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Vol. VI. 1897.
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    No. 21.—March, 1897.
  • Constitution of Society, List of Officers and Members v
  • Annual Meeting x
  • Annual Report of the Council x
  • Balance-sheet xii
  • An Account of some Early Ancestors of Rarotonga. With Translation by Arthur H. Browne 1
  • The Moriori People of the Chatham Islands. Alexander Shand. Chap. xi.: Tohinga, or Baptism 11
  • Folk-songs and Myths from Samoa. John Fraser, LL.D., Sydney. II.—Chaos and Strife, a Solo. III.—Le Foa-foaga (the Creation). IV.—Vavau and his Family, a Tala 19
  • Notes and Queries. 96—Funafuti Atoll, Ellice Group. 97—In Ancient Maori Land. 98—Phallic Cult. 99—Easter Island Inscriptions. 100—Ka pou-tu-maro te Ra 37
  • Obituary. Sir J. B. Thurston, K.C.M.G., F.R.G.S.—Professor Horatio Hale, M.A., F.R.S. 38
  • Proceedings of the Society 39
    No. 22.—June, 1897.
  • Te Rehu-o-Tainui. Elsdon Best 41
  • Folk-songs and Myths from Samoa. John Fraser, LL.D., Sydney. V.—The History of Tangaloa-a-Ui, a Tala. VI.—The Supremacy of Tui-Manu'a, a Tala. VII.—The Origin of the Samoans. VIII.—The Origin of the Samoans. IX.—The Origin of the Rarotongans. X.—The Story of Tapu-ali'i, a Tala. XI.—O le Gafa o Tau-olo-asii (the Pedigree of Tau-olo-asii), a Tala. XII.—Silia-i-vao, a Tala 67
  • On the ancient Pit Dwellings of the Pelorus District, South Island, N.Z. (Illustrated). Joshua Rutland 77
  • Notes on the Rev. H. W. Williams' Paper on “The Maori Whare.” A. T. Ngata, M.A. 85
  • Goodenough Island, New Guinea. Whitmore Monckton 89
  • Notes and Queries. 101—Easter Island Inscriptions. 102—Easter Island. 103—Funafuti A toll, Ellice Group. 104—Flint Implements. 105—The Hawaiian “Moa-nui.” 106—Pouakai. 107—“Maori Art” 91
  • Proceedings of the Society 96
    No. 23.—September, 1897.
  • Kame-tara and his Ogre Wife. Karipa te Whetu 97
  • Folk-songs and Myths from Samoa. John Fraser, LL.D., Sydney. XIII.—Ulu-le-papa, a Solo. XIV.—Liufau, a Solo. XV.—Samata; Po and Ao, a Tala. XVI.—About Tui-Samata, a Tala. XVII.—About Po and Ao, a Pair of Chiefs, a Tala. XVIII.—Le 'Ava, a Solo 107
  • On the Distribution and Origin of some Plant- and Tree-names in Polynesia and Micronesia. F. W. Christian, B.A. 123
  • Palolo, a sea-worm eaten by the Samoans. Rev. J. B. Stair 141
  • The Moriori People of the Chatham Islands. Alexander Shand. Chap. xii.: Marriage 145
  • 'O le Tala ia Taema ma Na-fanua. Rev. Samuel Ella 152
  • The Legend of Para-hia. W. H. Skinner 156
  • Notes and Queries. 108—Origin of the Canterbury Rock Drawings. 109—Kohiwi and Koiwi. 110—Abnormal Tusks 158
  • Proceedings of the Society 160
- iv
    No. 24.—December, 1897.
  • The Moriori People of the Chatham Islands. Alexander Shand. Chap. xiii.: Death 161
  • A Legend of “Ti-ya-tinity,” the Screech-Owl of Australia. T. Pine 169
  • The Ancestors of the Maori. By the late S. E. Peal, F.R.G.S., &c., Assam 174
  • The Maori Tribes of the East Coast. W. E. Gudgeon. Part v 177
  • Notes from the Caroline Islands. F. W. Christian, B.A. Ponape Onomatopœas, or Imitative Sounds. Ponape Gods. Yap Gods. Ponape Plants. Varieties of Breadfruit in Ponape. Ponape Day-names. Ponape Star-names. Lamotrek Star-names. Months of Lamotrek Year. Mortlock Star-names. Yap Star-names. Lamotrek Measures. Lamotrek Gods. Lamotrek Day-names. Mortlock Islands. Mortlock Months. Mortlock Gods. Yap Day-names. Names of Months in Yap Year 187
  • Notes on the Kabadi Dialect of New Guinea. Pastor Timoteo. Translated by the Rev. J. E. Newell 201
  • The First Inhabitants of the Ellice Group. S. Percy Smith 209
  • A War-song of the Oropaa Clan of Tahiti. Translated by Miss Teuira Henry 211
  • The Big-ears. Joshua Rutland 213
  • Obituary. S. E. Peal, F.R.G.S. 215
- v


Liliuokalani, Ex-Queen of Hawaii.


The Rev. W. J. Habens, B.A.


  • Hon. J. Carroll.
  • J. H. Pope.
  • T. G. Poutawera.
  • N. J. Tone.
  • E. Tregear, F.R. Hist. S.
  • S. Percy Smith, F.R.G.S.

Joint Hon. Secreturies and Treasurers, and Editors of Journal:

Ed. Tregear and S. Percy Smith.

THE Society is formed to promote the study of the Anthropology, Ethnology, Philology, History and Antiquities of the Polynesian races, by the publication of an official journal, to be called “The Journal of the Polynesian Society;” and by the collection of books, manuscripts, photographs, relics, and other illustrations.

The term “Polynesia” is intended to include Australia, New Zealand, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Malaysia, as well as Polynesia proper.

Candidates for admission to the Society shall be admitted on the joint recommendation of a member of the Society and a member of the Council, and on the approval of the Council.

Every person elected to membership shall receive immediate notice of the same from the Secretaries, and shall receive a copy of the rules; and on payment of his subscription of one pound shall be entitled to all the benefits of membership. Subscriptions are payable in advance, on the 1st January of each year.

Papers will be received on any of the above subjects if sent through a member. Authors are requested to write only on one side of the paper, to use quarto paper, and to leave one inch margin on the left-hand side, to allow of binding. Proper names should be written in ROMAN TYPE.

The office of the Society is at present Government Buildings, Wellington, New Zealand.

- vi
1st of January, 1897.

The sign * before a name indicates an original member or founder.

As this list will be published annually, the Secretaries would feel obliged if members would supply any omissions, or notify change of residence.

  • Liliuokalangi, ex-Queen of Hawaii, Honolulu, Sandwich Islands
  • Hon. Sir George Grey, K.C.B., London
  • F. D. Fenton, Auckland, N.Z.
  • Prof. Horatio Hale, M.A., F.R.S.C., Clinton, Ontario, Canada
  • Rev. R. H. Codrington, D.D., Wadhurst Rectory, Sussex, England
  • Rev. Prof. A. H. Sayce, M.A., Queen's College, Oxford, England
  • Hon. J. G. Ward, M.H.R., Wellington, N.Z.
  • Prof. F. Max Müller, M.A., F.R.S., Oxford, England
  • Prof. Otis T. Mason, Smithsonian Institution, National Museum, Washington, U.S.A.
  • Rev. T. G. Hammond, Patea, Taranaki, N.Z.
  • Major Keepa Te Rangi-hiwi-nui, Putiki, Wanganui, N.Z.
  • Major Ropata Wahawaha, M.L.C., Waiomatatini, Waiapu, N.Z.
  • Rev. Hauraki Paora, Reiweti, Kaipara, Auckland
  • Te Aia, Rarotonga Island
  • W. Te Kahui Kararehe, Rahotu, Taranaki, N.Z.
  • Te One Rene Rawiri Te Mamaru, Moeraki, Otago, N.Z.
  • Rev. Mohi Turei, Waiapu, N.Z.
  • Takaanui-Tarakawa, Te Puke, Maketu, N.Z.
  • Karipa-Te-Whetu, Tikorangi, Taranaki, N.Z.
  • Tiwai Paraone, Miranda, Auckland, N.Z.
  • Aporo-Te-Kumeroa, Greytown, N.Z.
  • F. W. Christian, Tenterfield House, Putney Hill, London, S.W.
  • Hare Hongi, Hawera, N.Z.
  • Wiremu Kauika, Waitotara, N.Z.
  • Rev. J. B. Stair, St. Arnaud, Victoria
  • Rev. Samuel Ella, Rathmore, Petersham, Sydney
  • *Atkinson, A. S., F.L.S., Nelson, N.Z.
  • *Adams, C. W , Survey Office, Blenheim, N.Z.
  • *Alexander, Hon. W. D., F.R.G.S., Honolulu, Sandwich Islands
  • *Alexander, Dr. E. W., F.R.G.S., Dunedin, N.Z.
  • Aldred, W. A., Wellington, N.Z.
  • Atkinson, Ronald, Wellington, N.Z.
  • Aitken, J. G. W., Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Broderick, J. N., Timaru, N.Z.
  • *Birch, W. J., Erewhon, Napier, N.Z.
  • - vii
  • *Blair, J. R., Terrace, Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Barron, A., Survey Department, Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Baker, J. H., London
  • *Best, Elsdon, Te Whaiti, Rotorua
  • *Bishop, Hon. C. R., Honolulu, Sandwich Islands
  • *Brittain, Rev. A., Norfolk Island
  • Buller, Sir W. L., K.C.M.G., F.R.S., Terrace, Wellington, N.Z.
  • Benn, H. R., Galatea, N.Z.
  • Bate, A. T., Wellington, N.Z.
  • Best, Walter, Otaki, Wellington, N.Z.
  • Battley, R. T., Moawhango, N.Z.
  • Bamford, E., Auckland, N.Z.
  • *Chapman, F. R., Dunedin, N.Z.
  • *Cowie, Right Rev. W. G., D.D., Primate of N.Z., Bishopscourt, Auckland, N.Z.
  • *Campbell, R. E. M., Wanganui, N.Z.
  • *Carroll, A., M.A., M.D., St. Kilda, Kogarrah, Sydney, N.S.W.
  • *Chalmers, Rev. James, F.R.G.S., New Guinea
  • *Crompton, A., Port Adelaide, Adelaide, S.A.
  • *Carkeek, Morgan, Blenheim, Marlborough, N.Z.
  • Claxton, Rev. A. E., Chung King, Hankow, China
  • Chambers, T. M., Taunui, Havelock, H.B., N.Z.
  • Chambers, W. K., Repongaere, Gisborne, N.Z.
  • Carter, H. C., 233 Fifth Avenue, New York
  • Carroll, Hon. J., Wellington, N.Z.
  • Comins, Rev. R. Blundell, Norfolk Island
  • Carrick, R., Invercargill, N.Z.
  • Chapman, M., Wellington, N.Z.
  • Cooper, Rev. E. V., Leone, Tutuila, Samoa
  • Caddick, Miss H., c/o A. Caddick, Esq., West Bromwich, England
  • Carnachan, F. M., Rotorua, N.Z.
  • Cooper, Theo., Auckland, N.Z.
  • Davies, Henry, Napier, N.Z.
  • *Denniston, The Hon. J. E., Christchurch, N.Z.
  • Dudley, Ven. Arch. B. T., St. Sepulchre, Auckland, N.Z.
  • D'Albirtis, Captain, E. A., Genoa, Italy
  • *Emerson, J. S., Honolulu, Sandwich Islands
  • Emerson, Dr. N. B., Honolulu, Sandwich Islands
  • Ewen, C. A., Wellington, N.Z.
  • Edger, F. H., Judge N.L.C., Auckland, N.Z.
  • *Fraser, J., LL.D., Waverley, N.S.W.
  • *Fraser, D., Bulls, Rangitikei, Wellington, N.Z.
  • Friedlander, R., Carlstrasse 11, Berlin, N.W.
  • Freedlaender, Dr. B. Regenten Strasse 8, Berlin, W.
  • Fletcher, Rev. H. J., Taupo, N.Z.
  • *Gold-Smith, E. C., Survey Office, Napier, N.Z.
  • *Grace, L. M., Taupo, N.Z.
  • *Gudgeon, Judge W. E., Auckland, N.Z.
  • *Govett, Ven. H., B.A., New Plymouth, N.Z.
  • *Gray, Rev. W., Mt. Barker, S.A.
  • Gunn, Rev. W., D.D., Futuna, New Hebrides
  • Gordon, H. A., F.G.S., Auckland, N.Z.
- viii
  • Garnier, J. H., Rarotonga Island
  • Gray, W. J., Okato, Taranaki, N.Z.
  • Gully, H. V., Nelson, N.Z.
  • *Habens, Rev. W. J., B.A., Education Department, Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Hursthouse, C. W., Te Kuiti, Auckland, N.Z.
  • *Hocken, Dr. T. M., F.L.S., Dunedin, N.Z.
  • *Hamilton, A., Otago University, Dunedin, N.Z.
  • *Harris, E. F., Gisborne, N.Z.
  • *Hyde, Rev. C. M., D.D., Honolulu, Sandwich Islands
  • *Henry, Miss Teuira, Honolulu, Sandwich Islands
  • *Hamilton, R. M., Christchurch, N.Z.
  • Harding, R. Coupland, Wellington, N.Z.
  • Harris, Christopher, London, E.C.
  • Haggard, F. C. D., London, E.C.
  • Heatly, F. J., Gisborne, N.Z.
  • *Johnston, Dr. D. G., Carterton, N.Z.
  • *Johnston, H. Dunbar, Judge N.L. Court, Auckland, N.Z.
  • Jackson, F. Arthur, M.B.A.Asso., F.I.Inst., Jacksondale, Fiji Islands
  • *Kenny, Hon. C. W. A. T., M.L.C., Picton, N.Z.
  • *Kensington, W. C., Survey Office, Auckland, N.Z.
  • Kühl, W. H., W-Jäger Strasse, Berlin
  • Lyons, Curtis J., Honolulu, Sandwich Islands
  • *Lawrence, Rev. W. N., Rarotonga Island
  • *Large, J. T., Lower Matakana, N.Z.
  • *Laing, R. M., M.A., High School, Christchurch, N.Z.
  • Leggatt, Rev. T. W. Watt, Malikula, New Hebrides
  • Lambert, H. A., Mangaone, Eketahuna, Wellington, N.Z.
  • Lee, J. B., Waipiro Bay, N.Z.
  • Lamb, Rev. R., M.B., B.D., Ambrym, New Hebrides
  • *Murray, Rev. C., M.A., Carterton, N.Z.
  • *Marshall, W. S., Pemberton, Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Moss, F. J., British Resident, Rarotonga Island
  • *Morpeth, W. T., Survey Department, New Plymouth, N.Z.
  • *Major, C. E., Hawera, N.Z.
  • *MacDonald, Rev. Dr. D., Efate, New Hebrides
  • Maxwell, C. F., Auckland, N.Z.
  • Martin, Dr. A., Wellington, N.Z.
  • Mitchell, F. T., Home Rule, N.S.W.
  • McArthur, J. P., McArthur & Co., Sydney, N.S.W.
  • Mackay, A., Judge N.L.C., Wellington, N.Z.
  • Mackay, A. W., Newington College, Stanmore, Sydney
  • March, H. Colley, M.D., F.S.A., Portesham, Dorchester, England
  • Meeson, J. T., Fendalton, Christchurch, N.Z.
  • Mair, Captain G. W., F.L.S., Thames, N.Z.
  • Monckton, W., Fielding, N.Z.
  • *Nelson, C. E., Rotorua, Auckland, N.Z.
  • *Nicholas, H., Rarotonga Island
  • Nevill, Right Rev. S. T., D.D., Bishop of Dunedin, Dunedin, N.Z.
  • Nathan, D. J., Wellington, N.Z.
  • Newell, Rev. J. E., Malua, Apia, Samoa
  • Nicholls, W. E., Paeroa, Auckland, N.Z.
- ix
  • Nairn, F. E., Hastings, H.B., N.Z
  • Ngata, A. T., M.A., Auckland, N.Z.
  • *O'Donahoo, A. O'N., Wellington, N.Z
  • Oahu College, Honolulu, Sandwich Islands
  • *Proctor, T., Carterton, Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Phillips, Coleman, Featherston, N.Z.
  • *Pope, J. H., Education Department, Wellington, N.Z.
  • Poutawera, T. G., Native Land Court, Wellington, N.Z.
  • Parfit, P. J., Bank of N.Z., Sydney, N.S.W.
  • Porter, Lieut.-Col. T. W., Gisborne, N.Z.
  • Paige, Rev. W. E., Masterton, Wellington, N.Z.
  • Purchas, Rev. A. G., M.R.C.S.E., Grey Street, Auckland, N.Z.
  • Parker, Thos., Georgetown, N. Queensland
  • Pratt, T., M.H.R., Moeraki, Otago, N.Z.
  • Pritt, Rev. F. G., Gairlock, Brisbane, Queensland
  • Partington, J. Edge, F.R.G.S., Wellington Road, Eltham, England
  • Pratt, R. C., Wellington, N.Z.
  • Peal, S. E., F.R.G.S., Moran, Sibsegar, Asam, India
  • Parsons, J. A., Kaikoura, N.Z.
  • *Rutland, Joshua, Canvastown, Marlborough, N.Z.
  • *Reid, W. S., Fitzherbert Terrace, Wellington, N.Z.
  • Roy, R. B., Wellington, N.Z.
  • Ross, John, R.M., Levuka, Fiji Islands
  • Redwood, J. H., Blenheim, N.Z.
  • *Smith, W. W., F.E.S., Ashburton, Canterbury, N.Z.
  • *Stack, Rev. J. W., Fendalton, Canterbury, N.Z.
  • *Shand, A., Chatham Islands
  • *Smith, H. G. Seth, M.A., Auckland, N.Z.
  • *Smith, F. S., Kaikoura, N.Z.
  • *Smith, M. C., Survey Department, Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Smith, S. Percy, F.R.G.S., Survey Department, Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Stout, Hon. Sir R., K.C.M.G., Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Skinner, W. H., Survey Department, New Plymouth, N.Z.
  • *Skinner, T. K., New Plymouth, N.Z.
  • Skinner, J., New Plymouth, N.Z.
  • Saxon, Henry Waring, F.L.S., New Plymouth, N.Z.
  • Scannell, D., Judge N.L.C., Auckland, N.Z.
  • Smith, T. H., Grafton Road, Auckland, N.Z.
  • Scott, Prof. J. H., M.D., F.R.S.E., Otago University, Dunedin, N.Z.
  • Stainton, G., Mangaone, Eketahuna, N.Z.
  • Swanwick, S., sen., Picton, N.Z.
  • Smith, Hon. W. O., Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands
  • Turnbull, A. H., Bowen Street, Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Tregear, E., F.R.Hist.S., Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Tone, N. J., Wellington, N.Z.
  • *Testa, F. J., Honolulu, Sandwich Islands
  • Thurston, Sir J. B., K.C.M.G., F.L.S., F.R.G.S., Suva, Fiji Islands
  • Trimble, W. H., Survey Department, Gisborne, N.Z.
  • Tinline, J., Nelson, N.Z.
  • Valentine, H. S., Riversdale, N.Z.
  • Valder, H., Hunterville, N.Z.
- x
  • *Webster, J., Hokianga, N.Z.
  • *Wilkinson, G. T., Otorohanga, Auckland, N.Z.
  • *Wheeler, W. J., Gisborne, N.Z.
  • *Weetman, S., F.R.G.S., Christchurch, N.Z.
  • *Williams, Right Rev. W. L., B.A., Bishop of Waiapu, Napier, N.Z.
  • Williams, Rev. H. W., Gisborne, N.Z.
  • *Wilson, D. C., Whangarei, Auckland, N.Z.
  • *Wright, A. B., Survey Department, Auckland, N.Z.
  • *Wideman, Hon. H. A., Honolulu, Sandwich Islands
  • Williams, J. N., Frimley, Hastings, Hawke's Bay, N.Z.
  • White, Taylor, Wimbledon, Hawke's Bay, N.Z.
  • Wilson, A., Whangarei, N.Z.
  • Wilcox, Hon. G. N., Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands
  • Watt, Rev. W., Tanna, New Hebrides
  • Wake, R., Rotorua, N.Z.
  • Watt, F. F., Rotorua, N.Z.
  • Williams, F. W., Napier, N.Z.
  • *Young, J. L., Tahiti Island

On the 25th January, 1897, the Annual Meeting of the Society took place in the Lecture Room of the New Zealand Institute, Wellington, Mr. J. H. Pope in the chair.

The Annual Report of the Council and the Accounts for the year 1896 were read, passed, and ordered to be printed in the March number of the Journal. They will be found on the following pages.

The Rev. W. J. Habens, B.A., Inspector-General of Schools, was elected President for the year 1897, and Messrs. N. J. Tone, G. T. Poutawera, E. Tregear, and S. Percy Smith elected Members of the Council; the two latter gentlemen being also re-elected Hon. Secretaries and Treasurers.

Mr. Alex. Barron was re-elected Hon. Auditor, and thanked for his past services.

A vote of thanks to the Chairman and Secretaries concluded the Meeting.

Presented at the Annual Meeting, 25th January, 1897.

In accordance with the Rules of the Society, the Council now has much pleasure in laying before the Annual Meeting of the Society, its yearly report, being the fifth since its foundation, and which embraces the twelve months ending the 31st December, 1896.

- xi

During the period under consideration matters have gone on so quietly and evenly that there is little to record with respect to our work, but we deeply regret having to report the loss by death of one of our most valued members, in the person of the Rev. W. Wyatt Gill, LL.D., who passed away at his home in Sydney in November last. We shall long miss his kind encouraging words and sage advice, for though Mr. Gill has written little for the journal, he was in constant correspondence with the secretaries; in all of his letters he expressed his interest in and high appreciation of the work of the Society. Happily this is the only death we have to deplore. We have, however, lost by resignation during the year four other members, and the Council at its last meeting on the 31st December felt itself obliged to strike off the Rolls nine other members who have failed to pay their subscriptions. At the beginning of the year our membership stands thus:—

Ordinary Members 182
Honorary Members 8
Corresponding Members 16
Total 206

There is thus an increase in the ordinary members of four, and a decrease of corresponding members of one, our total members last year being 203.

During the year the Council were deprived of the services of Mr. H. Dunbar Johnson, in consequence of his removal from Wellington. It was with much regret Mr. Johnson's services were lost to the Council. His place was filled by the election of the Hon. James Carroll, who readily undertook the duties, and has expressed his strong interest in the Society. Owing to the distance from Wellington at which the President lives, we have not had the pleasure of his presence at our meetings; indeed, since the first starting of the Society in 1892, three times only have any of our Presidents ever been able to attend the Council meetings.

The Journal has appeared quarterly during the year, but not so regularly as the Council could wish, the reasons being the frequent absences of the editors on their own particular duties, and press of matter in the printing office. The last quarter's Journal will be out in few days; it forms the last No. of Volume V. of our Transactions and Proceedings. This volume will be of somewhat less bulk than that of last year. The Journal is getting known far and wide, and the Council are in receipt of many applications from distant countries for exchange with other Societies. This is especially the case with foreign societies, whilst on the other hand, the English societies running on parallel lines to our own are found to be not nearly so responsive. The fact appears to be we have to go abroad to find those who are really in sympathy with the subjects of Anthropology and Ethnology. During the year our exchanges with societies, public institutions, &c., amounted to fifty-four, and in return many valuable publications have been received, particularly from the Society of Arts of Batavia, whose numerous publications are of deep interest.

The supply of original papers keeps up; far more are received than can be published within reasonable time. The Society now possesses a large quantity of original and valuable matter, which nearly all awaits translation.

In the matter of finance, our credit balance is not so good as at the end of last year, though our expenses have been somewhat smaller, but this is due to several of our members being in arrear with their subscriptions; such arrears amounting to £24. The balance on hand, as per attached accounts, amounts to £21 16s 6d, which may be considered as so much to our credit, for the cost of printing the December No. of the Journal, is properly chargeable against 1897.

The capital account (which was augumented last year by one member compounding his subscriptions for a life membership), amounts to £50 17s 10d. This sum cannot be used for the annual purposes of the Society.

S. PERCY SMITH, Hon. Secretaries.
Ed. TREGEAR, Hon. Secretaries.
- xii