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VOL. 47. 1938.

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    No. 185—March, 1938.
  • Some Problems of Polynesian Grammar. By Herbert W. Williams 1
  • Maori Rasps and Burnishers. By F. V. Knapp 16
  • Kahuwera pa, Bay of Islands, in 1937. By Leslie G. Kelly 20
  • Further Excavations at the Moa-hunters' camp at Papatowai. By David Teviotdale 27
  • Reviews—“Hauhauism,” by S. Barton Babbage; (1) “Early Maoriland Adventures” (2) “More Maoriland Adventures of J. W. Stack,” by A. H. Reed 38
  • Proceedings 43
  • Memoir Supplements—The Oldman Collection of Maori Artifacts 37-45
  • The Oldman Collection of Polynesian Artifacts 1-6
    No. 186—June, 1938.
  • The Tahitian Account of Creation by Mare. By Kenneth, P. Emory 45
  • Native Pottery from Central and Southern Melanesia and Western Polynesia. By R. R. C. MacLachlan 64
  • Reviews—“Marsden and the Missions: prelude to Waitangi,” by Eric Ramsden; “An Ulster Plantation: the story of the Katikati Settlement,” by Arthur J. Gray 90
  • Notes and Queries—The Maori Canoe at Blenheim 95
  • Memoir Supplements—String-figures from the Gilbert Islands. By H. C. and H. E. Maude 57-64
  • The Oldman Collection of Polynesian Artifacts 7-9
    No. 187—September, 1938.
  • The Late Right Reverend Herbert William Williams, Bishop of Waiapu Frontispiece
  • Adzes from the Lau islands, Fiji. By Laura Thompson, Ph.D., Honolulu 97
  • The Pottery of the Lau islands, Fiji. By Laura Thompson, Ph.D., Honolulu 109
  • Final Report on the Excavation of a Moa-hunter camp at the mouth of the Tahakopa river. By David Teviotdale. 114
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    No. 187—September, 1938—Continued
  • Puketutu pa on Weekes' island, Manukau harbour. By F. G. Fairfield 119
  • The Origin of the Maori Spiral. By W. Page Rowe 129
  • Obituary—Thomas Williams Downes 134
  • Reviews—“Ethnology of Pukapuka,” by Ernest and Pearl Beaglehole; “The Proto-Indian Script and the Easter Island Tablets,” by Dr. Alfred Métraux 136
  • Notes and Queries—Unique Maori Grindstone—Skull-boxes in the South Island 143
  • Memoir Supplement—The Oldman Collection of Polynesian Artifacts 10-16
    No. 188—December, 1938.
  • Orongokoekoea Pa. By Leslie G. Kelly 145
  • Anthropology in New Zealand. By Ernest Beaglehole 152
  • Fragments of Ngapuhi History: The Conquest of the Ngare-raumati. By Leslie G. Kelly 163
  • Fragments of Ngapuhi History: Moremu-nui. By Leslie G. Kelly 173
  • Reviews—“Man and Woman in pre-history,” by C. L. Christensen; “A Survey of Indonesian Civilization,” by Raymond Kennedy; “Notes on Red Feather-money from Santa Cruz Group, New Hebrides,” by Harry G. Beasley in collaboration with H. L. Jones; “Historical and Ethnographical Material on the Jivaro Indians,” by M. W. Stirling; “Vikings of the Sunrise,” by Peter H. Buck (Te Rangi Hiroa) 182
  • Short Notices of New Publications—“The Sacred Edifices of the Batak of Sumatra,” by Harley Harris Bartlett; “Standards of Pottery-description,” by Benjamin March; “Dune Sepulture, Battle Mortality and Kamehameha's alleged defeat on Kauai,” by John F. G. Stokes. 194
  • Notes and Queries—Flint Dagger from the later Stone-age—Société des Océanistes 196
  • Proceedings 198
  • Annual Meeting 200
  • Annual Report 202
  • Statement of Accounts 204
  • Index to Vol. 47 206
  • Memoir Supplements—String-figures from the Gilbert Islands. By H. C. and H. E. Maude 65-72
  • The Oldman Collection of Polynesian Artifacts 17-23