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A quarterly study of the native peoples of the pacific area
VOLUME 76. 1967

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    No. 1—MARCH, 1967
  • Notes and News 3
  • Articles:
  • Aspects of Cultural Change in French Polynesia: The Decline of the Ari'i. By Colin Newbury 7
  • The Missionary “Censuses” of Tahiti, 1797–1830. By Robert C. Schmitt 27
  • Before the Pai Marire. By C. J. Parr 35
  • The Ngatimamoe: The Western Polynesian-Melanesoid Subculture in New Zealand. By I. W. Keyes 47
  • Names and Aliases in Kewa. By Karl J. Franklin 76
  • Christians and Pagans in Kwaio, Malaita. By Roger M. Keesing 82
  • Shorter Communications:
  • The Pharmacology of Kava: abstract of a paper by J. P. Buckely, A. R. Furgiule and M. J. O'Hara. By F. N. Fastier 101
  • A New Technique for Measuring Striking Platform and Scraper Angles on Stone Tools. By Eleanor Crosby 102
  • Reviews: 104
  • Publications Received: 116
    No. 2—JUNE, 1967
  • Notes and News 119
  • Articles:
  • The Moro Movement of Guadalcanal. By William Davenport and Gülbün Çoker 123
  • An Archaeological Assemblage of Simple Fish-hooks from Nukuoro Atoll. By Janet M. Davidson 177
  • The Early Population of the Ellice Islands. By W. F. Newton 197

Pacific Commentary:

  • The Prichard-Waetford Inquiry into Maori Land. By I. H. Kawharu 205

Shorter Communications:

  • Participation by Proxy. By Martin Silverman 215
  • Sweet Potatoes and Settlement in the Pacific. By J. W. MacNab 219
  • Additional Radiocarbon Dates for Western Polynesia. By J. M. Davidson, R. C. Green, A. G. Buist and K. M. Peters 223
  • Review Article:
  • Earle, Augustus, Narrative of a Residence in New Zealand. Journal of a Residence in Tristan da Cunha. By Kathleen Shawcross 231
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  • Reviews: 239
  • Publications Received: 255
  • Advertisement: The New Zealand Journal of History 256
    No. 3—SEPTEMBER, 1967
  • Frontispiece: The Lake Hauroko Burial.
  • Articles:
  • The Relationships of Polynesian Outlier Languages. By Andrew Pawley 259
  • Preserved Human Heads of the New Zealand Maoris. By D. Wayne Orchiston 297
  • Fern Root and 18th Century Maori Food Production in Agricultural Areas. By Kathleen Shawcross 330
  • The Historical Development of the Hawaiian Alphabet. By David B. Walch 353
  • Shorter Communications:
  • A Note on the Lake Hauroko Burial. By D. R. Simmons 367
  • A Note on Carbon Dates for Horticulture in the New Guinea Highlands. By J. Golson, R. J. Lampert, J. M. Wheeler and W. R. Ambrose 369
  • Additional Petroglyphs from American Samoa. By William K. Kikuchi 372
  • Anthropomorphic Stone Carvings on Unea Island. By Inge Riebe 374
  • Reviews: 379
  • The Polynesian Annual General Meeting, June 1967: 393
  • Publications Received: 395
    No. 4—DECEMBER, 1967
  • Frontispiece: “Native of New Zealand called Naguinoui, Cannibal”.
  • Notes and News: 401
  • Articles:
  • A Case Study of Maori Work Attendance. By Bernard F. Pierce 405
  • The Stalactite Fish Hooks of Ocean Island. By H. E. Maude and R. J. Lampert 415
  • Racial Integration and Role Differentiation. By Eugene L. Hartley and Richard Thompson 427
  • Hei-Tiki. By Charles O. Bechtol 445
  • A Note on the Hei-Tiki. By L. M. Groube 453
  • Maori and Solomon Island Drawings from the Surville Expedition Found in Spanish Archives. By Celsus Kelly 459
  • How Many Hawaiians? By Robert C. Schmitt 467
  • Te Hau Pahu Rahi: Pomare II and the Concept of Inter-Island Government in Eastern Polynesia. By Colin Newbury 477
  • Reviews: 515
  • Publications Received: 530