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We record with regret the death of Mr. John Houston, LLB., O.B.E., a life member of the Society and a valued contributor to its Journal. Mr. Houston lived in Hawera for many years and he was particularly well known for his interest in the Maori history and prehistory of the West Coast of the North Island. His publications in the Journal of the Polynesian Society include the following articles:

  • “Aotea,” vol. 44, pp. 36-47, 1935.
  • “Takaora Swamp Recoveries,” vol. 46, p. 238, 1937.
  • “A West Coast Tauihu,” vol. 48, pp. 104-7, 1939.
  • “Taranaki Maori Carvings,” vol. 57, pp. 301-5, 1948.