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    VOLUME 91 No. 1 MARCH 1982
  • Notes and News 4
  • Polynesian Corpuscles and Pacific Anthropology: The Home-made Anthropology of Sir Apirana Ngata and Sir Peter Buck M.P.K. Sorrenson 7
  • Tapu Michael P. Shirres O.P. 29
  • Maori Settlement in the Interior of Southern New Zealand from the Early 18th to Late 19th Centuries A.D. Atholl Anderson 53
  • Samoan Village Patterns: Four Examples Jesse D. Jennings, Richard Holmer and Gregory Jackmond 81
  • Lelū, the Stone City of Kosrae: 1978–1981 Research Ross Cordy 103
  • Adoption in Rarotonga Josephine Baddeley 121
  • Correspondence 139
  • Reviews 145
  • Publications Received 173
  • Edited by Geoffrey Irwin
  • Review Editor Garth Rogers
  • Editorial Assistant Lionel Crothers
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  • A Polynesian Myth and the Invention of Melanesia Jean Guiart 139
  • Chenoweth, Vida: The Usarufas and their Music Allan Thomas 145
  • Beaumont, Clive.: The Tigak Language of New Ireland Frantisek Lichtenberk 148
  • Farquhar, Judith and D. Carlton Gajdusek (eds.): Kuru: Early Letters and Fieldnotes from the Collection of D. Carlton Gajdusek Shirley Lindenbaum 150
  • Hahl, Albert, Governor in New Guinea Nigel Oram 152
  • Hancock, Kathleen: Sir Albert Henry: his Life and Times Josephine Baddeley 154
  • Hooper, Antony: Why Tikopia has Four Clans Julie Park 155
  • Richards, J.G. (ed.): Primary Health Care and the Community Kenneth W. Newell 157
  • Rodman, Margaret and Matthew Cooper (eds.): The Pacification of Melanesia Robert Norton 158
  • Sillitoe, Paul: Give and Take: Exchange in Wola Society Andrew Strathern 162
  • Sheldon, Ronald (ed.): The Demography of Papua New Guinea: Analyses from the 1971 Census Murray Wilson 164
  • Trotter, M. M. and B. McCullough: Prehistoric Rock Art of New Zealand Tony Fomison 166
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  • Woods, Sybil M.: Samuel Williams of Te Aute Raeburn Lange 169
  • Young, Maribelle: Bwaidoka Tales Nigel Baumber 170


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Tongan Society at the time of Cook

Memoir 44 of The Polynesian Society has been published recently. Written by Elizabeth Bott with the assistance of Tavi it is entitled Tongan Society at the time of Captain Cook's visits: Discussions with Her Majesty Queen Sāelote Tupou.

Directory of Pacific Island Geographers

The Scientific Committee of the Pacific Science Association is compiling a Directory of Pacific Island Geographers. Information and entry forms may be obtained from Professor R. Gerard Ward, at the Research School of Pacific Studies, Australian National University, P.O. Box 4, Canberra A.C.T. 2600, Australia.

Back Numbers of the Journal

The Secretary has for sale a complete run of the Journal from Vol. 69 to 83 inclusive. The asking price is $NZ 100.00, plus postage.

Contributors of Articles to This Issue

M.P.K. Sorrenson is a Professor of History at the University of Auckland. He has previously published essays on Maori history in the Journal. Recently he completed editing the correspondence of Sir Apirana Ngata and Sir Peter Buck, 1925–1950, for the Auckland University Press.

Father Michael Shirres, New Zealand-born Dominican priest, did his philosophical and theological studies at the Dominican House of Studies, in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, 1948–54. He began anthropological and Maori studies at Auckland University in 1974 and at present is completing a Ph.D. on Maori karakia, ‘chants of power’, having been granted the Maori Education Foundation Post-Graduate Fellowship and a New Zealand Universities Post-Graduate Fellowship.

Atholl Anderson graduated M.A. from Otago University in 1973 and Ph.D. from Cambridge University in 1976, where he specialised on the archaeology of northern Sweden. He has worked subsequently in Tonga, the Kermadec Islands and southern New Zealand. He is currently a Lecturer in the Anthropology Department of Otago University.

Jesse Jennings is a Distinguished Profesor of the University of Utah who in 1982 has received the Distinguished Service Award of the Society for American Archaeology for his contribution to the archaeological profession. The recipient of numerous other professional honours, Professor Jennings established the Utah Museum of Natural History, the Statewide Archaeological Survey, and held - 5 editorships of American Antiquity (1950–54) and The University of Utah Anthropological Papers (since 1950). He has published archaeological reports on regions ranging from Guatemala, the Great Basin to Samoa. As author and editor he is perhaps best known for his synthesizing publications on the archaeology of both North America and Polynesia.

Ross Cordy received his M.A. from the University of Michigan in 1973 and his PhD from the University of Hawaii in 1978. He has done archaeological field work in the Hawaiian Islands and in Micronesia. His major interest is the evolution of complex, hierarchical societies in the Pacific. The Kosrae work was done while he was Staff Archaeologist of the U.S. Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands' Historic Preservation Office (1978–81).

Josephine Baddeley received her M.A. in 1971 and her PhD in 1978, both from the University of Auckland. Her field research includes 14 months in the Cook Islands (1974–76). She is currently a tutor in anthropology at the University of Auckland.

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