Notes and Queries—229. A Wonderful Feat of Swimming 79
  • 230. Note on Noa, as a bona-fide Polynesian Name 79
  • Proceedings 81
- 4
    No. 83.—September, 1912.
  • Nga Whawhai o Mokai-Patea 83
  • He Korero Tahere-Manu no Turanga-nui 90
  • Waiata. Sung by Hana Pohio 93
  • Maui, the Demi-god and Pi'imoe 96
  • Ngati-maru and Ngati-haua. By S. Percy Smith 97
  • Miru, of the Reinga. By James Cowan 104
  • Ancient Maori Canals, Marlborough, N.Z. By W. H. Skinner 105
  • Motu-ngaio Pa, Kawhia. By W. W. Smith 109
  • Ko Tura Raua Ko Whiro 110
  • He Korero Mo Te Kuaka. Na Wiki Te Paa 117
  • Extracts from Dr. Wyatt Gill's Papers—
    • No. 23.—E tuatua no te Tupuanga o te tangata mua ki Pukapuka nei 120
    • No. 24.—Te taratara no te Tuna, no te nu oki 125
    • No. 25.—E tuatua taito no Aitutaki 128
    • No. 26.—Ko Pukenga raua ko Kuriri 129
    • No. 27.—Te Pouanga o Nukunoni 131
    • No. 28.—E tuatua no te Metua o te au rakau i to ratou Anauanga 132
  • A New Human Race. By Mr. V. Stefansson 134
  • Notes and Queries—231. Pikopiko-i-Whiti 137
  • 232. Whiro and Toi 137
  • 233. The Kuri Maori or Native Dog 137
  • 234. Ruins in the Caroline Archipelago 138
  • Proceedings 139
    No. 84.—December, 1912.
  • Maori Life on the Poutini Coast, together with some Traditions of the Natives. By H. D. Skinner 141
  • The History of ‘Horouta’ Canoe and the Introduction of the Kumara into New Zealand. Written by Mohi Turei, dictated by Pita Kapiti 152
  • Polynesian Linguistics. By Sidney H. Ray, M.A., F.R.A.I. 164
  • Contributions to South Island (N.Z.) Maori History. By Roger Buddle 173
  • “The Lore of the Whare-wānanga” 181
  • “Easter Island.—The Rapanui Speech and the Peopling of South-East Polynesia.” By William Churchill, B. A. 182
  • Notes and Queries—235. The Kuri-maori or Native Dog 184
  • 236. Dictionary of the Wallis and Futuna Islands Dialects 184
  • 237. A Possible Monumental Tiki 184
  • 238. The Maori Dog 185
  • 239. Early Mention of Potatoes 185
  • 240. Fornander's Collection of Hawaiian Traditions 185
  • Proceedings 186
- i
VOL. XXI.—1912.
ANNUAL MEETING OF THE SOCIETY, For the Year Ending 31st December, 1911.

The Annual Meeting was held at the Society's Library, Technical College, New Plymouth, on the evening of January 26th, when several members were present, and the President in the chair.

After reading the minutes of the previous Annual Meeting, and the Treasurer's accounts (which will be found below), the members proceeded to the election of officers for the ensuing year, which resulted as follows:—

  • President, S. Percy Smith (re-elected)
  • Council, F. P. Corkill (re-elected) and J. B. Roy
  • Joint Secretary and Treasurer, W. W. Smith
  • Hon. Auditor, W. D. Webster

The Annual Report and Accounts follow.

ANNUAL REPORT OF THE COUNCIL, For the Year Ending 31st December, 1911.

The Council feels in presenting its nineteenth report that there is some justification for congratulating the Society on having attained its twentieth year of existence.

On the 8th of January, 1892, some twenty gentlemen gathered together under the Chairmanship of Lieut-Col. W. E. Gudgeon, C.M.G., in the Library of the New Zealand Institute, Wellington, where the names of one hundred and twelve ladies and gentlemen were read out who had expressed a wish to join, and it was then decided to form the Society on the lines of a circular which had been sent to a large number of persons likely to take an interest in Polynesian history, traditions, languages, and cognate subjects. At that meeting officers of the new Society were appointed; they were:—Patron, H.M. Liliuokalani, Queen of Hawaii; President, H. G. Seth-Smith, Esq., M.A.; Council, The Rev. W. T. Habens, B.A.; A. Carroll, Esq., M.A., M.D.; J. R. Blair, Esq.; Elsdon Best, Esq.; E. Tregear, Esq., F.R.G.S., and S. Percy Smith, Esq., F.R.G.S., the two latter holding the joint offices of Honorary Secretaries and Honorary Treasurers. Of these gentlemen, forming the first Council, two (The Rev. W. T. Habens and Dr. Carroll) have passed over to the majority, but the others are happily still on our roll of membership. At the same meeting two Honorary Members were appointed (Sir George Grey, K.C.B., and F. D. Fenton, Esq.) both of whom are dead, and two corresponding members, of whom the Rev. T. G. Hammond is still with us. Of the one hundred and twelve original members twenty-three are known to have died, - ii and many others have left, leaving only thirty-five of the founders still on the roll. To these survivors of the original roll, the thanks of the Society as at present constituted are due for their hearty support and encouragement during the past two decades.

When the Society was started in 1892, there was not wanting on the part of some people in New Zealand, the prediction that its life would be short and inglorious; it was certainly felt by some that, even if the Society struggled into life, it would at least injure the New Zealand Institute by withdrawing some of its members. Neither of these fears have been realized, for our Society is perhaps more flourishing now, after twenty years, than it has ever been, and certainly the New Zealand Institute has not been affected by our existance.

The Society may fairly claim to have added to the sum of human knowledge in so far as it has rescued from oblivion a large amount of information regarding the Polynesian Race that, but for the columns of our “Journal” would inevitably have been lost. Our publications have offered to many writers the means of placing on record many important facts that would otherwise not have seen the light, and to those writers who have gratuitously given freely of their knowledge and time to our special work, the Society cannot be too grateful. It is proposed to publish the names of the long list of Authors and their papers with the March number of this “Journal,” a list which will be of great use to students, and form, as it were, a standpoint from which we may look back and see in concise form what has already been accomplished; and from which, let us hope, encouragement towards future efforts may be derived. For this should clearly be understood; that the work of the Society is furnishing the groundwork on which many will yet build structures the magnitude and far reaching extent of which is as yet undreamed of. We should be satisfied if we can lay the foundation of these structures well and truly. In this connection we may perhaps predict that the Maori manuscripts which have been occupying our attention for some eighteen months, in their transcription and translation, will cause somewhat of a revolution in the conception of the ideas held by a race that within so short a time ago was in the Stone age.

To turn, however. to the brief history of the transactions of the past year. They have not been marked by any very prominent feature; the “Journal” has appeared regularly each quarter, and contains a considerable amount of original matter, mostly contributed from Eastern Polynesian sources. Quite a number of articles from the collection of the late Rev. Dr. W. Wyatt Gill's papers have appeared, both in the original and in translation. We have also printed several other articles on Tahitian and Paumotuan traditions. To those who do not bring a student's knowledge to the reading of these papers, they may appear childish and uninteresting. But when the time arrives for showing the bearing these simple tales have on the history of mankind generally, it will probably cause considerable surprise, as no doubt will the statement, that they contain many of the same incidents to be found also in Celtic literature. This is not the place to indicate how these remarkable coincidences arose; suffice it to say that to him who can read between the lines, they afford the material that in the hands of competent scholars, will throw light on some of the great Ethnic movements that are as yet seen but darkly.

The late Mr. Shand's Moriori papers as originally published in our “Journal” have, thanks to the liberality of the Government, been partly reprinted, and are now available in volume form. They are the sole record of that almost defunct branch of the Polynesian race, the preservation of whose records would alone have justified the existence of the Society. To understand their importance one must again read between the lines.

- iii

It is hoped that the third volume of our Memoirs may be published during the ensuing year—they will contain the Maori MSS. already alluded to. The translation is well forward. The actual cash in hand for this purpose amounts to £155, besides some outstanding promises, which will be available whenever the money is wanted.

Our Library continues to increase, and under Mr. W. W. Smith's care is now made considerable use of. It is to be hoped that this use may be productive of of some tangible result some day, in addition to the reading for mere amusement—it certainly will in one case.

We regret to report that Mr. R. Coupland Harding is unable any longer to prepare the Index to the Annual Volume—failing eyesight is the cause. He has undertaken this onerous work for the past sixteen years, and the thanks of the Society are due to him for his labours.

Mr. W. D. Webster has continued his services to the Society, by auditing its accounts, and to him also. the thanks of the Society are due.

On the subject of the Maori Dictionary, Archdeacon W. H. Williams says:—“I have begun the typing but have not made such progress as I had hoped. On the other hand Bishop Williams was able to spend several weeks with me during the winter when we got through some useful work in the way of collating the material on hand. It has been of the greatest value to me having the advantage of his accurate knowledge of this, and we were able to deal with about one third of the whole dictionary in the time at our disposal.” It will be remembered that Bishop Williams is the author of the last Maori Dictionary published in 1892—the fourth edition of the original dictionary.

We regret to record the death of three of our members; Aporo Te Kumeroa, one of our corresponding members; Mr. C. W. Hursthouse, one of our original members, and a good Maori scholar; and Mr. W. R. Benn, of Rotorua, a member since 1895. In addition, two members have resigned. and six have been struck off for non-payment of their subscriptions. This leaves us, as at 31st December. with the following members on the roll:—

Patron 1
Honorary Members 7
Corresponding Members 16
Contributing Members 177
Total 201

These figures show an increase of one over the figures of last year, and this means that the new members elected about equal the deaths, resignations, and those struck off. It is always with great regret that the Council takes the extreme step of striking members off, but as the defaulting members are invariably wanting in the common courtesy of replying to the Secretaries' letters, and also put them to unnecessary trouble, such members cannot expect much consideration.

Our financial position is good, though there are a few members in arrear with their subscriptions. We end the year with a balance to our credit of £28 18s. 7d., as shown by the Treasurer's balance sheet attached.

- iv
- v
VOL. XXI.—1912.
As at 1st January, 1912.

The sign * before a name indicates an original member or founder.

As this list will be published annually, the Secretaries would feel obliged if members will supply any omissions, or notify change of address.

  • The Right Hon. Baron Plunket, K.C.M.G., K.C.V.O., ex-Governor of New Zealand, Old Connaught, Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland
  • Liliuokalani, ex-Queen of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaiian Isles
  • Rev. R. H. Codrington, D.D., Chichester, England
  • Rev. Prof. A. H. Sayce, M.A., Queen's College, Oxford, England
  • Right Hon. Sir J. G. Ward, Bart., K.C.M.G., P.C., LL.D., M.P., Wellington
  • H. G. Seth-Smith, M.A., Chief Judge N.L. Court of Appeal, Auckland
  • Prof. W. Baldwin Spencer, M.A., C.M.G., F.R.S., The University, Melbourne
  • Prof. A. H. Keane, LL.B., F.R.G.S., “Aram Gah,” 79, Broadhurst Gardens, South Hampstead, London, N.W.
  • * Edward Tregear, I.S.O., Wellington
  • Rev. T. G. Hammond, Opunake, Taranaki
  • Te One Rene Rawiri Te Mamaru, Moeraki, Otago
  • Rev. Mohi Turei, Port Awanui, Waiapu
  • Takaanui Tarakawa, Te Puke, Maketu
  • Tiwai Paraone, Miranda, Auckland
  • Hare Hongi, 3, Stirling Street, Wellington
  • Wiremu Kauika, Waitotara
  • Tati Salmon, Papeete, Tahiti
  • Churchill, W., B.A., Fale'ula, East 12th Street, near King's Highway, Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S.A.
  • Cognet, Rev. Claude, S.M., Otaki
  • Tunui-a-rangi, Major H. P., Pirinoa, Martinborough
  • Whatahoro, H. T., Putiki, Wanganui
  • Christian, F. W., Stafford Cottage, Sway, Hants, England
  • Waata Wiremu Hipango, Waitara
  • The Rev. C. E. Fox, San Christobal, viâ Ugi, Solomon Islands
  • S. H. Ray, M.A., F.R.A.I., 218, Balfour Road, Ilford, Surrey, England
- vi
  • 1892 *Alexander, W. D., F.R.G.S., D.Sc., Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands
  • 1894 Aldred, W. A., Bank of New Zealand, Timaru
  • 1899 Atkinson, W. E., Whanganui
  • 1908 Atkinson, A. H., Feilding
  • 1909 Angus and Robertson, 89-95 Castlereagh Street, Sydney
  • 1911 Antze, Dr. Gustav, Lampestrasse, 7, 1, Leipzig, Germany
  • 1892 *Birch, W. J., Thoresby, Marton
  • 1892 *Blair, J. R., Terrace, Wellington
  • 1892 *Barron, A., Macdonald Terrace, Wellington
  • 1892 *Best, Elsdon, Museum, Wellington
  • 1893 Battley, R. T., Moawhango
  • 1894 Bamford, E., C/o Bamford and Brown, Auckland
  • 1896 British and Foreign Bible Society, 146, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C
  • 1898 Buchanan, W. C., M.P., Carterton
  • 1902 Boston City Library, Boston, Mass., U.S.A.
  • 1907 Buick, T. Lindsay, Dannevirke
  • 1907 Brown, Prof. J. McMillan, M.A., Holmbank, Fendelton, Christchurch
  • 1907 Buck, Dr. Peter H., M.P., Health Department, Auckland
  • 1909 Bullard, G. H., Chief Surveyor, New Plymouth
  • 1910 Bruce, R. C., Ngaruru, Hunterville
  • 1910 Burnett, J. H., Virginia Homestead, St. John's Hill, Whanganui
  • 1910 Burgess, C. H., New Plymouth
  • 1911 Bird, W. W., Inspector of Native Schools, Education Dept., Wellington
  • 1911 Barton, W. A., Gisborne
  • 1892 *Chapman, The Hon., F. R., Wellington
  • 1892 Chambers, W. K., Repongaere, c/o Williams and Kettle, Gisborne
  • 1893 Carter, H. C., 475, West 143rd Street, N.Y.
  • 1894 Comins, Ven. Archdeacon R. Blundell, Norfolk Island
  • 1894 Chapman, M., Wellington
  • 1896 Cooper, The Hon. Theo., Wellington
  • 1900 Coates, J., National Bank of N.Z., Wellington
  • 1900 Cooke, J. P., c/o Alexander & Baldwin. Honolulu
  • 1901 Corkill, F. P., New Plymouth
  • 1903 Clark, Patrick, c/o Clark & McAra, Rattray Street, Dunedin
  • 1903 Chatterton, Rev. F. W., Te Rau, Gisborne
  • 1903 Cole, Ven. Archdeacon R. H., D.C.L., Bishops Court, Auckland
  • 1908 Coughlan, W. N., Waima, Hokianga
  • 1908 Carnegie Public Library, Dunedin
  • 1910 Carnegie Public Library, New Plymouth
  • 1910 Cowan, James, 2, North Terrace, Wellington
  • 1910 Cock, R., New Plymouth
  • 1892 *Denniston, The Hon. J. E., Christchurch
  • 1902 Dulau & Co., 37, Soho Square, London
  • 1902 Drummond, Jas., “Lyttelton Times” Office, Christchurch
  • 1903 Dixon, Ronald B., Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., U.S.A.
  • 1907 Davies, G. H., “Mamari,” Karori, Wellington
  • 1910 Downes, T. W., Herald Buildings, The Avenue, Whanganui
  • 1911 Drew, C. H., New Plymouth
- vii
  • 1892 *Emerson, J. S., 802, Spencer Street, Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands
  • 1894 Ewen, C. A., Commercial Union Insurance Co., Wellington
  • 1892 *Fraser, D., Bulls, Rangitikei, Wellington
  • 1896 Fletcher, Rev. H. J., Taupo
  • 1896 Friedlander, R., Karlstrasse 11, Berlin, N.W.
  • 1900 Forbes, E. J., 8, Spring Street, Sydney, N.S. W.
  • 1901 Frith, John F., Survey Office, Nelson
  • 1902 Fraser, M., New Plymouth
  • 1902 Fisher, T. W., Judge N.L.C., Under Secretory, Native Depart., Wellington
  • 1903 Fowlds, Hon. G., Auckland
  • 1906 Field Museum of Natural History, The, Chicago, U.S.A.
  • 1911 Faukner, J. T., Hastings, Hawkes Bay
  • 1892 *Gudgeon, Lieut.-Col. W. E., C.M.G., 39, King's Parade, Devonport, Auckland
  • 1892 *Gordon, H. A., F.G.S., 28, His Majesty's Arcade, Auckland
  • 1902 Gill, W. H., Marunouchi, Tokio, Japan
  • 1902 Graham, Geo., Tudor Street, Devonport, Auckland
  • 1904 Gray, M. H., A.R.S.M., F.G.S., F.R.G.S., etc., Lessness Park, Abbey-wood, Kent, England
  • 1906 Govett, C. W., New Plymouth
  • 1910 Goding, Fred W., U.S Consul, Montevedeo, Uruguay
  • 1892 *Hamilton, A., Museum, Wellington
  • 1892 *Henry, Miss Teuira, Papeete, Tahiti Island
  • 1895 Harding, R. Coupland, Wellington
  • 1898 Hastie, Miss J. A., 11, Ashburn Place, Cromwell Road, London
  • 1898 Hutchin, Rev. J. J. K., Rarotonga Island
  • 1900 Hughes, R. C., New Plymouth
  • 1906 Hannan, The Hon. H., The Hall, West Farleigh, Maidstone, Kent, England
  • 1906 Hiersemann, Karl W., Königstrasse 3, Leipzig, Germany
  • 1907 Haszard, H. D. M., F.R.G.S., Chief Surveyor, Hokitika
  • 1908 Hallen, Dr. A. H., Port Fitzroy, Great Barrier Island, Auckland
  • 1909 Hayman, F. T., Oruanui, Taupo
  • 1909 Holesworth, John, Swartmore, Havelock, Hawkes Bay
  • 1910 Hawkes Bay Philosophical Society, c/o Wilson, Craig & Co., Napier
  • 1910 Hocken, Mrs. T. M., c/o Smith & Quick, Water Street, Dunedin
  • 1910 Home, Dr. George, New Plymouth
  • 1911 Heimbrod, G., F.R.A.I., Nandi P.O., via Lautoka, Fiji
  • 1911 Hows, George, F.E.S., 812, George Street, Dunedin
  • 1900 Iorns, William, Masterton
  • 1907 Institute, The Auckland, Museum, Auckland
  • 1907 Institute, The Otago, Dunedin
  • 1892 *Johnson, H. Dunbar, Judge N. L. Court, Auckland
  • 1900 James, H. L., B.A., Khandallah, Wellington
  • 1907 Jack, P.O. Box 101, Wanganui
  • 1900 Kerr, W., S.M., Wanganui
  • 1902 Kelly, Hon. T., M.L.C., New Plymouth
  • 1905 Kaiserliche Governement, Apia, Samoa
  • 1910 King, Newton, Brooklands, New Plymouth
- viii
  • 1892 *Large, Major J. T., Atiu Island, Rarotonga
  • 1894 Lambert, H. A., Arranmore, Makirikiri, Whanganui
  • 1900 Lethbridge, F. Y., Feilding
  • 1908 Luzac & Co., 46 Great Russell Street, London, W.C.
  • 1910 Leatham, H. B., M.R.C.S., Eng., L.R.C.P., Ed., L.S.A., Lon., New Plymouth
  • 1910 Leverd, A., Tahiti Island
  • 1911 Lysnar, W. D., Gisborne
  • 1892 *Marshall, W. S., Mangaraupi, Rata
  • 1892 *Major, C. E. Hawera
  • 1892 *Morpeth, W. T., Survey Department, Napier
  • 1893 Mackay, Captain A. W., J.P., c/o W. Walker, Esq., Vickery's Chambers, 82, Pitt Street, Sydney, N.S.W.
  • 1893 March, H. Colley, M.D., F.S.A., Portesham, Dorchester, England
  • 1897 Marshall, J. W., Tututotara, Marton
  • 1897 Marshall, H. H., Motu-kowhai, Marton
  • 1898 McNab, R., M.A. LL.B., F.R.G.S., Palmerston North
  • 1899 Martin, Josiah, F.G.S., Auckland
  • 1903 Malone, Lieut.-Col. W. G., Stratford
  • 1907 Museum, The, Christchurch
  • 1907 Minister of Internal Affairs, The Hon., Wellington
  • 1908 Maxwell, E., Opunake
  • 1911 McLeod, James, c/o Hooker & Co., New Plymouth
  • 1895 Ngata, A. T. M.A., The Hon., Government Buildings, Wellington
  • 1900 Newman, W. L., New Plymouth
  • 1902 New York Public Library, Astor Library Buildings, New York
  • 1906 Newman, Dr. A. K., Hobson Street, Wellington
  • 1892 *Phillips, Coleman, Featherston
  • 1892 *Pope, J. H., Education Department, Wellington
  • 1894 Partington, J. Edge, F.R.G.S., The Kiln House, Greywell, Odiham, Hants., England
  • 1901 Parker, J. H., New Plymouth
  • 1907 Public Library, Auckland
  • 1907 Public Library, Wellington
  • 1907 Public Library, Melbourne, Victoria
  • 1907 Public Library, Sydney, N.S.W.
  • 1907 Philosophical Institute, The, Christchurch
  • 1907 Postmaster General, The, Wellington
  • 1911 Purchas, Dr. Challinor, Carlton Gore Road, Auckland
  • 1892 *Roy, R. B., Taita, Wellington
  • 1903 Roy, J. B., New Plymouth
  • 1905 Roberts, W. H. S., Newburgh, Oamaru
  • 1892 *Smith, W. W., F.E.S., Pukekura Park, New Plymouth
  • 1892 *Smith, F. S., Blenheim
  • 1892 *Smith, M. C., Survey Department. Wellington
  • 1892 *Smith, S. Percy, F.R.G.S., New Plymouth
  • 1892 *Stout, Hon. Sir R., K.C.M.G., Chief Justice, Wellington
  • 1892 *Skinner, W. H., Chief Surveyor, Blenheim
  • 1893 Saxton, Henry Waring, F.L.S., New Plymouth
- ix
  • 1893 Scott, Prof. J. H., M.D., F.R.S E., Otago University, Dunedin
  • 1896 Smith, Hon. W. O., Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands
  • 1904 Smith, H. Guthrie, Tutira, via Napier
  • 1904 Samuel, The Hon. Oliver, M.L.C., New Plymouth
  • 1905 Schultz, Dr. Erich von, Imperial Chief Justice, Apia, Samoa
  • 1907 Secretary for Education, Wellington
  • 1910 Savage, S., Rarotonga Island
  • 1910 Steinen, Prof. Dr. Karl von den, 1 Freidrechstrasse, Steiglitz, Berlin, Germany
  • 1910 Sandford, Major F. W., Vogeltown, New Plymouth
  • 1911 Snaith, A. F., Postmaster, Taupo
  • 1892 *Testa, F. J., Honolulu
  • 1893 Turnbull, A. H., F.R.G.S., Bowen Street, Wellington
  • 1892 *Webster, J., Hokianga
  • 1892 *Williams, Right Rev. W. L., D.D., Bishop, Napier
  • 1892 *Wright, A. B., Public Works Department, Wellington
  • 1892 Williams, Archdeacon H. W., M.A., Gisborne
  • 1892 Williams, J. N., Frimley, Hastings, Hawkes Bay
  • 1892 White, Taylor, Wimbledon, Hawkes Bay
  • 1894 Wilson, A., Hangatiki, Auckland
  • 1896 Wilcox, Hon. G. N., Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
  • 1896 Williams, F. W., Napier
  • 1898 Wallis, Right Rev. F., D.D., Bishop, Wellington
  • 1898 Whitney, James L., Public Library, Dartmouth, Boston, U.S.A.
  • 1898 Woodworth, W. McM., Museum Comp. Zoology, Cambridge, Mass., U.S.A.
  • 1902 Webster, W. D., New Plymouth
  • 1903 Walker, Ernest A., M.D., New Plymouth
  • 1904 Way, Right Hon. Sir Samuel James, Bart., P.C., Chief Justice, Adelaide, S. A.
  • 1909 Wilford, T. M., M.P., Wellington
  • 1910 Weston, Claude, New Plymouth
  • 1910 Wilson, J. G., Bulls
  • 1892 *Young, J. L., c/o Henderson & Macfarlane, Auckland
    presidents (Past and Present).
  • 1892-1894—H. G. Seth-Smith, M.A.
  • 1895-1896—Right Rev. W. L. Williams, M.A., D.D.
  • 1897-1898—The Rev. W. T. Habens, B.A.
  • 1899-1900—J. H. Pope.
  • 1901-1903—E. Tregear, F.R.H.S., etc.
  • 1904-1912—S. Percy Smith, F.R.G.S.
- x

The following is the list of Societies, etc., etc., to which the Journal is sent, and from most of which we receive exchanges:—

  • Anthropologische, Ethnographishe, etc., Gesellschraft, Vienna, Austria
  • Anthropologie, Société d', 15 Rue Ecole de Medicin, Paris
  • Anthropologia Societa, Museo Nazionale di Anthropologia, Via Gino Capponi, Florence, Italy
  • Anthropologie, Ecole d', 15 Rue Ecole de Medicin, Paris
  • Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science, 5 Elizabeth Street, Sydney
  • American Antiquarian, The, Benton Harbor, Mich., U.S.A.
  • American Oriental Society, 245, Bishop Street, Newhaven, Conn., U.S.A.
  • Anthropology, Department of, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, U.S.A.
  • Asiatic Society of Bengal, 1, Park Street, Calcutta
  • Bataviaasch Genootschap, Batavia, Java
  • Bureau of American Ethnology, Smithsonian Institution, Washington
  • Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum, Honolulu, H.I.
  • Ethnological Survey, Manila, Philippine Islands
  • General Assembly Library, Wellington
  • Géographie, Société de, de Paris, Boulvard St. Germain, 184, Paris
  • Geographical Society, The American, Broadway, at 156th Street, New York
  • High Commissioner of New Zealand, 13 Victoria Street, Westminster, London, S.W.
  • Historical Society, Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands
  • Institute, The New Zealand, Wellington
  • Indian Research Society, The, 32 Creek Row, Calcutta
  • Japan Society, 20 Hanover Square, London, W.
  • Kongl, Vitterhets Historie, och Antiqvitets, Akademen, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Koninklijk Instituut, 14 Van Galenstraat, The Hague, Holland
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