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  • ATTENBOROUGH, David: Quest in Paradise. London, Lutterworth Press, 1960. 224 pp., 4 colour pl., 32 monochrome pl., map. Price (U.K.) 18s.
  • BARRAU, Jacques: Subsistence Agriculture in Polynesia and Micronesia. Bishop Museum Bulletin No. 223, Honolulu, 1961. 94 pp., illus. Price $2.25.
  • BARNETT, H. G.: Being a Palauan. New York, Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1960. vii, 87 pp., illus., map. Price $1.25.
  • GABEL, Norman E.: A Racial Study of the Fijians. Anthropological Records, 20:1, Berkeley & Los Angeles, University of California Press, 1958. vi, 42 pp., 16 pl., map. Price (U.S.A.) $1.00.
  • KÄHLER, Hans: Simalur-Deutsches Wörterbuch mit Deutsch-Simaluresischem Wörterverzeichnis. Veröffentlichungen des Seminars für Indonesisch und Südsee sprachen der Universität Hamburg, Band 3, Berlin, Dietrich Reimer, 1961. Multilithed, ix, 281 pp. Price DM20.
  • KENNEDY, T. F.: Farmers of the Pacific Islands. Wellington, A. H. & A. W. Reed, 1961. 40 pp., illus., maps. Price (N.Z.) 6s.
  • MCKNIGHT, Robert K.: Mnemonics in preliterate Palau. Anthropological Working Papers No. 9, Guam, Office of the Staff Anthropologist, 1961. Mimeo., ii, 36 pp., illus.
  • MARSACK, C. C.: Samoan Medley. London, Robert Hale, 1961. 192 pp., 14 pl. Price (U.K.) 18s.
  • MEAD, Margaret: New Lives for Old. New York, Mentor Books, 1961. 460 pp., illus., maps. Price 95c.
  • MORRELL, W. P.: Britain in the Pacific Islands. London, Clarendon Press: Oxford University Press, 1960. ix, 454 pp., maps. Price (U.K.) £2 15s.
  • NEW ZEALAND DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION: The Arts of the Maori. Wellington, Government Printer, 1961. 55 pp., illus. Price (N.Z.) 12s 6d.
  • O'REILLY, Patrick and Jean POIRIER. Nouvelle-Calédonie, documents iconographiques anciens. Publications du Centaire de la Nouvelle-Calédonie III, Paris, Nouvelles Editions Latines, 1959. 126 pp. Price (France) 25NF.
  • ROGERS, Lawrence M. (Ed.): The Early Journals of Henry Williams. Christchurch, Pegasus Press, 1961. 525 pp., illus. Price (N.Z.) £3 15s.
  • ROSE, Lyndon: People in the Sun: the native people of Australia and the islands of the south-west Pacific. With photographs by Ronald Rose. Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1961. 94 pp., pl., maps. Price (Australia) £1 10s.
  • SCHMITZ, Carl A.: Beiträge zur Ethnographie des Wantoat Tales, Nordost Neuguinea. Köln, Kölner Universitäts Verlag, 1960. 226 pp., 61 pl., map. Price DM39.
  • Te Reo, Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of New Zealand, Vol. III. Auckland, Linguistic Society of New Zealand, 1960. Mimeo., 64 pp.
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