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Containing the Transactions and Proceedings of the Society.
VOL. 63. 1954

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    No. 1—March, 1954.
  • Maori Affairs and the New Zealand Press—II. By Richard H. T. Thompson 1
  • Mind Over Matter—Magical Performances in the Gilbert Islands. By R. G. Roberts 17
  • The Hawaiian Variety of Dioscorea pentaphylla, an Edible Yam. Hawaiian Plant Studies 22. By Harold St. John 27
  • Are there Linguistic Affinities between Maori and Kannada? Some Reflections. By V. Lakshmi Pathy 35
  • Notes on Patu in the Dominion Museum. By W. J. Phillipps 43
  • Book Notices 55
  • Comparative Philology and Polynesian Studies. By Prof. Alan S. C. Ross 59
  • Some Physical Characteristics of the Polynesians and their Possible Relationship to Other Racial Types. By Ray A. Carreyett 69
  • Contributions to Marquesan Archaeology. By Bengt Danielsson 75
  • Portulaca—A Speciality in the Diet of the Gilbertese in the Phoenix Islands, Central Pacific. By I. G. Turbott 77
    No. 2—June, 1954.
  • Anuta and Tikopia: Symbiotic elements in social organization. By Raymond Firth 87
  • Notes on Ivory in Hawaii. By Schuyler Cammann 133
  • Stratification in Otago Archaeological Sites. By L. Lockerbie 141
  • Tohungaism and Makutu. Some beliefs and practices of the present day Maori. By G. Blake Palmer 147
  • An Authentic Austral Islands Tiputa. By Donald Stanley Marshall 165
  • A Maori Drinking Cup as Used in Otago 167
  • Book Notices 171
  • Palau Islands 174
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    Nos. 3 and 4—September-December, 1954.
  • European Influences on Tapu and the Tangi. By W. J. Phillipps 175
  • Preliminary Report on a Fisheries Survey in Tonga. By Hon. Vaea, Inspector of Agriculture, and W. Straatmans, Head of Department of Agriculture 199
  • Maori Affairs and the New Zealand Press—III. By Richard H. T. Thompson 216
  • Corrections to Journal Numbers, etc. 227
  • History of the South African Commission for the Preservation of Natural and Historical Monuments, Relics and Antiques in the Union of South Africa. By J. R. Harding 228
  • An Ethnographic Excusion to the Mountain Province of Luzon, Philippines. By Roger Duff 234
  • Some Bay of Islands Maori Place-names. By A. C. T. Abraham 243
  • Anthropology at the Manila Congresses, 1953. By Professor H. Otley Beyer 247
  • The Seabrook Adze. By Donald Stanley Marshall 251
  • The Guam Museum. By J. Henry Baird 253
  • Notes on Two East Coast Carvings. By W. J. Phillipps 255
  • Rewiti Tuhurouta Kohere 258
  • Report on the Transactions of the Palmerston North Polynesian Discussion Group 260
  • Letters to Editor 263
  • Book Reviews and Notices 274
  • Notes and Queries 279
  • List of Members 282