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Geoffery Blake-Palmer is Medical Superintendent of Seacliff Hospital and Lecturer in Mental Diseases, University of Otago. He has previously contributed articles to the Journal on Mana, Tohungaism and Makutu. A paper on Maori attitudes to Sickness will shortly appear in the Medical Journal of Australia. The present article marks a return to an earlier interest in archaeological field work, of which he has had some experience in Britain and elsewhere. Dr. Blake-Palmer is Hon. Secretary, Section F, Anthropology, for the forthcoming A.N.Z.A.A.S. Meeting, 1957.

Major R. Raven-Hart was born in 1889 in Ireland and he was educated at London, Paris and Berlin. After being with the Intelligence Branch of the General Staff in Egypt during the First World War, Major Raven-Hart served in the R.A.F. in the Second World War. His hobby was to travel by canoe along rivers such as the Nile and Mississippi. Now a resident of Ceylon, he is working on the topography of the Dutch period.

Andrew Sharp is a New Zealander who studied languages and was for a time a University Lecturer until he took up a Rhodes' Scholarship at Oxford, where he took a further degree in the social sciences. He served for a time in Upper Burma as a member of the Indian Civil Service, where he became interested in the lives of primitive peoples. For the past sixteen years he has been in the service of the New Zealand Government, first as an External Affairs officer in various posts at home and abroad, and latterly as a member of the Department of Internal Affairs, where he is inter alia the secretary of the New Zealand Literary Fund Committee. For many years he has made a study of the early Pacific, as revealed in the old literature and by modern evidence.

Professor Morrell has the chair of History at Otago University and Dr. Roger Duff is the Director of the Canterbury Museum. W. J. Phillipps is on the staff of the Dominion Museum, Wellington, while Kenneth A. Webster is a London-New Zealander who is a keen Maori student and a most tireless collector of Maori pieces. Biographical notes on G. Leslie Adkin appeared in the December Journal, 1955.

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Maori Rock Paintings at Waipapa, Central Waikato.