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Vol. ii.
WELLINGTON PRINTED FOR THE SOCIETY BY LYON AND BLAIR, LAMBTON QUAY. PUBLISHED BY E. A. PETHERICK, 33 PATERNOSTER ROW, LONDON. 1893. Reprinted with the permission of The Polynesian Society JOHNSON REPRINT CORPORATION 111 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10003 Johnson Reprint Company Limited Berkeley Square House, London, W. 1
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First reprinting, 1965, Johnson Reprint Corporation

Printed in the United States of America

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Her Majesty Liliuokalani, Queen of Hawaii.


His Honor H. G. Seth-Smith, M.A.1

(Chief Judge of the Native Land Court.)


(Elected 8th January, 1892.)

  • The Rev. W. J. Habens, B.A.
  • J. H. Baker2
  • G. H. Davies*
  • Elsdon Best
  • E. Tregear, F.R.G.S., F. R. Hist. S.
  • S. Percy Smith, F.R.G.S.

Joint Hon. Secretaries, and Treasurers, and Editors of Journal:

Ed. Tregear and S. Percy Smith.

THE Society is formed to promote the study of the Anthropology, Ethnology, Philology, History and Antiquities of the Polynesian races, by the publication of an official journal, to be called “The Journal of the Polynesian Society;” and by the collection of books, manuscripts, photographs, relics, and other illustrations.

The term “Polynesia” is intended to include Australia, New Zealand, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Malaysia, as well as Polynesia proper.

Candidates for admission to the Society shall be admitted on the joint recommendation of a member of the Society and a member of the Council, and on the approval of the Council.

Every person elected to membership shall receive immediate notice of the same from the Secretaries, and shall receive a copy of the rules; and on payment of his subscription of one pound shall be entitled to all the benefits of membership. Subscriptions are payable in advance, on the 1st January of each year.

Papers will be received on any of the above subjects if sent through a member. Authors are requested to write only on one side of the paper, to use quarto paper, and to leave one inch margin on the left-hand side, to allow of binding. Proper names should be written in ROMAN TYPE.

The office of the Society is at present Box 188, Post Office, Wellington, New Zealand.

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(A * before a name signifies an original member or founder.)

Her Majesty the Queen of Hawaii, Honolulu, Sandwich Islands.
Hon. Sir George Grey, K.C.B., Parnell, Auckland, N.Z.
F. D. Fenton, Helensville, Auckland, N.Z.
Prof. Horatio Hale, Clinton, Ontario, Canada.
Ed. Shortland, M.A., M.D.  
Rev. R. H. Codrington, D.D. Wadhurst Rectory, Sussex, England.
Prof. A. H. Sayce M.A. Queen's College, Oxford, England.
Hon. J. G. Ward, Postmaster-General Invercargill, N.Z.
Prof. F. Max Müller, M.A., F.R.S. Oxford, England.
Professor Otis T. Mason, Smithsonian Institute, National Museum, Washington, U.S.A.
Rev. T. G. Hammond, Patea, Taranaki, N.Z.
Major Keepa Te Rangi-hiwi-nui, Putiki. Wanganui, N.Z.
Major Ropata Wahawaha, M.L.C. Waiomatatini, Waiapu, N.Z.
Rev. Hauraki Paora, Reiweti, Kaipara, Auckland.
Hoani Nahe, Omahu, Thames.
Te Aia, Rarotonga Island.
S. H. Peal, Rajmai, Sibsegar, Asam, India.

As this list will be published annually, the Secretaries would feel obliged if member would supply any omissions, or notify change of residence.

  • *Atkinson, A. S., Nelson, N.Z.
  • *Adams, C. W., Survey Office, Dunedin, N.Z.
  • *Alexander, Hon. W. D., F.R.G.S., Honolulu, Sandwich Islands.
  • *Alexander, Dr. E. W., F.R.G.S., Dunedin, N.Z.
  • Arthur, A. C., Gisborne, N.Z.
  • Barton, Elliott, Le S., Hawera, N.Z.
  • *Broderick, J. N., Timaru, N.Z.
  • *Birch, W. J., Erewhon, Napier, N.Z.
  • *Blair, J. R., Terrace, Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Barron, A., Survey Department, Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Baker, J. H., Survey Department, Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Best, Elsdon, Thorndon Quay, Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Byrne, J. W., Hawera. N.Z.
  • *Bishop, Hon. C. R., Honolulu, Sandwich Islands.
  • *Brittain, Rev. A., Norfolk Island.
  • Buller, Sir W. L., K.C.M.G., F.R.S., Terarce, Wellington, N.Z.
  • Bathgate. A., Dunedin, N.Z.
  • Bate, A. T., Native Department, Wellington, N.Z.
  • Booth, R., Waimanu, Otaki, Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Chapman, F. R., Dunedin, N.Z.
  • *Cowie, Right Rev. W. G., D.D., Bishops' Court, Auckland, N.Z.
  • *Campbell, R. E. M., Wanganui, N.Z.
  • *Campbell, Hon. A. M., Nukualofa, Tonga Islands.
  • *Carroll, A., M.A., M.D., St. Kilda, Kogarrah, Sydney, N.S.W.
  • *Chalmers, Rev. James, New Guinea.
  • *Cartwright, A. J., Honolulu, Sandwich Islands.
  • *Castle, W. N., Honolulu, Sandwich Islands.
  • *Cleghorn, Hon. A. S., Honolulu, Sandwich Islands.
  • *Caldwell, R., Survey Department, Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Crompton, A., Weymouth Street, Adelaide, S.A.
  • *Carkeek, Morgan, Otaki, Wellington, N.Z.
  • Claxton, Rev. A. E., Samoa.
  • Cole, W. M., Railway Department, Auckland, N.Z.
  • Chambers, W. K., Repongaere, Gisborne, N.Z.
  • *Davies, G. H., Native Department, Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Denniston, The Hon. J. E., Christchurch, N.Z.
  • *Dole, Hon. Sandford B., Honolulu, Sandwich Islands.
  • Dudley, Ven. Arch. B. T., St Sepulchre, Auckland, N.Z.
  • Ellis, J. W., Otorohanga, Auckiand, N.Z.
  • *Emerson, J. S., Honolulu, Sandwich Islands.
  • *Emerson, Rev. O. P., Honolulu, Sandwich Islands.
  • Emerson, Dr. N. B., Honolulu, Sandwich Islands.
  • Edwards, Hy., Otorohanga, Auckland, N.Z.
  • *Fletcher, R., Louisville Terrace, Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Fraser, J., LL.D., Randwick, Sydney, N.S.W.
  • *Fraser, D., Bulls, Rangitikei, Wellington, N.Z.
  • Frackleton, Rev. W. S., M.S.. B.D., Randwick, Sydney, N.S.W.
  • Ford, W., 82, Jamieson Street, Sydney, N.S.W.
  • - 6
  • Fairhall, S., Hawera, N.Z.
  • *Gold-Smith, E. C.. Survey Office, Gisborne, N.Z.
  • *Grace, L. M., Taupo, N.Z.
  • *Gudgeon, Judge W. E., Otorohanga, Auckland, N.Z.
  • *Gill, Rev. Wyatt, LL.D., Perisca, Marrackville, Sydney, N.S.W.
  • *Govett, Ven. H., B.A., New Plymouth, N.Z.
  • *Grey, Rev. W., Tanna, New Hebrides.
  • Gunn, Rev. W., Futuna, New Hebrides.
  • Gordon, H. A., F.G.S., Mines Department, Wellington, N.Z.
  • Garnier, J. H., Rarotonga Island.
  • *Habens, Rev. W. J., B.A., Education Department, Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Hursthouse, C. W., Te Kuiti, Auckland, N.Z.
  • *Hocken, Dr. T. M., F.L.S., Dunedin, N.Z.
  • *Hamilton, A., Otago University, Dunedin, N.Z.
  • *Harris, E. F., Gisborne, N.Z.
  • *Hill, Hon. W., Honolulu, Sandwich Islands.
  • *Hyde, Rev. C. M., D.D., Honolulu, Sandwich Islands.
  • *Henry, Miss Teuira, Honolulu, Sandwich Islands.
  • Hone Mohi Tawhai, Waima, Hokianga, N.Z.
  • *Hamilton, R. W., Municipal Offices, Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Ii, Mrs. Irene, Honolulu, Sandwich Islands.
  • *Johnston, Dr. D. G., Carterton, N.Z.
  • *Johnson, H. Dunbar, Te Aroha, Auckland, N.Z.
  • *Judd, Hon. A. F., Chief Justice, Honolulu, Sandwich Islands.
  • Jackson, F. Arthur, Jackson Dale, Fiji Islands.
  • Johnston, Ch., Bengal Civ. Ser., 6, Kemplay Road, Hampstead, London.
  • *Kenny, Hon. C. W. A. T., M.L.C., Picton, N.Z,
  • *Kensington, C. W., Survey Office, Auckland N.Z.
  • *Lyons, A. B., M.D., F.C.S., Honolulu, Sandwich Islands.
  • *Lymburn, Rev. J., Martinboro, Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Lawrence, Rev. W. N., Rarotonga Island.
  • *Large, J. T., Wairoa, Hawkes Bay, N.Z.
  • *Laing, R. M., M.A., High School, Christchurch, N.Z.
  • Leefe, H., Res. Comr., Rotuma, Fiji Islands.
  • *Murray, Rev. C., M.A., Carterton, N.Z.
  • *Marques, A., Honolulu, Sandwich Islands.
  • *Marshall, W. S., Pemberton, Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Moss, F. J., British Resident, Rarotonga Island.
  • Martin, J. C., Christchurch, N.Z.
  • *Morpeth, W. T., Survey Department, Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Major, C. E., Hawera, N.Z.
  • *Macdonald, Rev. D., Efate, New Hebrides.
  • Macdonald, A., Shannon, Wellington, N.Z.
  • McWilliam, Rev. J., Otaki, N.Z.
  • McArthur, J. P., 18 and 19, Silk Street, Cripplegate. London, E.C.
  • Morrison, C. B., Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Nelson, C. E., Rotorua, Auckland, N.Z.
  • *Nicholas, H., Rarotonga Island.
  • Nevill, Right Rev. S. T., D D., Dunedin, N.Z.
  • Nathan, D. J., Wellington, N.Z.
  • *O'Donahoo, A. O'N., Wellington, N.Z.
  • Oahu College, Honolulu, Sandwich Islands.
  • *Proctor, T., Carterton, Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Phillips, Coleman, Featherston, Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Parker, Hon. S., Honolulu, Sandwich Islands.
  • *Pope, J. H., Education Department, Wellington, N.Z.
  • Poutawera, T. G., Native Department, Wellington, N.Z.
  • Parfitt, P. J., Bank of N.Z., Wellington, N.Z.
  • Porter, Lieut.-Col. T. W., Gisborne, N.Z.
  • Paige, Rev. W. E., Masterton, Wellington, N.Z.
  • Pinfold, Rev. J. T., Dunedin, N.Z.
  • Purchas, Rev. A. G., M.R.C.S.E., Grey Street, Auckland, N.Z.
  • Parker, Thos., Georgetown N., Queensland.
  • *Rutland, Joshua, Canvass Town, Marlborough, N.Z.
  • *Reid, W. S., Fitzherbert Terrace, Wellington, N.Z.
  • Roy, R. B., New Plymouth, N.Z.
  • Ross. John, R.M., Levuka, Fiji Islands.
  • Richardson, Ch., Eltham, Taranaki, N.Z.
  • Rendle, J. J., 293, Little Collins Street, Melbourne, V.
  • *Smith, Hon. J. Mott, Honolulu, Sandwich Islands.
  • *Spencer, Hon. C. N., Honolulu, Sandwich Islands.
  • *Smith, W. W., Ashburton, Canterbury, N.Z.
  • *Stack, Rev. J. W., Fendalton, Canterbury, N.Z.
  • *Shand, A., Chatham Islands.
  • *Smith, H. G. Seth, M.A., Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Smith, F. S., Waiau, Canterbury, N.Z.
  • *Smith, M. C., Survey Department, Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Smith, S. Percy, F.R.G.S., Survey Department, Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Stout, Hon. Sir R., K.C.M.G., Dunedin, N.Z.
  • *Skinner, W. H., Survey Department, New Plymouth, N.Z.
  • Skinner, T. K., New Plymouth, N.Z.
  • *Smithsonian Institute, Washington, U.S.A.
  • Sinclair, J., Wellington, N.Z.
  • Sanchez, Domingo, Sanchez y., Manila, Philippines Island.
  • Swithinbank, Harold, Denham Court, Denham, Bucks, England.
  • Saxton, Henry Waring, F.L.S., New Plymouth, N.Z.
  • Turnbull, A. H., Bowen Street, Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Tregear, E., F.R.G.S., F.R.Hist.S., Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Tone, N. J., Pahiatua, Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Thompson, G. M., F.L.S., The Rectory, Dunedin, N.Z.
  • *Turnbull, J., Tahiti Island.
  • *Tuta-Tamati, Native Land Court, Auckland, N.Z.
  • *Testa, F., Honolulu, Sandwich Islands.
  • Te Heuheu-Tukino, Taupo, N.Z.
  • Thompson, Alex., Bond Street, Dunedin, N.Z.
  • Thurston, Sir J. B., K.C.M.G., F.L S., F.R.G.S., Suva, Fiji Islands.
  • *Webster, J., Hokianga, N.Z.
  • *Wilkinson, G. T., Otorohanga, Auckland, N.Z.
  • *Wheeler, W. T., Whangaroa, Auckland, N.Z.
  • *Weetman, S., F.R.G.S., New Plymouth, N.Z.
  • *Williams, Ven. W. L., B.A., Gisborne, N.Z.
  • Williams, Rev. H. W. Gisborne, N.Z.
  • *Wilson, D. C., Whangarei, Auckland, N.Z.
  • *Wright, A. B., Survey Department, Auckland, N.Z.
  • *Wideman, Hon. H. A., Honolulu, Sandwich Islands.
  • Williams, J. N., Trimley, Hastings, Hawkes Bay, N.Z.
  • White, Taylor, Wimbleton, Hawkes Bay, N.Z.
  • Wildman, W., Shortland Street, Auckland, N.Z.
  • *Young, J. L., Tahiti Island.
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IN accordance with circular notices sent to each member of the Society, three months ago, a meeting of members was held at the Lecture Room of the Board of Education, City of Wellington, New Zealand, at 8 p.m., on the 30th January, 1893. The Rev. W. J. Habens, member of the Council, occupied the chair in the absence of the President, in England on sick leave. The business before the Society was confined to the reading of the Annual Report of the Council, the Accounts of the Hon. Treasurers, the Election of Officers for the ensuing year, and Election of Honorary and Corresponding Members.

Mr. H. G. Seth-Smith was re-elected President; Messrs. J. H. Baker and G. H. Davies, members of Council (in place of Messrs. J. R. Blair and Dr. Carroll, who retired by ballot); Mr. S. Percy Smith, re-elected one of the Hon. Secretaries and Treasurers; and Mr. A. Barron, elected Auditor.

The following gentlemen were elected Honorary Members: Professor Horatio Hale, of Clinton, Ontario, Canada; Dr. Shortland, M.A.; Dr. Codrington, of Wadhurst Rectory, Sussex, England; Professor A. H. Sayce, of Queen's College, Oxford, England; Professor F. Max Müller, of Oxford, England; and the Hon. J. G. Ward, Postmaster-General, New Zealand.

The Corresponding Members elected were: Major Keepa-te-Rangihiwinui, of Whanganui, New Zealand; Major the Hon. Ropata Wahawaha, M.L.C., of Waiomatatini, New Zealand; the Rev. Hauraki Paora, of Reweti, Kaipara, New Zealand; Hoani Nahe, of Omahu, Thames, New Zealand; Te Aia, of Rarotonga Island; and S. H. Peal, Esq., of Rajmai, Asam, India.

The following is the Report of the Council submitted to the meeting.

Presented to the Annual Meeting of the Society on the 30th January, 1893, in accordance with Rule No. 13.

It is now slightly over twelve months since a meeting of gentlemen took place in Wellington for the purpose of founding the Polynesian Society, electing officers, and approving rules for its guidance. Up to that time 102 ladies and gentlemen had sent in their names, and expressed a desire to join in the organisation of a Society such as had been indicated in a circular sent out to many parts of the world, in the month of June preceding. Those names constitute the founders of the Society. Their distribution was as follows: New Zealand, 63; Sandwich Islands, 22; Norfolk Island, 1; New Hebrides, 2; Tonga, 1; Adelaide, South Australia, 1; Sydney, 4; Rarotonga, 3; Chatham Island, 1; Tahiti, 2; America, 1; New Guinea, 1. In addition to the above, a Patron, two Honorary Members, and two Corresponding Members were elected at the same meeting, making the total number of members at that time 108.

During the year ended the 31st December last, 53 additional members were nominated, and subsequently elected by the Council, so that at the end of the year our members were distributed as follows: New Zealand, 105; Sandwich Islands, 23; Norfolk Island, 1; New Hebrides, 3; Tonga, 1; Adelaide, South Australia, 1; Sydney, N.S,W., 4; Rarotonga, 4; Chatham Island, 1; Tahiti, 2; North America, 1; New Guinea, 1; Fiji, 3; Samoa, 1; Manila, 1; England, 3. This makes a total of 155 members; or, including the Patron, two Honorary and two Corresponding Members, 161 in all. It will thus be seen that the Society rests on a tolerably broad geographical basis—fifteen countries being represented.

The Council held nine meetings during the year, at which the correspondence, election of members, consideration of papers contributed to the Journal, and other business of the Society was transacted; a brief epitome of each of such meetings having been published in the quarterly Journal.

Thirty-eight original papers have been received by the Council from members, most of which have appeared in the Journal; and the rest will follow in the next ensuing numbers. It is found, so far, that there is no lack of original matter; indeed, did funds permit, the Journal might be a good deal enlarged, or appear every two instead of every three months as at present. It is hoped that one or other of these courses may be adopted, as soon as our membership reaches 200. Four issues of the Journal have appeared during the year, viz.: In the months of April, July, October, and December; together they form the first volume of the Transactions, and contain 278 pages of matter. The notes and queries columns have been made use of to a considerable extent, but not so extensively as is desirable. Each issue of the Journal numbered about 300 copies, which have been distributed to the members, and to 70 societies, libraries, &c., for exchanges, besides leaving a number in the hands of the Secretaries for supply to new members hereafter.

The Society is indebted to the Hon. the Postmaster-General for a great boon, in allowing its correspondence and publications to go through the post free. As some return for this concession, the Council supplies the Journal gratuitously to many public institutions within and without the Colony, and believe that by so doing it is increasing the usefulness of the Society.

Some thirty-eight publications from kindred societies, and donations from individuals have been received, all of which are open to any member on application to the Secretaries; and in addition a few articles of ethnological interest have been presented by Mr. N. J. Tone, as the nucleus of a Museum to be formed hereafter.

A Statement of Accounts is appended hereto, which shows that, notwith- - 9 standing the misgivings of certain of our friends, the Society is paying its way, and would have had a substantial balance in hand if all the subscriptions due had been received. The Council would remind those members who are in arrear, that the non-payment of their fees is keeping back from publication several interesting papers; and, moreover, is throwing the whole cost of the Society on those who comply with the rules. We number at present one life member, whose commutation fee has been paid to Capital Account, as required by Rule No. 23.

It has been with considerable pleasure that the Council has welcomed, to the roll of membership, several of the Maoris of New Zealand, amongst whom are numbered the representatives of several historical chiefs; and with still greater pleasure has received contributions to the pages of the Journal from natives both of New Zealand and Rarotonga. It has been with the hope of encouraging this awakening interest in their own traditions and histories, and also for philological purposes, that many papers have been published in the original languages in which they have been handed down from generation to generation by members of the Polynesian races. The Council is strongly of opinion that every effort should be made to extend our membership to the natives, and thereby enlist their sympathies and help in the work we are endeavouring to do. If set about in the proper manner, it is believed that many of the most learned men still alive will give their assistance—by original contributions, or by answering queries; but in the majority of cases, these people—so rich in the special knowledge we have set ourselves to preserve for their children and ours—are incapable of affording the Society any monetary help. It seems, therefore, that the best way of acquiring the needed aid and co-operation of the natives, is to very much enlarge our list of corresponding membership. The cost to the Society would be merely that of supplying gratuitously a copy of the Journal to each such member, a cost which, the Council believes, would be amply repaid by the stores of information that would thus be placed at the service of the Society. It is needless to point out, that our original sources of the traditional lore of the Polynesians become less and less from day to day; and that very much information of the highest interest is already irrevocably lost to us; but what remains in the memories of the older men is worth a great effort to secure, even if this information be somewhat imperfect. That such an effort should be made, ere it is too late, is the firm belief of the Council, a belief which they feel convinced is shared in by the majority of our members. If the Society succeeds in preserving the original data, in howsoever crude a form they may appear, generalisations and deductions therefrom will follow in their natural course; and out of chaos we shall have done our share in proving that there are ideas, principles, and a history pertaining to the races called barbarian, as well as to those of our own—the civilised races.

Corresponding Members can only be elected at the Annual Meetings of the Society; but the Council would ask this meeting to empower them to place on the list temporarily from time to time members of the Polynesian races dwelling in New Zealand, Sandwich Islands, Tahiti, Rarotonga, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, or Melanesia, whenever the opportunity of doing so with advantage occurs.

It scarcely comes within the scope of this Report to express any opinion as to whether our efforts have been crowned with success during the first year of the Society's existence; but some indications may perhaps be gathered from the many complimentary letters that have been received, from the steady increase of our membership, and its extension to additional countries. We have been assured from many quarters that the Society fills a want hitherto felt; and the Council feels that as its operations and objects become more widely known, its membership will increase to such proportions as will prove incontestably its success.

S. Percy Smith, Hon. Secretaries.
Edward Tregear, Hon. Secretaries.
- 10

1  Re-elected 30th January, 1893.
2  Elected 30th January, 1893.