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VOL. XXXII. 1923.
New Plymouth, N.Z.: PRINTED FOR THE SOCIETY BY THOMAS AVERY & SONS LTD., DEVON STREET. 1923. Reprinted with the permission of The Polynesian Society JOHNSON REPRINT CORPORATION 111 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10003 JOHNSON REPRINT COMPANY LTD. Berkeley Square House, London, W.1
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    No. 125—March, 1923.
  • Annual Meeting of the Society i
  • Annual Report of the Council i
  • Balance Sheet iv
  • Members of the Society v
  • List of Exchanges xi
  • Tetahi Wahi o te Whakaakonga i roto i Te Whare-wananga. Na Nepai Pohuhu 1
  • The Origin of the Maori. By Elsdon Best, F. N. Z. Inst. 10
  • Maori Somatology. By Te Rangi Hiroa (P. H. Buck, M.D., D.S.O.) 21
  • “Rei-Puta.” By G. Graham and H. D. Skinner 29
  • Surf-riding by Canoe. By W. H. Skinner 35
  • Ngati-Huarere. By George Graham 38
  • Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science 44
  • The South Sea Islanders 46
  • Notes and Queries 47
  • Easter Island and Maori Head-dresses; Maori Carved Bowls; Maori Hermaphrodites, Albinoism; etc.; Tawhiti; Mummification Among the Maoris; Maori God-Sticks (Whakapakoko rakau).
  • Proceedings 51
    No. 126—June, 1923.
  • Maori Personification. By Elsdon Best, F. N. Z. Inst. 53
  • The Ornaments and Decorative Carving of Outrigger Canoes on the North Coast of Netherlands, New Guinea. By James Hornell, F.L.S., F.R.A.I. 70
  • The Racial Diversity of the Polynesian People. By Louis R. Sullivan, Ph. D. 79
  • The Maori Gravel Soil of Waimea West, Nelson, N.Z., By T. Rigg, M.A., M.Sc., and J. A. Bruce 85
  • The Fall of Mokoia and Mauinaina, and the Death of Kaea, 1821. By Geo. Graham 94
  • Notes and Queries 96
  • The Origin of the Maori; Stone Adze found embedded in rock face, Vavau; Geological Antiquity of Man; Australian Cultural Influences in the New Hebrides, the Imprint of the Hand; Pottery in Tonga; Ethnological Research in the Marquesas; Archælogical Work in Hawaii;; Tattooing in the Marquesas; Movements of Anthropolgists.
  • Proceedings 101
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    No. 127—September, 1923.
  • Maori Personifications. By Elsdon Best, F.N.Z.Inst. 103
  • The Fall of Te Tumu Pa. By S. Percy Smith, F.R.G.S. 121
  • “Te Korotine”—A Shark-toothed Whale-bone Implement. By Geo. Graham. 131
  • Sickness, Ghosts and Medicine in Tonga. By E. E. V. Collocott, M.A., Nuku Lofa, Tonga 136
  • Some Notes and Legends of a South Sea Island. By Wm. Burrows 143
  • Gilbert Islands Weapons and Armour. By G. M. Murdock, Kuria, Gilbert Islands 174
  • Constitution of Board of Maori Ethnological Research 176
  • Pan-Pacific Scientific Congress 179
  • Notes and Queries 184
  • The Old Stone Age in Siberia; Kumara God in the Grey Collection; Pottery in the Solomon Islands; The Lizard in Maori Art and Relief; Australian Culture Elements in the New Hebrides; Movement of Anthropologists. Auckland Institute.
  • Proceedings 187
    No. 128—December, 1923.
  • Maori Somatology. By Te Rangi Hiroa (P. H. Buck, M.D., D.S.O.) 189
  • Did Polynesian Voyagers Know the Double-Outrigger? By Elsdon Best, F.N.Z.Inst. 200
  • Linguistic Problems of the Pacific. By Prof. A. Lodewyckz 215
  • Marriage in Tonga. By E. E. V. Collocott, M. A. 221
  • An Historical Narrative Concerning the Conquest of Kaipara and Tamaki by Ngati-Whatua. By Paul Tuahere 229
  • The Story of Niue. By James Cowan 238
  • Obituary 243
  • The Traditional Anchor (Punga) of the Tokomaru Canoe. Editor 244
  • The Austric Languages. By H. D. Skinner, B.A. 246
  • Review (“The Racial History of Man by Roland B. Dixon.”) P. H. Buck, M.D. 248
  • Polynesian Origins 250
  • Board of Maori Ethnological Research 253
  • Notes and Queries 255
  • The Late Dr. W. H. R. Rivers; The Story of the Kumara; House Flies in Polynesia; Research in Southern Polynesia; Investigations in the Society Islands; Personal Items and Researches; Otago Institute.
  • Proceedings 259
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VOL. XXXII.—1923.

THE Annual Meeting of the Polynesian Society took place in the Hempton room, Public Library, on Tuesday afternoon, January 30th, 1923. About a dozen members of the Society, including several ladies, were present. In the absence of Mr. Elsdon Best (President), from whom an apology was received, Mr. W. H. Skinner occupied the chair.

The minutes of last annual meeting were read and confirmed, after which the Annual Report and Accounts were read and passed, for which see below.

In accordance with the rules of the society, the President—Mr. Elsdon Best, F.N.Z.I.—retired from office, but was unanimously re-elected to the position.

Messrs. Waterston, Skinner and Rockel retired by ballot from the council, but on the motion of Mr. Morrison, seconded by Mr. Standish, they were re-elected for the ensuing year.

A brief reference as to what steps had been taken to have the society constituted as a “Royal” Society, and proposals for future action in this direction, was made by the Chairman and Mr. Rockel.

Reference to the scarcity of old numbers of the society's journal was made by Mr. Rockel. He had made inquiries regarding the cost of reprinting some of the volumes, but he had found this was prohibitive even by a process in which printing was eliminated, details of which he supplied. It was a lamentable thing that there was such a shortage, as they often had requests for copies from institutions not only within the Empire but in foreign countries. He appealed to members to endeavour to obtain any spare copies which they might come across.

At a subsequent meeting of the council Messrs. Waterston and P. J. H. White were re-appointed joint secretaries and treasurers.


THE Council of the Society has pleasure in submitting the thirtieth report.

The past year has been one of anxiety to the Council. The death of our President and Founder and also Editor of the Polynesian Journal since its inception, has been a severe blow to the work and aims of the society. The passing of Mr. S. Percy Smith brought about a crisis causing grave concern to the Council, as it was difficult to forecast the future, with the active director and controller of the society, since its foundation, taken from us.

In the opinion of the Council, it would be an act of disloyalty to the memory of our late leader to allow his great work to cease without an effort to continue such, if only for a while, and accordingly it was decided to carry on, subject to assistance being forthcoming towards the supply of material for the society's publications. Acting upon this decision many of the contributors of material to - ii the Journal were communicated with resulting in their unanimous offers of help, and the strong advocacy of the continuation of the society's work through the medium of the Polynesian Journal, also of the retaining of the head-quarters at New Plymouth, where the organisation and necessary machinery for continuation of the work existed.

Following upon these satisfactory replies, Mr. Elsdon Best, F.N.Z.I., one of the leading authorities on Polynesian lore, and so long associated with the late Mr. Percy Smith in the conduct of the society, and also a voluminous contributor to the pages of the Polynesian Journal, was elected President of the Society. Mr. W. H. Skinner, at the request of the Council, consented to undertake the duties of Editor of the Journal, and with him in this work was associated Mr. W. W. Smith, an original member and for many years one of the Council and Hon. Secretary to the society. We regret that Mr. Smith was unable to undertake these duties owing to his resignation of membership from the society. Messrs. P. J. H. White and Chas. Waterston were appointed joint Honorary Secretaries and Treasurers. With these amendments to its personnel, the Council is now carrying out the work devolving upon it in the management of the society, and we trust that such efforts may be in a great measure successful. The policy of the Council will be to continue, as far as that is possible, along the lines laid down by our late President and Founder, viz., to promote the study of the anthropology, ethnology, philology, history and antiquities of the Polynesian races.

The issue of a special memorial number in July, dealing with the life and work of our late President, we are gratified to know has been received with general satisfaction by our members.

The regular issue of the Journal has been maintained throughout the year. The four quarterly numbers for 1922 are now in the hands of members, marking the completion of the thirty-first volume of the Polynesian Journal.

We regret to have again to chronicle the removal by death of certain of our members. Apart from Mr. Percy Smith, there has also passed another of our original members in the person of Mr. Frank S. Smith, a younger brother of the late President. There also died in the last days of the year Mr. Wm. E. Atkinson. These together with losses by resignation has reduced to fifteen the number of original members, or founders, now remaining in the society.

Amongst the honorary members we have to record the death, at a very advanced age, of the Rev. R. H. Codrington, D.D., Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford, and for many years a member of the Melanesian Mission. He was the author of a number of works and articles dealing with the language, customs, folk-lore, etc., of the Melanesian people. At the time of his death he was the senior on our list of honorary members.

On December 31st, 1922, our membership was as follows:—

Patrons 3
Honorary Members 10
Corresponding Members 15
Ordinary Members 195
Total 223

This shows a slight decrease of members compared with the figures for last year. Our exchanges now number fifty-one.

The finances of the society are quite satisfactory, and the careful management of the past is now showing good results. It will be observed that we ended the - iii year with a credit balance of £76 12s. 3d. in the general account, and £216 2s. in the capital account. Owing to the decision arrived at by the Council for the more liberal use of illustrations with the articles published in the Journal, we must expect an increase in the publisher's costs in the future. This, however, will be money well spent, as it will enable the acceptance of a certain class of articles, which have been declined in the past on the score of cost in publishing, but which are technically of the greatest value to students for comparative purposes. Also we look forward by this means to the popularising of the Journal, and so increasing our membership and revenue.

We are pleased to report that much valuable material has been recently received, and promised, for issue in the Polynesian Journal. This has relieved the Editor of any anxiety he may have felt with regard to the literary matter available and suitable for issue in the society's publications.

In conclusion, the Council wishes to thank most cordially those contributors who have supplied much valuable material for publishing in the Journal during the past year, and for their assurance of continued help in this respect.

The report was adopted.

- iv
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VOL. XXXII.—1923.

The sign * before a name indicates an original member or founder.

As this list will be published annually, the Secretaries would be obliged if members will supply any omission, or notify change of address.

  • The Right Hon. Baron Islington, K.C.M.G., D.S.O., ex-Governor of New Zealand, Government Office, Downing Street, London
  • The Right Hon. The Earl of Liverpool, M.V.O., G.C.M.G., late Governor-General of New Zealand, Downing Street, London
  • Admiral of the Fleet His Excellency, Lord Jellicoe, G.C.B., O.M., G.C.V.O., Governor-General of New Zealand
  • Rev. Prof. A. H. Sayce, M.A., Queen's College, Oxford, England
  • Right Hon. Sir J. G. Ward, Bart., K.C.M.G., P.C., LL.D., Wellington
  • *H. G. Seth-Smith, M.A., 88, Victoria Avenue, Remuera, Auckland
  • Prof. Sir W. Baldwin Spencer, M.A., C.M.G., F.R.S., The University, Melbourne
  • *Edward Tregear, I.S.O., Picton
  • Dr. A. C. Haddon, M.A., D.Sc., F.R.S., 3, Cranmer Road, Cambridge, England
  • Sir J. G. Frazer, D.C.L., LL.D., Litt. D., Brick Court, Middle Temple, London, E.C.
  • *Elsdon Best, F.N.Z. Inst., Dominion Museum, Wellington
  • Chas. M. Woodford, C.M.G., The Grinstead, Partridge Green, Sussex, England
  • S. H. Ray, M.A., F.R.A.I., 218, Balfour Road, Ilford, Essex, England
  • Rev. T. G. Hammond, Putaruru, Auckland
  • *Major J. T. Large, Masonic Institute, H. M. Arcade, Auckland
  • Hare Hongi, 119, Lambton Quay, Wellington
  • Major H. P. Tunui-a-rangi, Carterton
  • F. W. Christian, Totara Street, Rona Bay, Wellington
  • The Rev. C. E. Fox, San Cristoval; via Ugi, Solomon Islands
  • H. D. Skinner, B.A., D.C.M., Hocken Library, Dunedin
  • M. G. Julien, Governeur des Colonies, 116, Rue Lecourbe, Paris XV.
  • Thos. G. Thrum, Fort Street, Honolulu, H. I.
  • S. Savage, Rarotonga Island
  • Herries Beattie, Oamaru
  • T. W. Downes, P.O. Box 119, Whanganui
  • Capt. Geo. Pitt Rivers, Government House, Melbourne
  • James Hornell, F.L.S., F.R.A.I., Department of Fisheries, Madras
- vi
  • 1916 Avery, Thomas, New Plymouth
  • 1918 Adalbert College, Western Reserve University, Cleveland Ohio, U.S.A.
  • 1918 Australian Museum, Sydney
  • 1922 Adams, J. C., Taiparoro, Tauranga
  • 1894 Bamford, E., Arney Road, Auckland
  • 1896 British and Foreign Bible Society, 146, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C.
  • 1898 Buchanan, Sir W. C., Tupurupuru, Masterton
  • 1902 Boston City Library, Boston, Mass., U.S.A.
  • 1903 Brown, Prof. J. MacMillan, M.A., LL.D., Holmbank, Cashmere Hills, Christchurch
  • 1907 Buick, T. Lindsay, F. R. Hist. S., Press Association, Wellington
  • 1909 Bullard, G. H., Chief Surveyor, Christchurch
  • 1910 Burnet, J. H., Virginian Homestead, St. John's Hill, Whanganui
  • 1910 Burgess, C. H., New Plymouth
  • 1911 Bird, W. W., Inspector Native Schools, Napier
  • 1913 Buddle, R., H.M.S. “Hawkins,” Wei-Hai-Wei, China
  • 1914 Brooking, W. F., Powderham Street, New Plymouth
  • 1916 Bottrell, C. G., High School, New Plymouth
  • 1920 Black, G. J., Gisborne
  • 1920 Bates, D. C., Brooklyn, Wellington
  • 1920 Balneavis, H. R. N., Secretary, Hon. Native Minister, Wellington
  • 1921 Buck, Dr., P. H., D.S.O., District Health Office, Auckland
  • 1921 Butler, Miss M., 47, Tinakori Road, Wellington
  • 1921 Bassett, Geo., Whanganui
  • 1922 Bellringer, C. E., New Plymouth
  • 1923 Bett, Dr. F. A., Nile Street, Nelson
  • 1892 *Chapman, The Hon. F. R., Wellington
  • 1892 Chambers, W. K., Apple Farm, East Tamaki, Auckland
  • 1893 Carter, H. C., 475, West 143rd Street, New York
  • 1894 Chapman, M., Wellington
  • 1896 Cooper, The Hon. Theo., Supreme Court, Auckland
  • 1903 Chatterton, Rev. F. W., The Vicarage, Rotorua
  • 1903 Cole, Ven. Archdeacon R. H., D.C.L., c/o Bank of New Zealand, 1, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C.
  • 1908 Coughlan, W. N., Omaio, Opotiki
  • 1908 Carnegie Public Library, Dunedin
  • 1908 Carnegie Public Library, New Plymouth
  • 1910 Cock, R., New Plymouth
  • 1918 Chambers, Bernard, Te Mata, Havelock North
  • 1918 Corney, Geo., Devon Street, New Plymouth
  • 1918 Crooke, Alfred, Martin
  • 1919 Curtis, G. N., Stratford
  • 1920 Cowan, Jas., F.R,G.S., c/o Dept. Internal Affairs, Wellington
  • 1921 Campbell, Capt. J. D., c/o Resident Commissioner, Rarotonga
  • 1921 Connett, J. B., New Plymouth
  • 1921 Collocott, M.A., Rev. E. E. V., Nukualofa, Tonga Island
  • 1903 Dixon, Roland B., Ph.D., Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., U.S.A.
  • 1917 Dominion Museum, Wellington
- vii
  • 1918 Davidson, J. C., “Ratanui,” Carrington Road, New Plymouth
  • 1920 Davis, F. T., c/o Roy and Nicholson, New Plymouth
  • 1923 Donnelly, A. T., Solicitor, Christchurch
  • 1892 *Emerson, J. S., 1501, Emerson Street, Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands
  • 1920 Emslie, Mrs. Ann, Hillside, Waverley
  • 1921 Elvey, W. E., Noseworthy Road, Blenheim
  • 1896 Fletcher, Rev. H. J., Taupo
  • 1902 Fraser, M., New Plymouth
  • 1903 Fowlds, Hon. G., Auckland
  • 1906 Field Museum of Natural History, The, Chicago, U.S.A.
  • 1913 Fildes, H., Chief Post Office, Wellington
  • 1920 Fitzherbert, P. B., New Plymouth
  • 1921 Firth, R. W., Wymondsley Road, Otahuhu, Auckland
  • 1902 Gill, W. H., Marunouchi, Tokio, Japan
  • 1902 Graham, Geo., 25, Grafton Road, Auckland
  • 1910 Goding, Fred W., U.S. Consul-General, Guayaquil, Ecuador
  • 1919 Good, H. M., Stratford
  • 1919 Grace, P. Alfred, Tokaanu, Taupo
  • 1920 Goller, John, Inglewood
  • 1920 Gensik, F., 64, Albany Street, Dunedin
  • 1908 Hallen, Dr. A. H., The Hospital, Mercury Bay, Auckland
  • 1909 Holdsworth, John, Swarthmoor, Havelock North, Hawkes Bay
  • 1910 Hocken, Mrs. T. M., Hocken Library, Dunedin
  • 1910 Home, Dr. George, New Plymouth
  • 1918 Hodgson, N. V., c/o Norman Potts. Opotiki
  • 1918 Hart, Henry H., 314, Locust Street, San Francisco
  • 1919 Hughes, Robert Clinton, New Plymouth
  • 1921 Hamilton, Harold, Dominion Museum, Wellington
  • 1921 Huggins, H. A., Taurima, 55, Hamilton Road, Kilbirnie, Wellington
  • 1921 Hudson, J. H., G.P.O., Auckland
  • 1921 Harris, F., Albion Hotel, Gisborne
  • 1921 Hine, Ed., Powderham Street West, New Plymouth
  • 1921 Henderson, G. M., M.A., Education Dept., Wellington
  • 1923 Hardy, Dr., Bishop Museum, Honolulu
  • 1907 Institute, The Auckland, Museum, Auckland
  • 1907 Institute, The Otago, c/o The Museum, King Street, Dunedin
  • 1921 Ilott, J. H. M., 246 B, Terrace, Wellington
  • 1923 Institute, The Nelson, Nelson
  • 1892 *Johnson, H. Dunbar, Judge N.L.C., 151, Newton Road, Auckland
  • 1918 Johnson, E. G., Hamilton
  • 1923 Jones, Walter W., Tauranga
  • 1910 King, Newton, Brooklands, New Plymouth
  • 1920 Kirtley, John, c/o T. H. Martyn & Co., 117, Pitt Street, Sydney
  • 1921 Kenderdine, J., Sale Street, Auckland
  • 1921 Kohere, Rev. R. T., Araroa, via Gisborne
  • 1923 Knapp, F. V., Alfred Street, Nelson
- viii
  • 1894 Lambert, H. A., Belmont, Tayford, Whanganui
  • 1911 Lysnar, W. D., Gisborne
  • 1913 List, T. C., New Plymouth
  • 1916 Leatham, H.B., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., Lond., New Plymouth
  • 1917 List, C. S., Rata Street, Inglewood
  • 1918 Laughton, Rev., J. G., Ruatahuna, via Rotorua
  • 1920 Leith, F. E., Rangiputa, via Kaimauman, Auckland
  • 1921 Lee, G. A., Pendarves Street, New Plymouth
  • 1892 *Marshall, W. S., Maungaraupi, Rata
  • 1892 *Major, C. E., 22, Empire Buildings, Swanson Street, Auckland
  • 1897 Marshall, J. W., Tututotara, Marton
  • 1897 Marshall, H. H., Motu-kowhai, Marton
  • 1907 Minister for Internal Affairs, The Hon., Wellington
  • 1912 Marsden, J. W., Isel, Stoke, Nelson
  • 1916 Mitchell Library, The, Sydney
  • 1918 McDonnell, A. F., 355, Queen Street, Auckland
  • 1918 Morris, G. N., Resident Commissioner, Niué Island, South Pacific
  • 1918 Missionary Research Library, 25, Maddison Avenue, New York
  • 1919 McKay, Wm., F.R.C.S., Eng., 45, Guiness Street, Greymouth
  • 1919 McKay, James, P.O. Box 55, Greymouth
  • 1920 McEachen, Miss, M.A., 102, Nile Street East, Nelson
  • 1920 McVeagh, Jas., 85, Queen Street, Auckland
  • 1921 Monro, Rev., Piri, Ohinemutu, Rotorua
  • 1922 McDonald, Jas., c/o Dominion Museum, Wellington
  • 1922 McGruther, J., Waerengahika College, Gisborne
  • 1922 McIntyre, Hugh, M.A., LL.B., Feilding
  • 1922 Morrison, David, New Plymouth
  • 1922 Morrison, D. K., 319, Devon Street West, New Plymouth
  • 1922 Murdoch, Robert, P.O. Box 221, Whanganui
  • 1895 Ngata, A. T., M.A., M.P., Parliamentary Buildings, Wellington
  • 1900 Newman, Mrs. W. L., New Plymouth
  • 1902 New York Public Library, Astor Buildings, 42nd Street, New York
  • 1906 Newman, Dr. A. K., P.O. Box 1476, Wellington
  • 1919 Nairn, Mrs. Edith, Oteka, Havelock North
  • 1919 Nairn, Miss Olive, Oteka, Havelock North
  • 1920 O'Dea, P., M.A., LL.B., Hawera
  • 1923 Ormsby, J., Otorohanga
  • 1894 Partington, J. Edge, F.R.G.S., Wyngates, Burke's Road, Beaconsfield, England
  • 1907 Public Library, Auckland
  • 1907 Public Library, Wellington
  • 1907 Public Library, Bent Street, Sydney, N.S.W.
  • 1907 Philosophical Institute, The, Christchurch
  • 1913 Public Library of Victoria, c/o Robertson & Co., 107, Elizabeth Street, Melbourne
  • 1913 Potts, Norman, Opotiki
  • 1914 Parliamentary Library, The, (Commonwealth) Melbourne
  • 1917 Platts, F. W., C.M.G., Te Kuiti
  • 1919 Public Library, Invercargill
  • 1920 Pomare, Hon. M., Minister in Charge, Cook Islands, Wellington
- ix
  • 1921 Painter, Robert, Inglewood
  • 1921 Phipps, W. J., 132, Pinnar Road, Oxley, Watford, England
  • 1922 Penn, W. J. Herald Office, New Plymouth
  • 1892 *Roy, R. B., Taita, Wellington
  • 1903 Roy, J. B., New Plymouth
  • 1918 Rylands, John, Library, Deansgate, Manchester University, England.
  • 1918 Rockel, R. H., M.A., Gover Street, New Plymouth
  • 1920 Roy, Ian W. B., P.O. Box 1200. Wellington
  • 1920 Rowe, W., Devon Street East, New Plymouth
  • 1920 Rowden, F. J., Railway Department, Ohakune
  • 1892 *Skinner, W. H., York Terrace, New Plymouth
  • 1892 *Smith, M. C., Survey Department, Wellington
  • 1892 *Stout, Hon. Sir R., K.C.M.G., Chief Justice, Wellington
  • 1892 Smith, Miss E. Percy, New Plymouth
  • 1896 Smith, Hon. W. O., Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands
  • 1904 Smith, H. Guthrie, Tutira, via Napier
  • 1907 Secretary, The Postal Department, Wellington
  • 1916 Shalfoon, G., Opotiki
  • 1920 Shaw, Stanley W., New Plymouth
  • 1921 Simcox, Dr. J. E. L., Plimmerton, Wellington
  • 1921 Stronge, Mrs., Shortland Street, Avenue Road, New Plymouth
  • 1921 Stimson, J. Frank, Papeete, Tahiti
  • 1922 Standish, A. R., Liardet Street, New Plymouth
  • 1922 Sinclair, Thomas B. J., Belt Road, Dartmoor, New Plymouth
  • 1923 Stevens and Brown, B. F., 4, Trafalgar Square, London
  • 1913 Tribe, F. C., Eliot Street, New Plymouth
  • 1915 Thomson, Dr. Allan, M.A., D.Sc., F.G.S., A.O.S.M., F.N.Z. Inst., Museum, Wellington
  • 1918 Trimble, Harold, Inglewood
  • 1919 Turnbull Library, The, Bowen Street, Wellington
  • 1919 Thompson, Dr. W. M., M.A., M.B., B.C.L., Hawera
  • 1921 Tamahori, Rev. P., Tuparoa, via Gisborne
  • 1921 Therkleson, Miss, Vogeltown, New Plymouth
  • 1922 Taranaki, G., Mataora Bay, Waihi
  • 1921 Uteurikawa, Dr. Nenoz, University of Tokio, Tokio, Japan
  • 1919 Vaile, Hubert E., Queen Street, Auckland
  • 1921 Van Doesburg, S. C., Breestraat 14, Leiden, Holland
  • 1921 Vogan, Arthur, F.R.G.S., c/o J. A. Richardson, Eldon Chamber, Pitt Street, Sydney
  • 1892 *Williams, Archdeacon H. W., Gisborne
  • 1894 Wilson, A., Hangatiki, Auckland
  • 1896 Williams, F. W., Te Rawhiti, Hukarere Road, Napier
  • 1896 Wilcox, Hon. G. A., Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
  • 1898 Whitney, James L., Public Library, Dartmouth, Boston, U.S.A.
  • 1903 Walker, Ernest A., M.D., New Plymouth
  • 1910 Wilson, Sir J. G., Bulls
- x
  • 1912 Westervelt, Rev. W. D., Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands
  • 1913 Wheeler, W. J., Surveyor, Gisborne
  • 1914 Waller, Captain W., Moturoa, New Plymouth
  • 1915 Williams, H. B., Turihaua, Gisborne
  • 1916 Welsh, R. D., Hawera
  • 1916 White, Percy J. H., New Plymouth
  • 1917 Wilkinson, C. A., Eltham
  • 1918 Wallace, D. B., Masonic Club, Queen Street, Auckland
  • 1918 Western, T. H., Puketapu, Bell Block, New Plymouth
  • 1920 Williamson, R. W., M.Sc., The Copse, Brook, Godalming, Surrey, England
  • 1920 Watkins, A. E., Egmont Street, New Plymouth
  • 1920 Ward, R. H., P.O. Box 10, Tauranga
  • 1920 Wilson, H. F., P.O. Box 3235, Honolulu
  • 1920 Williams, W. J., Town Hall, Dunedin
  • 1920 Williams, W. S., M.P., Matahiia, Tokomaru Bay, Gisborne
  • 1921 Waite, Major F., Waiwera South, Otago
  • 1921 Waterston, Chas., Union Bank, New Plymouth
  • 1921 Wilson, D. M., Lands and Survey, New Plymouth
  • 1923 Whitcombe, F. N., Pendarves Street, New Plymouth
  • 1892 *Young, J. L., “Tarawynia,” Homebush, Sydney, N.S.W.
    PRESIDENTS—Past and Present:
  • 1892-1894—H. G. Seth-Smith, M.A.
  • 1895-1896—Right Rev. W. L. Williams, M.A., D.D.
  • 1896-1898—The Rev. W. T. Habens, B.A.
  • 1899-1900—J. H. Pope
  • 1901-1903—E. Tregear, I.S.O., etc.
  • 1904-1922—S. Percy Smith, F.R.G.S.
  • 1922-1923—Elsdon Best, F.N.Z.I.
  • The Editor—Otago Daily Times
  • Auckland Herald
  • Lyttelton Times
  • Wellington Post
  • Poverty Bay Herald, Gisborne
- xi

THE following is the List of Societies, etc., etc., to which the JOURNAL is sent, and from most of which we receive exchanges:—

  • Anthropologie, Société d', 15 Rue Ecole de Medicin, Paris
  • Anthropologie Societa, Museo Nazionale di Anthropologia, Via Gino Capponi, Florence, Italy
  • Anthropologie Ecole d', 15 Rue Ecole de Medicin, Paris
  • Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science, 5, Elizabeth Street, Sydney
  • American Oriental Society, 245, Bishop Street, Newhaven, Conn., U.S.A.
  • American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, U.S.A.
  • Asiatic Society of Bengal, 1, Park Street, Calcutta
  • Anthropological Department, University of The Philippines, Manilla
  • American Museum of Natural History, 77th Street and Central Park, W., New York, U.S.A.
  • Bataviaasch Genootschap, Batavia, Java
  • Bureau of American Ethnology, Smithsonian Institution, Washington
  • Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum, Honolulu, H.I.
  • Fijian Society, The, Suva, Fiji Islands
  • General Assembly Library, Wellington
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- xii
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