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VOL. XXIII. 1914.
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    NO. 89.—MARCH, 1914.
  • Annual Meeting of the Society, Annual Report and Balance Sheet i
  • Members of the Society iv
  • List of Exchanges, Books, etc., received xi
  • The Lore of the Whare-wānanga—
  • Te Kauwae-raro—Upoko VI. 1
  • Te Kauwae-raro—Chapter VI. 9
  • Review—“Stone Implements of the Maori.” By H. D. Skinner 19
  • Grammar of the Language of Ulawa, Solomon Islands. By Rev. W. G. Ivens 21
  • History of Ngati-Kahu-ngunu. By T. W. Downes 28
  • Polynesian Philology. By Edward Tregear 34
  • Tuhoe—The Children of the Mist. By Elsdon Best.
  • Chapter III. (continued) 38
  • The Hidden Teaching of the Maori. By A. C. Haddon 55
  • Notes and Queries—
  • 251. An Ancient South American, Maori and Indian Custom 58
  • Proceedings 59
    NO. 90.—JUNE, 1914.
  • The Lore of the Whare-wānanga—
  • Te Kauwae-raro—Upoko VII. 61
  • Te Kauwae-raro—Chapter VII. 70
  • Tuhoe—The Children of the Mist. By Elsdon Best.
  • Chapter III. (continued) 84
  • Review—“The Subanu.” 103
  • A Maori Arawhata. By W. W. Smith 109
  • History of Ngati-Kahu-ngunu. By T. W. Downes 111
  • Proceedings 126
    NO. 91.—SEPTEMBER, 1914.
  • The Lore of the Whare-wānanga—
  • Te Kauwae-raro—Upoko VIII. 127
  • Te Kauwae-raro—Chapter VIII. 138
  • Review—“Tehuti the Voyager.” 150
  • Polynesian Philology—A reply to Mr. Tregear. By S. H. Ray 154
  • Tuhoe—The Children of the Mist. By Elsdon Best.
  • Chapter III. (continued) 159
  • The Ancient Maori Dog. By W. H. Skinner 173
  • Pelorus Jack (Tuhi-rangi). By T. W. Downes 176
- 3
    NO. 92.—DECEMBER, 1914.
  • The Lore of the Whare-wananga—
  • Te Kauwae-raro—Upoko IX. 181
  • Te Kauwae-raro—Chapter IX. 198
  • History of Ngati-Kahu-ngunu. By T. W. Downes 219
  • Notes and Queries—
  • 252. Did the Maori indulge in the Game of Bowls? 226
  • 253. Long Voyages of the Polynesians 226
  • 254. First Discovery of the Hawaiian Islands 227
  • 255. The Story of Maui and the Sun, according to the North Borneo Natives 227
  • Proceedings 228
- i
VOL. XXIII.—1914.

THE Annual Meeting of the Society was held at the Polynesian Library, Technical College, New Plymouth, on the 3rd March, 1914. Several members and all the officers of the Society were present.

After the Annual Report was read and Accounts (which are given below) the election of officers for the year 1914 was proceeded with, and resulted as follows:—

  • President: S. Percy Smith (re-elected).
  • Council: W. L. Newman and W. W. Smith (re-elected).
  • Auditor: W. D. Webster (re-elected).

Dr. A. C. Haddon, M.A., Sc.D.F.R.S., Lecturer in Anthropology in the University of Cambridge, England, was elected an honorary member.

The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to the Acting President and Officers; moved by Major F. W. Sandford, and seconded by Mr. C. Weston.


IN presenting its Annual Report the Council has again the honour of congratulating the Society on its successful work accomplished during the past year. The ready sale of our vols. of “Memoirs” and the numerous appreciations offered to the Society from many parts of the world on its work of the last twenty-two years, augers well for a successful future for the Society. In the absence in Europe of our learned President and Editor during the past year, the Acting Editor has continued to conduct the ‘Journal’ on similar lines to those adopted by previous editors. The class of valuable papers coming to hand for publication in the ‘Journal,’ dealing with the kindred sciences pertaining to the Polynesians, shows how inexhaustible is the work to be undertaken by students of the present, and those of coming times.

During the past year we have continued to publish Mr. Percy Smith's valuable translated papers, “Te Kauwae-raro” or “ThingsTerrestrial,” being Part II. of the teachings of the Ruanukus of the ancient Maori College. When completed they will form Volume IV. of our Society's ‘Memoirs.’ The Council also intend to continue publishing Mr. Elsdon Best's “History of Tuhoeland.” When it attains completion in the pages of the ‘Journal’ it will be issued separately, and will form Volume V. of the ‘Memoirs.’ From Mr. T. W. Downes, of Whanganui, we have received the MSS. of the “History of Ngati-kahu-ngunu”—the great tribe—who, for centuries, have - ii owned and occupied the lands of the East Coast from south Wairarapa to Hawkes Bay. We intend to publish this valuable work in the ‘Journal’ from time to time and, should funds permit, reissue it as Volume VI. of the ‘Memoirs.’ It will thus be seen that the Council has abundance of very valuable literature on hand pertaining to the Maori race which it desires to publish should sufficient support be forthcoming to the special fund set apart for publishing the ‘Memoirs.’

In regard to the valuable documents treating on the history and traditions of the Marquesans the Council regrets that it cannot at present state how their translation is progressing. The gentleman who has undertaken the work, and who resides in Tahiti, is a very busy man, so it may yet be some time before the difficult work of translation is completed. Inquiries from members respecting these Marquesan MSS. show that their publication in the ‘Journal’ is being awaited with interest.

The Society's Library continues to increase apace. Notwithstanding that the Council has recently added a large case for the reception of new volumes, further additions will shortly be required to house the volumes coming to hand. At the present time no definite decision has been made respecting the purchase of a site on which to build a more commodious hall than the one now occupied by the Society.

Referring to the forthcoming Maori Dictionary, the author, Archdeacon H. W. Williams, informs us that the work is being carried on with all possible despatch. The numerous inquiries for copies of the work from several countries should be very gratifying alike to the author and to members of the Society.

There is, indeed, an ever increasing interest in the language and lore of the Maori, and other Polynesian peoples, as illustrated by the numerous letters coming to hand inquiring for books, etc., treating on some phase of their past and present life.

We again regret to report the death of several of our members. The list includes Professor W. D. Alexander, of Honolulu, the leading ethnologist and historian of the Hawaiian branch of the Polynesians; Mr. J. H. Parker, who was for seven years a member of the Council; Mr. J. H. Pope, Inspector of Native Schools, who was an excellent Maori scholar, and Mr. Augustus Hamilton, Director of the Dominion Museum, Wellington, who was also an original member, and the leading authority on Maori Art.

On the 1st January, 1914, our members were:—

Patrons 2
Honorary Members 7
Corresponding Members 15
Contributing Members 176

There were three resignations during the year, and five new members were elected. Thus the Society begins the year with two members less than on 1st January, 1913.

There has been a decrease in the receipts of about £28, due to the large amount of members' unpaid subscriptions, and to fewer sales of the Society's Journals. The Society begins the year with a credit balance at the bank of £6 6s. 8d.

The Society is again much indebted to our former Secretary, Mr. W. H. Skinner, for the compilation of the Index to Vol. XXII. of the Journal, and to Mr. W. D. Webster for auditing the Society's accounts.

- iii
- iv
VOL. XXIII.—1914.

The sign * before a name indicates an original member or founder.

As this list will be published annually, the Secretaries would feel obliged if members will supply any omission, or notify change of address.

  • The Right Hon. Baron Plunket, K.C.M.G., K.C.V.O., ex-Governor of New-Zealand. Old Connaught, Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland
  • Liliuokalani, ex-Queen of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaiian Isles
  • Rev. R. H. Codrington, D.D., Chichester, England
  • Rev. Prof. A. H. Sayce, M.A., Queen's College, Oxford, England
  • Right Hon. Sir J. G. Ward, Bart., K.C.M.G., P.C., LL.D., M.P., Wellington
  • H. G. Seth-Smith, M.A., Chief Judge N.L. Court of Appeal, Auckland
  • Prof. W. Baldwin Spencer, M.A., C.M.G., F.R.S., The University, Melbourne
  • *Edward Tregear, I.S.O., Wellington
  • Dr. A. C. Haddon, M.A., D.Sc.F.R.S., The University, Cambridge, England
  • Rev. T. G. Hammond, Opunake, Taranaki
  • Te One Rene Rawiri Te Mamaru, Moeraki, Otago
  • Rev. Mohi Turei, Port Awanui, Waiapu
  • Takaanui Tarakawa, Te Puke, Maketu
  • Tiwai Paraone, Miranda, Auckland
  • Hare Hongi, 3, Stirling Street, Wellington
  • Wiremu Kauika, Waitotara
  • Tati Salmon, Papeete, Tahiti
  • Churchill, W., B.A., Fale'ula, East 12th Street, near King's Highway, Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S.A.
  • Tunui-a-rangi, Major H. P., Pirinoa, Martinborough
  • Whatahoro, H. T., Putiki, Wanganui
  • Christian, F. W., Priestlands, Romsey, Hants, England.
  • Waata Wiremu Hipango, Waitara
  • The Rev. C. E. Fox, San Christobal, viâ Ugi, Solomon Islands
  • S. H. Ray, M.A., F.R.A.I., 218, Balfour Road, Ilford, Surrey, England
- v
  • 1894 Aldred, W. A., Bank of New Zealand, Timaru
  • 1899 Atkinson, W. E., Whanganui
  • 1908 Atkinson, A. H., Feilding
  • 1909 Angus and Robertson, 89-95 Castlereagh Street, Sydney
  • 1911 Antze, Dr. Gustav, Lampestrasse, 7, 1, Leipzig Germany
  • 1892 *Birch, W. J. Thoresby, Marton
  • 1892 *Blair, J. R., Terrace, Wellington
  • 1892 *Barron, A., Macdonald Terrace, Wellington
  • 1892 *Best, Elsdon, Museum, Wellington
  • 1893 Batley, R. T., Moawhango
  • 1894 Bamford, E., c/o Bamford and Brown, Auckland
  • 1896 British and Foreign Bible Society, 146, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C.
  • 1898 Buchanan, Sir W. C., M.P., Carterton
  • 1902 Boston City Library, Boston, Mass., U.S.A.
  • 1907 Buick, T. Lindsay, Dannevirke
  • 1907 Brown, Prof. J. McMillan, M.A.., Holmbank, Fendelton, Christchurch
  • 1907 Buck, Dr. Peter H., M.P., Health Department, Auckland
  • 1909 Bullard, G. H., Chief Surveyor, New Plymouth
  • 1910 Burnet, J. H., Virginia Homestead, St. John's Hill, Whanganui
  • 1910 Burgess, C. H., New Plymouth
  • 1911 Bird, W. W., Inspector of Native Schools, Education Dept., Wellington
  • 1911 Barton, W. A., Gisborne
  • 1913 Buddle, R., Havelock Street, Auckland
  • 1892 *Chapman, The Hon. F. R., Wellington
  • 1892 Chambers, W. K., Fujiya, Mount Smart, Onehunga
  • 1893 Carter, H. C, 475, West 143rd Street, N.Y.
  • 1894 Chapman, M., Wellington
  • 1896 Cooper, The Hon. Theo., Wellington
  • 1900 Coates, J., National Bank of N.Z., Wellington
  • 1900 Cooke, J. P., c/o Alexander and Baldwin, Honolulu
  • 1901 Corkill, F. P., New Plymouth
  • 1903 Chatterton, Rev. F. W., Te Rau, Gisborne
  • 1903 Cole, Ven. Archdeacon R. H., D.C.L., Bishops Court, Auckland
  • 1908 Coughlan, W. N., Kaukapakapa, Auckland
  • 1908 Carnegie Public Library, Dunedin
  • 1910 Carnegie Public Library, New Plymouth
  • 1910 Cowan, James, 2, North Terrace, Wellington
  • 1910 Cock, R., New Plymouth
  • 1892 *Denniston, The Hon. J. E., Christchurch
  • 1902 Dulau & Co., 37, Soho Square, London
  • 1902 Drummond, Jas., “Lyttelton Times” Office, Christchurch
  • 1903 Dixon, Roland B., Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., U.S.A.
  • 1907 Davies, G. H., “Mamari,” Karori, Wellington
  • 1910 Downes, T. W., Herald Buildings, The Avenue, Whanganui
  • 1911 Drew, C. H., New Plymouth
  • 1912 Downey, M., Te Araroa, viâ Gisborne
  • 1892 *Emerson, J. S., 802, Spencer Street, Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands
  • 1904 Ewen, C. A., Commercial Union Insurance Co., Wellington
- vi
  • 1892 *Fraser, D., Bulls, Rangitikei, Wellington
  • 1896 Fleteher, Rev. H. J., Taupo
  • 1900 Forbes, E. J., 8, Spring Street, Sydney, N.S.W.
  • 1901 Frith, John F., Survey Office, Nelson
  • 1902 Fraser, M., New Plymouth
  • 1902 Fisher, T. W., Judge N.L.C., Under Secretary, Native Depart., Wellington
  • 1903 Fowlds, Hon. G., Auckland
  • 1906 Field Museum of Natural History, The, Chicago, U.S.A.
  • 1912 Fisher, Mrs. Lillian S., 560, Hancock Street, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.
  • 1912 Fisher, F. Owen, c/o “Safe Deposit,” Chancery Lane, London
  • 1913 Fildes, H., Chief Post Office, Wellington
  • 1892 *Gudgeon, Lieut.-Col. W. E., C.M.G., 39, King's Parade Devonport, Auckland
  • 1892 *Gordon, H. A., F.G.S., Ben Lomond, Ranfurly Road, Epsom, Auckland
  • 1902 Gill, W. H., Marunouchi, Tokio, Japan
  • 1902 Graham, Geo., Tudor Street, Devonport, Auckland
  • 1904 Gray, M. H., A.R.S.M., F.G.S., F.R.G.S., etc., Lessness Park, Abbey-wood, Kent, England
  • 1906 Govett, C. W,, New Plymouth
  • 1910 Goding, Fred W., U.S. Consul General, Guayaquil, Ecuador
  • 1913 Gray, A., Technical College, New Plymouth
  • 1892 *Henry, Miss Teuira, Papeete, Tahiti Island
  • 1895 Harding, R. Coupland, Wellington
  • 1898 Hastie, Miss J. A., 11, Ashburn Place, Cromwell Road, London
  • 1906 Haunen, The Hon. H., The Hall, West Farleigh, Maidstone, Kent, England
  • 1906 Hiersemann, Karl W., Königstrasse 3, Leipzig, Germany
  • 1907 Haszard, H. D. M., F.R.G.S., Chief Surveyor, Hokitika
  • 1908 Hallen, Dr. A. H., Clevedon, Auckland
  • 1909 Hayman, F. T., Oruanui, Taupo
  • 1909 Holdsworth, John, Swarthmoor, Havelock, Hawkes Bay
  • 1910 Hawkes Bay Philosophical Society, c/o Wilson, Craig & Co.,Napier
  • 1910 Hocken, Mrs. T. M., c/o Smith & Quick, Water Street, Dunedin
  • 1910 Home, Dr. George, New Plymouth
  • 1911 Heimbrod, G., F.R.A.I., Lautoka, Fiji
  • 1911 Henniger,Julius, Survey Staff, Apia, Samoa
  • 1914 Harrassowitz, O., Leipzig
  • 1907 Institute Museum, The Auckland, Auckland
  • 1907 Institute, The Otago, Dunedin
  • 1892 *Johnson, H. Dunbar, Judge N. L. Court, Auckland
  • 1907 Jack, J. B., P.O. Box 101, Whanganui
  • 1900 Kerr, W., S.M., Whanganui
  • 1902 Kelly, Thomas, New Plymouth
  • 1905 Kaiserliches Gouvernement, Apia, Samoa
  • 1910 King, Newton, Brooklands, New Plymouth
  • 1892 *Large, Major J. T., Atiu Island, Rarotonga
  • 1894 Lambert, H. A., Belmont, Tayforth, Whanganui
  • 1900 Lethbridge, F. Y., Feilding
  • 1908 Luzac & Co., 46 Great Russell Street, London, W.C.
- vii
  • 1914 Luzac, J, C.
  • 1910 Leatham, H. B., M.R.C.S., Eng., L.R.C.P., Ed., L.S.A., London, New Plymouth
  • 1910 Leverd, A., Tahiti Island
  • 1911 Lysnar, W. D., Gisborne
  • 1913 List, T. C, New Plymouth
  • 1892 *Major, C. E., Auckland
  • 1893 March, H. Colley, M.D., F.S.A., Portesham, Dorchester, England
  • 1897 Marshall, J. W., Tututotara, Marton
  • 1897 Marshall, H. H., Motu-kowhai, Marton
  • 1912 Marsden, J. W., Isel, Stoke, Nelson
  • 1898 McNab, R., M.A., LL.B., F.R.G.S., Palmerston North
  • 1903 Malone, Lieut.-Col. W. G., Stratford
  • 1907 Minister of Internal Affairs, The Hon., Wellington
  • 1911 McGregor, Gregor, Whanganui
  • 1895 Ngata, A. T., M.A., The Hon., Government Buildings, Wellington.
  • 1900 Newman, W. L., New Plymouth
  • 1902 New York Public Library, Astor Library Buildings, New York
  • 1906 Newman, Dr. A. K., Hobson Street, Wellington
  • 1894 Partington, J. Edge, F.R.G.S., The Kiln House, Greywell, Odiham, Hants.,England
  • 1907 Public Library, Auckland
  • 1907 Public Library, Wellington
  • 1907 Public Library, Melbourne, Victoria
  • 1007 Public Library, Sydney, N.S.W.
  • 1907 Philosophical Institute, The, Christchurch
  • 1907 Postmaster General, The, Wellington
  • 1911 Purchas, Dr. Challinor, Carlton Gore Road, Auckland
  • 1913 Potts, Norman, Opotiki
  • 1892 *Roy, R. B., Taita, Wellington
  • 1903 Roy, J. B., New Plymouth
  • 1905 Roberts, W. H. S., Newburgh, Oamaru
  • 1892 *Smith, W. W., F.E.S., Pukekura Park, New Plymouth
  • 1892 *Smith, F. S., Blenheim
  • 1892 *Smith. M. C, Survey Department, Wellington
  • 1892 *Smith, S. Percy, F.R.G.S., New Plymouth
  • 1892 *Stout, Hon. Sir R., K.C.M.G., Chief Justice, Wellington
  • 1892 *Skinner, W. H., Chief Surveyor, Napier
  • 1893 Saxton, Henry Waring, F.L.S., New Plymouth
  • 1896 Smith, Hon. W. O., Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands
  • 1904 Smith, H. Guthrie, Tutira, via Napier
  • 1904 Samuel, The Hon. Oliver, M.L.C., New Plymouth
  • 1905 Schultz, Dr. Erich von, Imperial Chief Justice, Apia, Somoa
  • 1907 Secretary for Education, Wellington
  • 1910 Savage, S., Rarotonga Island
  • 1910 Steinen, Prof. Dr. Karl von den, 1 Freidrechstrasse, Steglitz, Berlin,Germany
  • 1910 Sandford, Major F. W., Vogeltown, New Plymouth
- viii
  • 1911 Snaith, A. F., Postmaster, Taupo
  • 1914 Spence, J. R., Blenheim
  • 1892 *Testa, F. J., Honolulu
  • 1893 Turnbull, A. H., F.R.G.S., Bowen Street, Wellington
  • 1913 Tribe, F. H., Vogeltown, New Plymouth
  • 1911 Vibaued, Rev. J. M., Hiruharama, Whanganui
  • 1892 *Williams, Right Rev. W. L., D.D., Bishop, Napier
  • 1892 *Wright, A. B., Public Works Department, Blenheim
  • 1892 Williams, Archdeacon, H. W., M.A., Gisborne
  • 1892 Williams, J. N., Frimley, Hastings, Hawkes Bay
  • 1892 White, Taylor, Wimbledon, Hawkes Bay
  • 1894 Wilson, A., Hangatiki, Auckland
  • 1896 Wilcox, Hon. G. N., Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
  • 1896 Williams, F. W., Napier
  • 1898 Whitney, James L., Public Library, Dartmouth, Boston, U.S.A.
  • 1898 Woodworth, W. McM., Museum Comp. Zoology, Cambridge, Mass., U.S.A.
  • 1902 Webster, W. D., New Plymouth
  • 1903 Walker, Ernest A., M.D., New Plymouth
  • 1904 Way, Right Hon. Sir Samuel James, Bart., P.C., Chief Justice, Adelaide
  • 1909 Wilford, T. M., M.P., Wellington
  • 1910 Weston, Claude, New Plymouth
  • 1910 Wilson, J. G., Bulls
  • 1911 Wilson, T. H., Judge N.L. Court, Deville Road, Hutt, Wellington
  • 1912 Westervelt, Rev. W. D., Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands
  • 1913 Wheeler, W. J., “Lister,” Milton Road, Mt. Eden, Auckland
  • 1913 Whitcombe and Tombs, Wellington
  • 1892 *Young, J. L., c/o Henderson and Macfarlane, Auckland
    PRESIDENTS—Past and Present
  • 1892-1894—H. G. Seth-Smith, M.A.
  • 1895-1896—Right Rev. W. L. Williams, M.A., D.D.
  • 1897-1898—The Rev. W. T. Habens, B.A.
  • 1901-1903—E. Tregear, F.R.H.S., etc.
  • 1904-1914—S. Percy Smith, F.R.G.S.
- ix

THE following is the list of Societies, etc., etc., to which the JOURNAL is sent, and from most of which we receive exchanges:—

  • Anthropologische, Ethnographishe, etc., Gesellschraft, Vienna, Austria
  • Anthropologie, Société d', 15 Rue Ecole de Medicin, Paris
  • Anthropologia Societa, Museo Nazionale di Anthropologia, Via Gino Capponi, Florence, Italy
  • Anthropologie, Ecole d', 15 Rue Ecole de Medicin, Paris
  • Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science, 5 Elizabeth Street, Sydney
  • American Antiquarian, The, Benton Harbor, Mich., U.S.A.
  • American Oriental Society, 245, Bishop Street, Newhaven, Conn., U.S.A.
  • American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, U.S.A.
  • Anthropology, Department of, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, U.S.A.
  • Asiatic Society of Bengal, 1. Park Street, Calcutta
  • Bataviaasch Genootschap, Batavia, Java
  • Bureau of American Ethnology, Smithsonian Institution, Washington
  • Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum, Honolulu, H.I.
  • Ethnological Survey, Manila, Philippine Islands
  • General Assembly Library, Wellington
  • Géographie, Société de, de Paris, Boulevard St. Germain, 184, Paris
  • Geographical Society, The American, Broadway, at 156th Street, New York
  • High Commissioner of New Zealand, 13 Victoria Street, Westminster, London
  • Historical Society, Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands
  • Institute, The New Zealand, Wellington
  • Indian Research Society, The, 32 Creek Row, Calcutta
  • Japan Society, 20 Hanover Square, London, W.
  • Kol Museum fur Volkenkunde, Berlin
  • Kongl, Vitterhets Historie, och Antiqvitets, Akademen, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Koninklijk Instituut, 14 Van Galenstraat, The Hague, Holland
  • Na Mata, Editor, Suva, Fiji
  • National Museum Library, Washington, U.S.A.
  • Peabody Museum of Archæology and Ethnology, Harvard University, Cambridge, U.S.A.
- x
  • Queensland Museum, Brisbane, Queensland
  • Royal Anthropological Society of Australia, Box 1,446, G.P.O., Sydney
  • Royal Geographical Society, Kensington Gore, London, S.W.
  • Royal Geographical Society of Australasia, Brisbane
  • Royal Geographical Society of Australasia, c/o G. Collingridge, Warongr, N.S.W.
  • Royal Geographical Society of Australasia, 70, Queen Street, Melbourne
  • Royal Geographical Society of Australasia, Adelaide
  • Royal Society, Burlington House, London
  • Royal Society of New South Wales, 5 Elizabeth Street, Sydney
  • Royal Colonial Institute, Northumberland Avenue, London
  • Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain, The, 50 Great Russell Street, London, W.
  • Smithsonian Institution, Washington
  • Société Neuchateloise de Geographie, Neuchatel, Switzerland
  • University of California, Library Exchange Department, Berkeley, California
- xi
  • ‘The American Antiquarian.’ January to December.
  • ‘Oud Javaansohe’ by Dr. J. L. A. Brandes.
  • ‘The Museum Journal.’ Philadelphia. March, June, September.
  • Royal Colonial Institute. ‘United Empire.’January to December.
  • The Japan Society. ‘Transactions and Proceedings.’ Vol. x.
  • Hawaiian Annual Report. ‘Twentieth Annual Report,’ 1912.
  • American Oriental Society. ‘Journal.’ Vols, xxxiii. and xxxiv.
  • American Geographical Society ‘Bulletin.’
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- xii
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  • ‘The Phonetic Elements of the Northern Paiute Language.’
  • ‘Phonetic Elements of the Mohave Language.’
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